7 November 2009

Welcome To Nowhere

As much as I admire the process of plucking at loose threads in the intricate web of expression and thought, in order to decode the pieces before constructing a new idea and look, there is something to be said for the quick, ostensibly effortless, drawing together of influences. I say ostensibly effortless, for all things require some amount of thought, and a successful quick thought is usually as a result of training rather than simply luck.

The reason I bring this up, is that I have been considering the concept of effortless style. I have never really thought of style, in terms of personal style, being something that either requires effort or is effortless - we all have style. It is whether that style is perceived by others as being admirable that seems to matter, although I personally feel that style comes from a sense of knowing yourself rather than obsessing over what others like.

Stolen Girlfriends Club
Fall '09 Collection
'Welcome To Nowhere'

However in this post I am actually interested in the style of looking effortless. The mystique of looking effortlessly put together and dressed in an easy manner shall perhaps always be intrinsic to fashion, although it may exist on different levels. One may look effortlessly stylish in a pair of well fitting jeans and a t-shirt, however one may also appear so in a tuxedo. The wider concept is one of a state of being, a certain confidence and comfort, however it is also a concept that can be translated in a number of ways through aesthetics and visual manners.

I was recently looking through the Fall '09 collection for Stolen Girlfriends Club (how I wish it had a better name), and what struck me so greatly about it was the effortless style that it portrayed. It was not just the fact that the collection was casual, which it certainly was, but rather there was a particular feeling of well styled ease and comfort in many of the looks that drew me in. The collection was simple, and yet there was a charm in that simplicity, for it helped to create strong and clean looks. I was definitely taken by the chunky knitwear, which is always my weakness, however was in this case also particularly noteworthy. Given the simplicity of the looks, I thought my brief annotations would speak enough of their merits.

I have to admit that the looks from the collection which did not make it into this post, which were quite a few, were not particularly to my tastes. There were a dark tops, paired with the slashed skinny jeans, which seemed to fit particularly poorly - not awfully, just poorly. However, given a different combination, I am sure those pieces could have created stronger looks. Proportions are always played upon, and whilst I found them uneasy in certain looks, they were interesting from a design perspective nonetheless.

As odd it may sound, this collection does actually make me think of something else as well...

It could possibly be the hats reminding me of Snufkin, but I would love to wear the pink sweater look to walk around in the ever-so-fantastic Moominvalley.

Apologies for the delay in getting around to all of your emails and comments, I shall be sure to get around to it as soon as I possibly can.

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  1. I recently watched all of the Moomin episodes online and realised for the first time how bizarre and hilarious their universe is.

  2. The pink cardigan is so rad!!

  3. DK you are OFFICIALLY a legend for having the Moomins on a post. Best ever.

  4. Oh my! I'm afraid I've never heard of the Moomins. Now I've definitely got to check it out; I'm a bit frightened yet intrigued all at the same time. :-)j

    The whole notion of effortless style has confused me over the years. I think it all started w/Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and their whole "boho chic" deal...which I actually loved. I'm constantly trying to make the getting dressed process easier so little to no effort is a must, but of course I want to look amazing as well!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  5. i love these looks. this is a great topic. right now its so trendy to look like a badass..but it's a fine line between looking cool and looking messy.



  6. I'm really digging all of the looks you selected and you made a great assessment about effortless style. My favorite look is the extended placket one. And I hadn't heard of a Moomin til now- but they are certainly cute! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo, Mel

  7. someone gave me a CD of moomins for my daughter and we watched it like crazy one winter...now she likes radiohead...time passes!

    the blog looks awesome, and i love the photos of the guy in this post.

  8. I love this topic of effortless style! Enjoyed reading this post!

  9. not bad. it´s a special look, but really not bad.

    hope you´ll have a nice sunday?


  10. Hey DK

    I loved reading all your annotations. You need to do that more often ;)

    Speaking of Moominvalley-- are you talking about the children's books? Those were fantastic. Love them.

