9 April 2010

Spring Wishlist Part 2

Continuing on from my previous wishlist post is a more casual affair, albeit still weaving a thread of traditional design throughout. As is often the case, basics are anything but basic. It is with the most simple of garments that there seems to be the greatest chance of going wrong, or if not wrong, not entirely right. Indeed the variety of cuts, finishes and details are testament to this. I suppose it is about finding out what suits you and what you feel comfortable in.

A simple example would be the hunt for a basic white t-shirt (I realize that the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans is probably more immediate to most, however that is a whole myriad of issues in itself). I have yet to find a t-shirt cut which works for me. I have a long torso, very slender shoulders and an even more slender frame. Uniqlo t-shirts come close, as do the offerings from Muji, however both feel somewhat too boxy (perhaps the opposite complaint to most!). I am still on the hunt for my perfect white t-shirt, but once I find it, it will be a matter of introducing that new piece into my closet for the long haul.

Utility Shirt Blazer
Pendleton x Opening Ceremony
via oki-ni

Feather Necklace
Ann Demeulemeester
via luisaviaroma

Lemtosh Frames
Moscot Originals
via Moscot

Long Sleeved Stripe Tee
Play by Comme des Garçons
via endclothing

D-Zero Extra Slim Chinos
via endclothing

Desert Boots
Clarks Originals
via Clarks

Sailor Pullover
A.P.C. Summer 2010
135 Euros
via A.P.C.

Long Sleeve Pocket T-shirt
via Liberty

Red Skinny Chinos
via Topman

Scarponcini Boot
via endclothing

Gingham Square Scarf
Paul Smith
via ASOS

Alphonse Canvas Rucksack
Ally Capellino
via Liberty

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  1. Perfect wishlist ever! :) I need the Comme de G. Play cardi! *sigh*

  2. I'm all over stripes, blue and that feather necklace. How's your Spring going so far, D? :)


  3. i 've also yet to find the perfect white tee. as of now i can't trust them!

  4. These are so you..love to see you in the red pants, the plaid jacket ..striped top and those boots.

  5. darn I wish that scarf wasn't so expensive. Lovely items!

  6. Love the glasses and the stripes. Really cute. The stripes would look cute with a pair of white jeans. the glasses would look cute with a uniform inspired look. Love it

  7. Love the blazer and that sailor pullover!

  8. yes, the hunt for the perfect white tee... why is that the simpliest things are also the hardest to find? Maybe it's worth it to look through the women's section for tees... Those clarks boots are so cool (without trying to be). Why do I feel like I don't see these repeated for women?

    Self cutting curly hair, would sound like a recipe for disaster to me! But for you it had the opposite effect!

  9. i never find tshirts that fit, american apparel mediums do me best but they are not consistent. i think we have similar frames. i may try muji now.

    would love some hiking boots like the fracaps, kicking myself i didnt get the topman ones from last winter

  10. That stripey tee is amazing, and it makes me want to smile ^^

  11. I adore stocking up on the perfect t-shirts. I can't get enough of nautical, striped sweaters either! I hope you get your hands on at least one of these items :)


  12. love your choices, i can totally see you in them!

  13. what a gorgeous list, so dapper! from the pants to the Anne D feather necklace. Amazing! love love love

  14. I love love love your list. Especially those boots (third pic from the end of the list) and those glasses. Those two together: THE PERFECT LOOK

  15. Those glasses are very cool. Liking your blog btw.
    Greetings from Berlin

  16. I vote for the moscot glasses, the Comme des Garçons tee and Clarks!

  17. There are so many 1980s looking styles in your wish list. The plaid blazer, the glasses, and the Rucksack. Splendid.

  18. I'd like to see how that feather looks as a neclace.

  19. These are so you..love to see you in the red pants, the plaid jacket ..striped top and those boots.

  20. i vote for Long Sleeve Pocket T-shirt.