6 April 2010

Need Sleep

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Also, the Fall 2010 collection by Uncommon Creatures is beautiful.
Especially that last look.
I really do want a cloak.
(And maybe an Ann Demeulemeester beetle brooch to pin it with).

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  1. I need sleep as well!
    You look so cool in those glasses!

  2. I need sleep too but I'm working now... brrrr...

  3. hope you had a great easter!!!

  4. I hope you had an awesome Easter as well, dear! I absolutely love the last look. It's very mysterious and intriguing, yet has its own sort of elegance.


  5. Happy Easter to you as well!
    I really enjoyed it this year. We went to our churches annual picnic and sat outdoors while all the little kids went looking for eggs. It was splendid.

    I love the shoes :) and that hat!

  6. the hair looks good Mr. DK.
    I like the styling a lot of these label, which reminds me I think I downloaded them somewhere on my computer...

  7. Cool collection. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Love your smile.

  8. oh wow, it's been too long!! glad your okay :D, I've been lacking of sleep too, last night I went to bed at 8pm then woke again at 11pm to going back to bed at 4am, such a bad sleeping pattern :(

    Love the collection! and yeow! I love Jay Sean :D

    hope you have a wonderful week!

    LÉS Mm,

  9. Hope you get some rest. Just not sure I'd want any of those guys in my dreams. Cool pics!

  10. Hope you had a lovely holiday and I second the cloak!

  11. tee hee youre so cute :]
    and i love those looks!
    I really want a cloak and brooch as well. I was so close to buying one this past fall but didnt cause i was on a shopping fast at the time lolol. darn. maybe this year!

  12. You look incredible handsome. My easter was ok. how about yours? :)

  13. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. That photo of you is just too cute!! And I love these outfits...so mysterious and almost avant garde.

  14. These are fantastic... the last two remind me of a modern-day Zorro. I'm with you on the coat... and the Ann D beetle brooch!

  15. I adore your style and it´s always a pleasure to visit your blog (that has a REALLY nice outfit). And those fotos.... Super gorgeous clothes. I can see myself wearing some of them.