2 October 2010

I Save You Big Money!

Your average designer will produce biannual collections, each with a limited production run, swiftly moving from one collection to the next.  However there a number of designers who work for multiple houses or produce pre-seasonal and resort collections alongside the standard affair, so that their output is somewhat more than prolific.  Just as designers move from one collection to the other, so to do the majority of buyers.  If they missed something this time around, who knows, next season they may find something better.  Yet for some, individual artistic design means that they are willing to search for an exact piece - whether that be one of the Helmut Lang jackets from the Spring 1998 collection, or one of the Yohji Yamamoto shirts from the Autumn 1989 collection.  Being able to find those pieces can be a laborious, and not to mention expensive, process.

For Raf Simons fans however, LN-CC have made the task of finding standout pieces from the more recent past collections a whole deal easier with their Raf Simons Archive.  Second hand pieces bought and sold on for impressive prices...   

A printed cotton tote bag?

Oh, that's only £1000...

Charging in the thousands for carefully constructed jackets no longer available is perhaps somewhat understandable, however charging £1000 for a tote bag?  Seriously, give me a tenth of that and I will hand make you a printed silk (way fancier than cotton!) tote bag and deliver it directly to you with a handwritten note.  But if something fancier is not quite up your alley, go onto eBay and buy a plain black tote bag, and then print your chosen design onto it.  How much do you suppose a black cotton tote goes for?  £900?  £800?  Try £1.80.  Seriously, I save you big money.  

For exactly the same price as the second hand archival tote, you could have 555 brand new ones.  Say you use each one of those for one week, after which it feels as old as your withering self in your hands, and you need to burn it and move onto something fresher to numb the pain of age, that is still over ten years worth of tote action!

Mmm, discolouration

You see that?  A white t-shirt with two slits in the back.  But wait for it - it comes exclusively with custom sweat stains from the previous wearer.  Wow!  How much do you have to pay for the honour of such an amazing piece?  Only £500.  

Uniqlo t-shirts happen to fit me like the piece above, and I could take my scissors to them and add two slits rather easily (or even more if I wanted!).  Whilst they are usually available in multibuy offers, I shall take the RRP of £3.99.  Now for that price you could buy 125 t-shirts, brand new and without discolouration to the neck (but if you really want it, just find a sweaty friend).  

I know, I know, the Raf Simons t-shirt may be built to a better quality of construction, against which the 125 Uniqlo t-shirts may not be able to stand against.  However I would like to point out that one of my favourite t-shirts is actually a heather grey t-shirt that I bought for the princely sum of £3 from H&M when I was 15 (don't judge me, I was young!).  As of yet it has no stains, rips or tears (judging from the construction of H&M pieces today you would think it was woven from titanium yarn).  In fact come the nuclear apocalypse, all that will remain is Chuck Norris, cockroaches and that heather grey t-shirt...probably.

Ahh, a worn and torn sweatshirt that needs replacing.  How much could that possible cost?

£2500 and sold out...

P.S. I am tempted to make this a relatively regular feature.

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  1. you save us money, phew i nearly bought one! only kidding of course. well my fav plain tees are also from h&m actually, i picked a few up for 1.99 in the sale at the start of summer and the wear and wash great(topman, not so much, meh).

    stupidness, wonder who will buy the bag

  2. I don´t understand people who would buy those shirts... I get it: they look nice and have a cool idea, but to pay such a price for them... No thanks.
    p.s. Always a pleasure to read your writings :)

  3. You should definitely make this a regular feature. So love your details.

  4. Some people will buy anything. Somehow I thought of the Social Network movie while reading this.

  5. hahahaha I love it when you do this!

    p.s. have a great weekend dear.

  6. It's crazy what people will pay for stuff, but to each his own I guess.

  7. LOLOL

    This gave me a much needed laugh today. Can Raf Simons stop being ridiculous and maybe design some more bags for Eastpak? I could use another one right about now...

    Hope you're feeling better lately. I can sympathize with you on hospitals - god I hate them so much right now.

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    Is this possible?

  9. I ADORE this post! I remember the rope one well and definitely definitely (no actually, I insist!) that you make this a regular feature. That GIF kind of sums up my exact reaction. Haha!

  10. i even adore this post darling

  11. True that. Very funny image!

  12. Wow thats crazy ! Good post !

  13. You have got to be kidding me. While I think the whole 'Archive' thing is a great idea in general, I can't believe those asking prices. Does past season really warrant a higher price tag? Honestly, I know you could get original brand new Raf Simons pieces for less if you wait for them to go on sale. In fact, out of curiosity I just went to Yoox and looked up Raf Simons pieces. A brand new V-neck long-sleeved t-shirt is going for GBP 98.

    P.S. Hope you feel better soon!

  14. LOL Great post as per usual, and the details.... you're a master :)


  15. hahaha nice, i like this)))
    cool blog)))

  16. Urgh @ the overpriced tatt, yay for this great post. Please make it a regular feature. And good luck at the hospital, you're in my thoughts and prayers.


  17. Half the stuff is clothes previously owned by one of the owners of LN-CC and former Oki-Ni buyer, John Skelton. I'm sure the rest is from his mates.