21 April 2010

Recent Inspiration

Just some pretty pictures to carry you through the week.
Fashion seems to flash by too fast for people to actually stop and just enjoy the beauty of it.

Currently playing: My World ft. Billy Cravens - Kid Cudi



  1. Love these photos and thanks for the inspiration! The 2nd and 4th ones are my fav!

    xo, becs

    p.s. I moved my blog off of WP and so when you get a sec, can you please update your links with my new URL? It's just http://stylewithbenefits.com

    Thanks so much! x

  2. wow, some great photos. hope you have a good week. I hope all is well there with the ash in the air and what not. strange currancies here as in electricity..at our house. We have a pulsating voltage due to the tree. & the electric co. isn't much help. anyway, shocked my self in the shower. the microwave is dying. so I have to be careful on the net. too. always something.

  3. Wonderful fotos! My favourites are the second and the fourth.
    Jason Mraz.... true music to my ears. :)

  4. Really great photos. That first one makes me want a little pastel coloured mohair cardigan of my own! Pretty!

  5. oh lovely inspiration, those monochromatic layers are delicious.

  6. You're lovely, my dear. These pictures make me so happy, and I love that you posted them to end my week on a high note!
    I've missed you and I'm glad to see you back to blogging - I do hope you're in good health, dear! xox

  7. Although I can't always afford to follow it, I love to appreciate the beauty of fashion and the creativity behind the photography.

  8. Beautiful selection! I wonder why a few people think that fashion itself can't be inspiration - it's not the first time that it seems to me it can!
    The last one is simply superb!

  9. I am so in love with picture two you just have no idea.

  10. great collection of inspiration.

  11. Thank you for these. Such beautiful pictures.I adore the last one

  12. Une pure merveille ces photos félicitations!!
    Une collection d'exception.