31 January 2010

The Jumpsuit

My female readers will have no doubt had their share of jumpsuit experiences, either personal or secondary, what with the resurgence a few seasons past. Indeed most stores, from the high street to trendy vintage boutiques, seem to stock a number of all-in-one options and incarnations, from the patterned playsuit to the satin jumpsuit. Of course, as is the way with such things, the offerings for men have been few and far between - if even there at all.

My personal fascination began with the numerous runway shots from the womenswear collections. I wondered whether the trend could possibly be translated across the gender gap, and how one could create a masculine version of those floaty pieces which draped so effortlessly across the wafer thin models. My thoughts followed two distinct paths, that of dungarees and that of the flight suit. Whilst I suppose the most obvious translation of the jumpsuit would be workers' coveralls, that was far too boiler room chic for my liking.

The first encounter I had with the men's jumpsuit in any fashion based sense was with the Spring 2009 offerings from APC, where the navy blue flight suit above was featured. There was something so effortlessly cool about it that it was the single piece in the collection that I can still vividly picture in my mind today as if it were a mere arm's reach from me. The slim cut and simple styling seemed perfect for Spring, and although it was undeniably a jumpsuit, it was not visually overpowering in the way that coveralls so often can be.

The unfortunate side of the APC flight suit was the price. At roughly £200, it was far more than I could possibly afford. However it served as inspiration for me to hunt down a more affordable alternative. Instead of a flight suit designed by a fashion label, I thought I would go straight to the source. The modern flight suit tends to be all zips, elasticated ruching and nomex, which whilst looking particularly interesting, is not really my everyday style.

As such I decided to find an older and decidedly more plain version from an army surplus store. I quite liked the challenge of taking something uniform based and creating an everyday look from it. Uniform is inherently designed to devoid the wearer of individuality, and yet that is something that can never truly be achieved. One need only look at a playground of children in school uniform to see the small changes and personal styles with which they are worn.

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  1. oh wow, you have one! love.
    i wanted the apc so badly, too.

  2. That is way cool. Funny, I think of jumpsuits for pilots..yet see mechanics in them more than anyone. And my Grandpa..hahaha..I was little and at a stockshow in Texas. It was very cold and there he was in a blue one sheering a sheep for my cousin to show. I bet he never knew how fashionable he was.

  3. Wow, I love the army one you found. I think it's a hard look to pull off on guys but you manage it!

  4. Good idea getting it from the army store. I like the rugged texture of it.

  5. You look awesome! I love your jumpsuit. I must admit that I thought jumpsuits for men would kind of look plumber-ish, but you proved me so wrong.

  6. Strangely enough I did see a guy sporting a rather nice red and grey one yesterday. I'm yet to have any jumpsuit experiences myself, it shall be my summer mission.

  7. Still can't get my head around male jumpsuits - they just look like boiler suits my dad used to wear in the garage. Maybe in slightly more luxurious fabrics, or with colour blocking going on or something?! I've never been a fan of the utility look...but we're all different ;) Women's jumps are going to be getting an eveningwear makeover for the next few seasons....so who knows how the male version will evolve.

  8. I don't know how you did it..but you pulled that off mister.

  9. Ah, the dreaded romper-for-adults.

  10. I like it on you, IO haven't found one yet that works for me but I'm still trying.

  11. Not too big on jumpsuits though I do love rompers.
    You however, look fab in a jumpsuit. ;)

  12. WOW! U look so cool, DK!

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the newer giveaway for your women!♥

    Good luck!

  13. You wear it really well!

  14. I am patiently awaiting my perfect jumpsuit. One of these days, it will sweep me off my feet!

  15. i like ur jumpsuits! look so cool!

  16. you really pull the jump suit off. Love the color too!

  17. Jumpsuits are amazing, although I've never had one...well I had overalls, so kind of close.

  18. Okay, yours actually looks pretty damn good. Yay! :) I agree, sometimes those jumpers for guys remind me a little too much of industrial workers. Lol. Or plumbers. Or construction workers. So I am very pleasantly surprised that you found one that looks really COOL!
    Well, I probably shouldn't be so surprised. You are pretty fab!

