26 July 2010

"You plonker, Rodney"

Only Fools and Horses
Cash and Curry
Series 1 Episode 3
Original air date: 22nd September 1981

1. J. W. Anderson Tartan Jacket
2. Burberry Sport Silk T-Shirt
3. Dr Martens Oxblood 1460 Boot
4. Timex Classic Metal Watch
5. DSquared Soldier Pant

Currently playing: Supermagic - Mos Def



  1. Hi DK! Gotta love 80's style. You nailed it here. I want that watch for myself!

    xx, becs

  2. Such a odd cut to those trousers! I was watching a sci-fi cult film and also got inspired. Off beat films are the best.


  3. haha, that is a right snazzy combo

  4. haha, that is a right snazzy combo

  5. mmmmh, I didn't know plonker was a real euro-slang word... I heard it on "what a girl wants" when I was younger I never really thought about it.

    But I actually like the outfit though :D hehehe

  6. awh rodney reminds me so much of my dad! I'd love to dress him up like that! :P

  7. Good eye! His jacket is awesome :)

  8. Hahha - what a great post! I've never really gotten into "Only Fools..." but I'm a huge David Jason fan! Open all hours, A Touch of Frost, Darling Buds of May (not so much...)! Your clothes collage is wicked - wish I was a boy because I'd be wearing that!

  9. Check this: http://www.janetteria.com/2010/07/boyz-boyz-boyz.html :) Little bit compliment for you. ;-)

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