29 April 2010



People may be tempted to stare and laugh at me, but honestly I could not care less - I want your tapestry cat bomber jacket more than I want Number (N)ine to come back (which is rather a lot, just look at this collection!).

But seriously...£349? Cut a boy some slack.

I may just have to hang around antique shops in a top hat, monocle and crimson velvet-lined cape (if you are going to try and be incognito, you may as well have fun with it) in the hopes that someone drops off a tapestrical (I realise that is not actually a word) masterpiece for me to cut and sew...and then possibly discover that I am actually pretty bad at making jackets.

And yes, cats really are that awesome.

Have I been in the library a little too much as of late whispering to the books and pretending that they talk back to me in funny old accents and lament the fact that they have not had the chance to come off the shelf and stretch in far too long? Probably, but I would never admit it if you asked.

(If you are a dog person, please do excuse this post. I think I may need to go and have some tea)

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  1. I love that! and not just because I am a cat-lover, but because it is so witty and charming. I love a quirky print. But yes, cats are the best :)

  2. wowee thats a bit spesh but you just knew it was going to be pricey. they sell similar things with cats and dogs on in some weird shop in my town, i think every town has one of these strange shops for the fanatics

  3. THis bomber is amazing, but so is the price. There is not a hope in hell I'd spend that much money on a jacket...even though I'd love to own it. Let's hope there's a high-street rip off on the way (I know, I shouldn't say that!!)

  4. Really, an awesome jacket. wow, on the cost.

  5. All my old cat lady dreams have been realised in jacket form!
    I did see some fabric that was just like that (portraits of cats in frames on a similar, tawny colour background), I hope it's still around now.

  6. I am obsessed with animals on clothing, although I don't actually own that many things with animal prints, although I do have a couple scarfs with cats on them.

    I want this jacket.

  7. Hehehe! That is one quirky bomber jacket! Very cool! :0)

  8. Yikes!
    I love cats but...


  9. Hahaha...Not sure if I can see eye to eye on this one, but I might change my mind if you were to sport it one day!

  10. That is one insane design! Unique is all i can say!

  11. Haha i love this jacket, because its classic - although I dont think youd find me actually wearing it!

    Lucie x

  12. that jacket is incredible! i keep finding cat tapestry bags on ebay, getting very tempted to actually bid on one now x

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