7 July 2010

The Little Things

Petar Petrov
Spring 2011

I could write about the minimalist aesthetic, wider cuts and subdued hues, but sometimes it is the little things that speak the loudest.

Why can't more designers send their models down the catwalk with smiles on their faces?

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  1. because smiling would imply that these designers actually have souls

  2. Lovely post, darling. While I do adore the haute couture with fabulous detailing, but I think minimalism is just as breathtaking. It takes a lot for something to be simple and so stunning! All these pictures convey just that - so perfect, no wonder the models are all smiling! :) Lovely post, darling!
    I adored your comment on my last post as well - so happy that there is a man out there who is as excited about his future wedding as I am! :)

  3. These are charming! Those colours are ravishing and as for the cut...! I think designers don't want smiling models because fashion is "serious" stuff!! ;)

  4. I'm more bouts minimalism right now...i love shapeless tees and i'm addicted to d.i.y projects....

  5. a smile will go a long way!

  6. Clean looks... me like it.