9 June 2010

A Summer Project

Addicted to Liberty

Craft and tradition are perhaps words fueled with an irrevocable sense of loss regardless of generation. The past was better than the present and must so be better than the future. Of course that is a rather pessimistic view which I do not really care for. It is simply the human mind at work - time merely allowing memory to focus on the pleasant moments.

The future is full of possibilities and whilst I may subscribe to the idea of Tigersprung, of leaping into the future but with an eye on the past, there is certainly something to be said for that notion of looking at the future through the lens of the past. I am one of those people who has that rather cliched view of having been born in the wrong decade, or indeed century, but that is not accompanied by some sense of sadness but rather an impetus to create a new now.

As you may be able to tell from the photographs above, I have a slight obsession with Liberty print fabrics. I think the idea of heritage is no doubt buried under my love of the floral prints. Inspired by the Quilts Exhibition at the V&A I have decided to embark upon a quilting project of my own. I plan to sew the entire patchwork pattern by hand, then sew the down and backing on again by hand, followed by a champagne satin banner.

I shall be sure to share the pattern once I have planned it, and not to worry, it will not be a plain square patchwork. I need to arrange colours and print sizes to see what works and what shapes I can use. I also intend to create some applique designs to place upon the quilt. I think the idea of tradition is definitely alluring in that quilting has such a long and rich history. It is the experience of the activity which evokes a sense of the past and that is something I find quite magical. The actual bodily experience is something which is often left out when discussing fashion or production and I find that odd.

My first large hand sewn project. Ambitious? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.

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  1. DK, these prints are so delightful!
    as you know in the States; Liberty for Target stores was a huge hit!

  2. Those are all so beautiful.

    Hope you are enjoying the week.

  3. I'd love some fabric like that, but it's impossible to find any around here! I've had a go at quilting before, and it's surprisngly easy :) Good luck with the hand-sewing, that's what I call dedication.

  4. Liberty is the best for the floral prints. :)

  5. This will be an incredible project. I can't believe the beauty and quality of the prints you chose! You have great taste, DK.

    (I hope you're well!)

  6. Go for it. It will definitely be fun. I remember back when I was about ten-years-old my teacher gave us the class assignment of sewing and making a quilt for our class. It ended up being among the ugliest creations I have ever seen, but it was absolutely enjoyable :P

    Hand-sewn quilts are 1000000000 times better than the alternative. Before this week that's all I had on my bed, but then family came in and my grandmother decided I needed an actual bed set (of course). My grandmother had sewn each of them myself, and I've found that I prefer those aged fabrics more than any other.

    Good luck! I can't wait to see it :D


  7. I so love these prints..I'd love to see them in stationary to bow-ties.

  8. Such inspiration in these prints. You see some of them and they might make you think of an Auntie or someone you grew up with. Such Nostalgia.

  9. made one 3 months ago now i am on to knitting an entire blanket which seems to be taking up my life GOOD LUCK :)

  10. beautiful prints!!! good luck with your sewing project, hope you post your progress xx

  11. so many beautiful prints. i'm excited to see the results of your quilt. best of luck!


  12. Those fabrics are gorgeous!

  13. I am so excited for your project!!! I would want to turn these prints into a patchwork dress.

  14. i would love to have a quilt out of all of those.. so pretty! i love it!
    cool blog!


  15. oooh good luck for your project! all these prints! they're so pretty. :D thanks to you, i am now in love with liberty prints. haha.