6 October 2009

Idealised Images

Couture Magic
Vogue Italia
(March 2008)
Shot by Steven Meisel

There is something about the word perfect which makes me uncomfortable. For some reason I often tend to associate perfect with bland. The most beautiful of things always have a flaw, however large or small, and it is that touch of eccentricity and un-perfect that makes it all the more interesting.

This is what I find so alluring about this editorial. Indeed above all else, for me, there is that flaw - there is a sense of the messy and unclean. And yet it is this highly stylised mess that sets it apart. A clean cut editorial of Couture becomes too idealised and runs the risk of becoming bland, for I suppose it is in that way too perfect. However there is a sense of difference and intrigue in this shoot evoked by the somewhat rough edges. Rough edges which I should point out as being luxurious in their imagining. Indeed one only need to look at the supposed smudges, created from burnishing the models in gold and stylised hair and makeup.

It is interesting, exciting and above all beautiful.

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  1. Great images - they bring to mind the squalid decadence of Hogarth's paintings, with similarly intriguing stories to tell. I'm taken with your reading of these images as trompe l'oeil - that they seem "dirty" on first examination, but that this dirt is in fact gold. A fabulous twist.

  2. Each photo has a richness of its own. But I have to admit, I'm glad I don't have to wear this to school or anything.

    Very amazing pics...

  3. The images are stunning. Thanks for sharing dear ♥

  4. what a beautiful mess

    more often than not the magic of anything is in the contrasts and contradictions

  5. Beautiful outfits, and yet I feel uneasy. Uneasy that for every minute they're worn, smudges of heavy makeup continue to stain the otherwise pristine garments


  6. Makes me wonder how women looked so many centuries ago like you know, marie antonie(which I can't spell this morning)..very unique.

  7. another inspiring and well written post :)

    love these images - i've never seen them before. they're so beautiful and intriguing... they look like something out of tudor times, but with a modern twist and very rough around the edges. gorgeous!

    ♥ Hannah



  8. The first + last are my favorites = glorious picks and post, dear! =)


  9. I love the messy pompadour curls. You're right about flawless editorials, one after another can get old and tired. Immaculate isn't always what I want as a reader, especially since it's got nothing to do with my personal style which is full of moth-eaten vintage and self-made holes!

  10. These are such unique images! amazing.

  11. I love your writing and, not to suck up or anything of the sort, agree with you completely. Perfection always inspires the blandness in my mind. The flawed is always to me more interesting. The same applies when it comes to beauty and fashion. Or life.

    The flaws make this perfect. There's a certain feel to this and I love the bold images.

    Fab. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Agreed word for word! Hope your day is special as you are.

  13. I would love to hang each and every one of these on my wall!

  14. This is such a beautiful editorial.
    I really think the flaws makes them more compelling to look at. Striving for perfection is futile. Really are stunning photographs

  15. OMG these are absolutely amazing!

  16. how are you, dapper?
    omg! what a great editorials!
    i must say the person behind all this shot is
    so genius and has a brilliant mind!


  17. Thanks for sharing. There is something that just draws me to the photos...I really like them!

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  19. Too amazing......


  20. These images make me wonder what is going on underneath.

  21. Oh I completely agree. The editorial is fantastic in the fact it does make you think about the imperfections!

  22. wow all the glorious details DK!
    Love how shiny & glossy their face make-ups are! xo*

  23. ugh how stunning is that

    i love u bb
    hope your week is amazing
    lemme know when you want to time warp with me back to the days of the revolution! we can dress beautifully and i'll wear a pink wig!

  24. this is so wonderful! i'm speechless.

  25. I think that is what makes me so obsessed with asymmetrical pieces.

  26. this picture are so magical and beautiful i can never look that way

    i hope you have a great week =]

  27. These pictures are stunning! I have always loved vintage photo shoots just because they are always so classy and sophisticated, not to mention the gorgeous vintage outfits. Love the second last picture.


  28. Wowww,that's a lot of photos but I love all of them !

    This era which I would love love to go back in time if I ever had the chance.

    So beautifully taken and each has its own story to tell:)
    And the colors used in each outfit is perfection.

  29. aww, i'm glad you commented on that post! even though it's tagged, "mostly for girls." honestly, i was thinking of you when i did that, because my question was definitely directed toward girls.

    anywayy, you are cool. and whoever gets a ring from you will be very lucky!

    p.s. your first stanza/paragraph in this post is sooo how i feel. it's awesome. how are you so incredibly good at verbalizing things?? haha

  30. I find these pictures a tad bit creepy, but I love the styling. So many rich details!

  31. Beautifully put. The 'perfect' faces never make compelling portraits, and the same goes with the clothes. A little rawness is always a good thing!

    Your photo below is just lovely!

  32. I couldn't agree more with your opinion. Imperfection has a certain allure that gives it a million brownie points over "perfection". I love the shoot. The images are haunting and remain with you for some time. Thanks for sharing.