22 December 2009

Drifting Across Ice and Water

Winter in the city brings with it a wonderfully unique spectrum of colours and textures. From the frosty steel blue glints of Jack Frost's fingers drawn carefully over concrete to the grey flecked slushy furrows left in the wake of so many feet on the pavement.

Snow and ice tends to well up my desire to wrap up in colourful handknits and pull on a good pair of dark boots. However along with that more vibrant side, I always feel a draw from the simpler side of things. Crisp whites and blues to reflect the freshness of wintry weather, which the daily traffic of the city instantaneously obscures. A clean dusting of snow gives way to the heavy greying sludge blanketing the streets. I suppose that this fresher side, in terms of colours, of Winter clothing which comes to my mind is more suited to the New Year's Winter rather than the Year End's. It is perhaps the run up to Christmas which requires something more festive, however with the fresh year, there is something to be said for an equally fresher look.

American Birdseye Crew Knit
(£130 via My Wardrobe)

Ice, sea, water, sun, frothing surf. Whilst it may be cold and crisp, it is still quite the inviting image. Indeed my inspiration was first satisfied by the navy and white crew knit by Woolrich (pictured above). Suitably refreshing in its colours and simple design, it has a warmth and classic styling which seems the perfect piece for carrying you through the New Year's Winter. However, this is a colour scheme and inspiration which comfortably works across into Spring attire.

Derive Drift

I found myself pleasantly surprised with the latest look book by Hixsept for their collection entitled Derive Drift. I enjoyed the design of the look book, for not only were there the images of the looks themselves, but rather an attempt was made to create a coherent visual look book of the ideas and inspirations behind the clothes themselves. Film stills, literary quotes and even painted pieces went into the compilation, and whilst I have only posted a few of the images, I would sincerely recommend my readers to view it in its entirety.

As I have often written before, I believe the creation of a look book to be an art in itself, which both complements but also furthers the image of a collection as a whole. I found myself engaged by the Hixsept look book not only because the images were interesting to look at, but also for how they helped in constructing a better framework with which to approach the collection. That is not to say that the look book forces one to see the collection in any specific method, but rather that it gently guides and helps one to understand better the thought processes behind it.

This fusion of visual mediums in order to express the collection is perhaps unsurprising when once considers that the label was actually created by two French graffiti artists aptly named Hëx and Hept. They write of their work that 'Each collection is a challenge. A sentence, an image, a print, a garment, a pattern, a detail, nothing's left to luck'. It is this desire to create a highly detailed image in its entirety for each collection, which allows for such a method of communication. It is one which I feel succeeds and makes for a very interesting look book, if not simply because of the clothing it represents.

The collection itself was actually based upon the idea of drifting, with references to water and wilderness running throughout. The raw quality of such inspiration is no doubt found within the colours of the collection, with the breadth of blues and khakis giving a wonderfully fresh wintry edge to the clothing. The garments are quite simple in their design, and yet the careful employment of the stripes and patterning enables a sense of visual depth, which adds to the interest of the pieces. I was particularly fond of the cut of the navy blue cotton trousers and the jersey t-shirt. Indeed I always feel that a label which cuts the basics in a way which I like, will usually find me admiring their other work far more.

(Oh and inevitable beard envy of the model)

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  1. This menswear collection looks so comfy and classic. I love it. You always have such great, in-depth reviews. I learn so much from you!

    I hope you are having a great week. :)

  2. I enjoyed reading this, and just wanted to thank you for reminding us that there are reasons behind fashion trends. Some people never see the symbolism of the colors they wear, or the meaning of the shapes.

  3. I feel like there's a disconnect between the industrial outside photos (i.e. the picture on the city pier) and the true nature shots. There would have been more cohesion if they'd stuck with the industrial nature concept (which meshes well with the studio photos they've also inserted) and omitted the shots on the tundra/rocky cavern.

  4. But I do agree that their mantra is fascinating and fitting coming from their backgrounds as graffiti artists. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I enjoy the editorial photos, but which they had stuck to one type of location. There isn't as much cohesion, because it goes from a natural setting to a created one. They are all lovely though and I'm adoring the clothing.
    My boyfriend gets beard envy too - I don't understand! I guess it's a guy thing =)

  6. so cool and outdoorsy. he reminds me of the guy I've seen each Saturday, practically the last year come in on a Saturday morning on his 10 speed at the lib.. When I first saw him, he was kind of heavy yet so joaquin phoenix..but as time progressed..it seemed joaquin was looking more like him..all scruffy. He lost a ton of weight since he cycles everywhere, but still wears the same clothes.

    I try to flirt with him, but I have a feeling I'm just agrivating him. Well, not like I'm asking him out..more like how do you deal with all this snow when you cycle or what do you like about this sci-fi author. Haven't exactly gotten an answer yet... I find him a rather interesting character study. Just wish he smelled better.

    Oh, and thanks for the note..so much. Funny, how my fan fic Anita gets in just as much trouble as the one on Hollyoaks. Hopefully, she's over her SKINS phase after her bout with pregnancy.

  7. brrrr..that title is soooo cold. Yes, definitely, think of wilderness. All he needs is a pipe like my Dad's and we'd think he just came from the sea. My Mom has a pic of my Dad in college, in his navy peacoat and kind of hairy with a cap like the one in the picture. His eyes are a lot like elijah woods, except pale & he has a pipe.

    I hear we might get the worst snow storm ever.

    Of course, he looks nothing like that now.

  8. beard envy...hahahaha..I like that. I just came in from the cold..and snow..& I have on my gray sweater..by chance.

  9. I like the style, but not the beard! :P

  10. water is so calming. so is blue. very inspirational =)

  11. The editorial is so claiming. Lovely post!

  12. snap! your blog is looking awesome! happy new year and look forward to a great '10 with all my fellow-bloggers!

  13. Hey Dapper Kid, your poetic words make me feel cozy... This gentleman's outfit reminds me of how a modern day Walt Whitman might dress. Visit me again soon XX

  14. I like all those photographs. I really like the striped clothing. Whenever I think stripes I think either Paris or London. I'm pretty inspired now to go get some striped clothing.

  15. Thank you !! :)
    Lovely post ! makes the winter sound so pleasant :) Hope england is beautiful and white !

  16. I love this color palette. Greys and blues are totally perfect for winter.

  17. I feel like I should be listening to bon iver and running through the woods looking at these shots.

    I hope you had a great holiday! xo

  18. I really love those pants, both the navy and the light blue. They look like they fit perfectly.

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