1 September 2010

Eternal Style

The tale begins with the young and painfully shy Yves Mathieu-Saint-Laurent who would make dresses for fun at home in Oran, French Algeria.  It is a tale of a young school boy that stood out from his peers with his floppy bow tie and dandy flair.  That boy grows to a young man who wins first and third place at a design competition held by the International Wool Secretariat, with a man a few years his elder, Karl Lagerfeld, taking second place.  The young man joins the House of Dior, becoming head couturier at the tender age of 21.  The tale then swiftly becomes one of a Parisian fashion designer whose self-created mythic status, perpetuated and carefully controlled by partner and lover Pierre Bergé, hid the self-obsessed manic depressive that lay behind the public profile.  In essence the story of Yves Saint Laurent has been skillfully and consciously tailored over the years to that of the troubled genius.

Please do click to watch the full one and a half hour feature.  It is fascinating to see the construction of a fashion myth, and it is the tale of a truly talented and gifted designer.  There can be no denying that he really was a remarkable man.

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  1. I'm always so intrigued to see these kind of things.

    Love at the end of the post: 'listening to f**k you', nice touch ! ;)


  2. Thanks ^^
    That's cooool !
    hope your doing greaaat :P

  3. I hope this finds you doing well. I've had a rough week. I got laid off on Tuesday. Now I have to find a new job in such a bad economy. Wish me luck. Thanks. Take care. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  4. I have a book on YSL and I really fancy re-reading it now. He was amazing.

  5. This is fantastic! I finally got around to visiting the YSL retrospective exhibition in Paris which was a wonderful reminder of his talent. I'll hopefully get around to posting that soon. Hope you have a fab weekend ahead :)