    Have a great weekend,


  11. someone complimented my style, by saying I was effortless. And then I realized it took a lot of effort (years of trial and error) to get my wardrobe to a place where I can have some sort of effortlessness, if that makes any sense…

    And I completely agree with you that style is knowing yourself. One of my favorite style quotes is from ozwald boating: “the more you are aware of who you are, the more you have a personal style.” (which I got from his documentary that you posted! So thanks DK!)

    “stolen girlfriends club” ive been seeing their name thrown around here and there, but this is the 1st time I can attach a visual to it. I like what I see, quite a lot. I look at these pictures and think I wish this is me. I love stuff like this: easy pieces, things that are very simple, very soft, and doesn’t matter if they are wrinkled. I’ve noticed when I travel I pack a soft navy top which buttons in some kind of way. My personal favorite looks are the 1st and 2nd. The brown two tone boots are absolutely gorgeous. GORGEOUS. And what I find interesting, don’t know if maybe im seeing it wrong, but the jeans, are velvet. I like how they are worn just like a regular jean. That’s what I consider effortless, the model carries it like it’s nothing.

  12. You would wear that big black hat..hehehee...

    Oh, I can see you in that for sure. Can't go bad in black jeans. Wasn't that from a song written by Sean Penn's brother.

    I still wonder if their is any reference in the stolen girl collection with "NOWHERE" the movie. James Duvall (better known and the rabbit in Donnie Darko) Was Dark in the movie (I thought it was Darth for the longest time) and he had such long hair and so easy going in mainly T-shirt and skinny jeans. It is one of my favorite movies that I can't actually find on DVD but just find it to watch on IFC from time to time.

    Thanks for the note. Yeah, I guess I like putting Eric in predicuments.

  13. I love the idea of effortless style, too. If only there were a formula for it, haha.

  14. Thanks, yes this weekend I donated time and books to the Children's Hospital and Charity. I love this time of giving but I keep that mindset all year long. :) How was your Saturday, dear?


  15. i love menswear. i wouldnt mind getting the outfit that you wanted. hahha

  16. Great blog here fella! Just found it! And...the fact that you posted a video of the Moomins! Love these guys!! Snufkin and little my are my two favorites...

    + best +

  17. Going Bananas for your blog! Me like like like!!

    Agneta from Sweden

  18. Great post! How you describe effortless style is so right on. I think it's as much about beeing comfortable in your own skin as what you wear. Can't look "effortless" if you don't feel somewhat relaxed as well....
    Oh wow(again; cassie-ish)I love the grey cardi and the brown sweater. The knitting is very interesting...I'm trying to find the perfect BIG knitted sweater myself these days, but all knits are soooooo insanely expensive! Hahaha, thanks for bringing back childhood memories dear(and for not choosing a clip with the groke. She always scared me)
    Thanks for all your lovely comments btw. They make my sunday!


  19. There is always that thought..go with what you got and walk proud.

  20. Well, my friend's boyfriend can wear the cheap, but always make it looks so cool. I dunno how he does it. He usually..just thrifts or wears what other people give him.

  21. That hat would look amazing on you!

    Have an award for you hun!


  22. How interesting, I just had an entry about personal style. It is such a tricky tricky thing. I believe that it should be one's personal statement, and should disregard anyone else's opinions about it. In other words- One should always wear what makes them happy!

  23. Hey there. Nice post. Happy Sunday. Hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

  24. i can totally see you in these!

  25. I don't mean to state the obvious, but you have such good personal style, even in terms of which outfits you picked that you really liked. I used to wonder if style ever was effortless, so it's interesting to me that you always thought that whether or not our style was admired was more important.

  26. LOL, i actually like the name! It's as memorable as it's line.

  27. It's your blog, so you're entitled to post whatever you want, and to omit whatever you don't want.

    I see how these looks appeal to your sense of balance and proportion—large piece/narrow piece. And the soft knits contrast well with the sort of severe trousers.

    Nice picks, DK.

    I hope you're feeling well.