  19. You look so fab in your jumpsuit! I got some onesies and I've been toying with the idea of a full on jumpsuit, but it's uncomfortable for a night out for the girls. Ahem.

  20. fantastic, love this look on men. i have several myself.

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  23. Love the jumpsuit. It is funny how this look is cool now, when my dad who worked in construction has worn these for years. :) Too funny. :)

  24. you wear this look so well!

    have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  25. The jumpsuit is worn so well :D

  26. this is amazing! My boyfriend would never wear it, he'd convince himself it's uncomfortable...

  27. Dapper,you totally rock it better than that model. I love the whole "gonna jump out of a Spitfire jet" vibe, and the Doc Martens couldn't be better suited!

    I cannot wait for summer time so I can get my little playsuits onnn :)

    - Anna Jane xxx

  28. you look AMAZING. you pull it off so well.

  29. I do love jumpsuits! There's something fun about them and while they're not so fun for bathroom times, I just adore them! I love your army surplus one- it reminds me of Top Gun and that's totally dreamy! :) Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!! xo, Mel

  30. I think these jumpsuits are cool as long as it's worn right :)

  31. If anybody can do the jump/flightsuit, it's you, DK. Superb.

  32. Man, I have a light grey Dickies coverall that you make me want to rock right now....that's why you're my boy, Dapper Kid.


  33. that is soo cool, didn't know that they had it for men too ! You really pull it off !

  34. i dnt mind gettin a jumpsuit myself, its chic...luv d color of urs too

  35. I have, for some reason, associated them with Marines. Probably because my brother is a marine engineer, and I have seen hundreds of pictures of him dressed in a jump suit.

    Yours looks nice, though.

  36. I cannot see myself in a jumpsuit, yet I love seeing others in them. They have this rough flare to them that makes me think of working men and simpler times. Yours is fantastic. Just what I imagine a jumpsuit should look like!

    I hope you're well, dear!


  37. You look very cool in that jumpsuit DK! Wow! Great find - you could very well start a craze for these boiler suits (as my mother used to call them) again!

  38. You're the only guy I know who could make this work.

  39. You make everything look great in your photos--even a zipper =)

    Hope you are doing well.

  40. What's really practical about a jumpsuit is not only its durability but it's the fact that there is so much to be done accessory-wise. I really liked the wooden necklace under. Personally, I'd love one in leather. That sounds kind of kinky perhaps but something ála YSL wouldn't hurt a bit.

  41. I would wear a jumpsuit every day, just swapping out which buttons I wore. I think of Pete Townshend at Woodstock. Way cool. Mike

  42. Oh I love your jumpsuit! Looks great on you, esp. dig the color.

    Sorry it's been awhile since visiting; must catch up now on your posts. Hope you are well!

    xo, becs

  43. Hi, hope you are well. Haven't heard from you in a while. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend.

  44. what a cool real 1at name you have, dapper kid! can i call you syed from now on? :D :D

    speaking of jumpsuits, i like the girlie jumpsuit-inspired ones! they're very cute and colorful and comfy. haha.

  45. cool necklace and boots, by the way!

  46. While this would've fallen flat on pretty much anyone else, you make it look tres chic. Love it.

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  48. hooray for the jumpsuit! you wear it well :)

  49. love love this look on you! hope life is love xoxo

  50. Look at you in your jumper!
    Hope you are well, DK!

  51. Mens jumpsuit?...LOVE!



    How are you?
    I hope all is well?

    I always want to catch up. If I'm ever in the UK someday... fish & chips? ;)


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  54. I want this too - fit`s you perfectly dude.

  55. this is great! you pulled this amazingly. Im actually on a search for a spring version. Must keep my eyes open!

  56. I like this kind of jumpsuit, much better I'd say.

    Come by and say hello sometime :)



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  58. Jumpsuits for men?! hmmmmm need to be convinced!! You are rockin it tho!

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