31 March 2010

Dr. Martens: First Look Part 1

As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, a few lucky bloggers were invited up to the Dr. Martens headquarters and original factory in Wollaston (click here for a factory tour). Alongside their limited edition anniversary designs, which I shall be covering in an upcoming post, we were given a first look at their general upcoming releases and Fall 2010 collection.

Rather than overloading this post with everything that took my fancy, I thought I would split my commentary into two parts. Today I would like to focus on the models from the mens collection (although as you will no doubt discover in my next post, the gender divide is quite fluid in terms of what I would personally wear!). The first thing that struck me was the sheer number of designs, ranging from suede brogues, to tassel loafers, to desert boots, to climbing boots. Indeed it is the diversity of the label which affords it such wide appeal and cultural standing. I must admit however that whilst I enjoyed the classic pieces, I was more drawn to the newer directions taken.

I found the 'Worn' range, pictured towards the fore of the picture plane above, rather interesting. Dr. Martens have traditionally been famous for requiring a few weeks to break in when new - "they hurt like a b*tch for the first three weeks, but then it's like heaven". Part of the process and tradition is breaking in your boots and slowly wearing them in so that each crease and scuff tells your personal story. Of course some people simply want results from the box, and I suppose that was the intention of the line. I have never been a fan of overly pre-distressed clothing or footwear, but I must admit that it had a certain appeal.

Mention "Dr. Martens" to someone and they will usually picture the black or oxblood 1460 boots. However Dr. Martens have been branching out into the wider colour spectrum for quite a while now to great affect (I still want to buy a pair of the monochrome bright reds!). I really did like how the black and white boots popped with a loud sole and matching laces, they provided just the right amount of colour.

At first glance, and indeed touch, these boots feel like canvas. They are remarkably however leather made to feel like canvas. Using performance leather that was embossed and treated, these boots have a lightweight, waterproof and casual feel, which comes in a variety of colours. The all white soles and laces provided a fresh streetwear edge, and it certainly was an interesting direction to take.

The range of desert boots with their wedge soles were also nice to see. I particularly liked the soft brown leather pair with the white crepe soles. It was interesting to see desert boots with such a prominent welted sole, especially when compared to the offerings by Clarks. I think the wedge sole really made the profile, for they would not have had the same impact with a regular sole. I think that the soles would certainly look better after some wear.

The Vintage Made In England range was a nice heritage touch for the collection and I found myself drawn particularly towards the Cappers. They had a certain Steampunk quality about them with their prominent stitching and polished eyelets. The piped lip was also a nice touch. I feel the need to wear them with a tweed waistcoat, pocketwatch and monocle (I would actually seriously love that).

In testament to the diversity of Dr. Martens were a pair of traditional oxblood tassel loafers, which although slightly on the chunky side for me (darn my skinny legs) were rather attractive.

High quality velvet Dr. Martens? Where's my silk paisley robe and pipe?! I would be too scared to wear them outside lest they get damaged, but I thought they were absolutely beautiful.

The highlight of the mens collection for me, alongside the amazing velvet range of Dr. Martens, were this pair of strapped white boots with a contrasting black sole and customary yellow stitching. I immediately thought of Martin Margiela, and got to thinking of designs that would appear were the two to collaborate (if you are reading Dr. Martens or Margiela, please make it happen).

Please do be sure to come back tomorrow to see the womens range and my personal favourites!

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  2. Very nice ! And thank you for your adorable comment !

  3. amazing post, i can't wait for the ladies section tomorrow! i do like the idea of a "worn in" boot, i'm always so tempted to wuss out of the pain a couple of days in. x

  4. The velvet docs are incredible! :)

  5. Great post, as always. :)
    I'm now wanting a pair of Dr. Martens even more. Haha.

    Also The Cure=Awesome

  6. I really enjoyed this. Great that you got to cover it.

  7. Really gives me more of an idea where they are from now.

  8. A big wow for this post! It is an amazing collection very awesome, thanks for sharing.

  9. thank you so much for the eye (foot?) candy, can't wait to see more.

  10. What a great oppurtunity, I love Docs! As soon as I'm back in the UK, I'm buying a new pair; I like the look of the loafers and canvas styles.

  11. OoO Awesome shoes !!
    Hope you're doing alrite. take care

  12. oh wow, what a great opportunity. i didn't realise they did so many styles.

  13. Wow those are amazing! The red velvet ones are my favourite. And I've never seen Doc Martens loafers with tassles before... Very cool, I can't wait to see the womans range and cry about the fact that I can't buy them here.

  14. Awesome pics of shoes! So many i would like to add to my collection

  15. amazing post, i love the velvet pair!
    hope you are getting better

  16. hey thank you so much for that great comment on my sunday post. :] im glad it inspired you. God is lookin out for ya and loves ya. <3

    And I totally am in love with this post. youre so lucky to have gotten to go. love every single pictures. cant wait for the female boots. :]
    have a lovely sunday.

  17. Ah been so long since I've been here! How have you been? :D

  18. I've never had a pair of docs myself but there are so many different kinds, amazing.

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