20 June 2010

Sunday Viewing: Traveling Denim

Film by Takayuki Akachi

I have a single pair of blue denim jeans that I wear every now and then.

This video makes me want to buy another pair...

...and travel the world in them.

Currently playing: So You Can Cry - Neyo



  1. Thanks for sharing! I loved every single second of the video.
    Actually I couldn't stop thinking of all the different things I've done while wearing my jeans!

  2. you and me both, a pair is high on my wishlist. if levi's got a hold of this vid im sure they would pay good money

  3. awesome! this makes me want to experience the world in a whole new way...with denim. :-)

  4. It's just too hot to wear jeans now..but I may have to when I go to my grandparents. ..because of rattle snakes.