4 September 2009

Awards And The Like

An extra special thanks to the lovely Seeker of Searching the Inner Me... for passing the Golden Heart Blog Award my way, as well as to Jennifer of Make.Tea.Not.War for the Honest Scrap Award :) Please do be sure to check out both of their wonderful blogs.

As per the rules of the latter award, here are ten honest things about me...

1. I have never learnt to ride a bicycle, but I am perfectly able to drive a car with a manual transmission. I plan on learning to do so in the near future however, even if only as an excuse to buy a nice looking bicycle of my own. My older brother has offered to teach me, and I believe I shall have to take him up on the offer. Although I must admit I have mental images of young children riding their bicycles quite happily through the park, and a rather tall me swerving and screaming, with my brother running up behind me laughing.

2. I am very particular about my weekend cleaning, and if I am unable to clean my bedroom on a Sunday, I get rather uncomfortable about it during the week. I happen to like routine when it comes to cleaning, and have a specific order that I like to follow. I suppose it is all rather neurotic.

3. I find it quite difficult to find shirts that fit well, given that I am rather tall, yet very slim. I can either purchase a size small and have correctly fitting sleeves, but a baggier torso, or purchase a size extra small and have a correctly fitting torso, but short sleeves. The dilemma is however usually resolved by virtue of a sweater or rolling up my sleeves.

4. I am most probably in the minority in that I happen to prefer UK Vogue over UK Elle. I believe that it most likely comes down to the fact that I am a man, and that I happen not to be one to indulge in the pleasure of cross dressing. As such find the frequent pages of 'What To Buy' and 'The New [insert garment]', displaying a smorgasbord of the latest high street pieces, which one finds in Elle not all that relevant to myself.

5. I always seem to wake up at least 10 minutes before my alarm clock buzzes. I never get out of bed at that moment however, but prefer to watch the glowing red display reach the pre-determined time before getting up. I am not entirely sure why I do that, but for some reason it never feels quite right to switch my alarm off before it has the chance to buzz. I suppose that everything has a purpose, and to prevent the alarm clock from carrying out its given task would feel like I were cheating it in some way.

6. I am uncomfortable with heights to a certain point. If falling from a height could potentially result in harm but not death, I am somewhat wary of the situation. However after a certain height, there is a point where a fall would always result in death, and it is at that point which I am no longer uncomfortable. I suppose it is the uncertainty of the situation which unsettles me the most.

7. I am unable to roll my R's, an inability my older brother takes the utmost joy in teasing me for. I am sometimes able to roll them slightly, though rarely doing so from a conscious decision. I would however love to be able to luxurrrrriate over my R's.

8. I absolutely love buying stationery. I have fond childhood memories of buying things such as a new fountain pen and pencil case at the start of each school year. There was something oddly enjoyable about having that new pencil case with all the new pens and pencils, at times often joined by a new school bag. It was not until I had bought all of my stationery that I felt fully equipped for the new year. Even now I have a love for stationery shopping, whether it be the joy of finding a notepad with paper dense enough for fountain pen ink and a smooth writing surface, or the choice of leads and painted shaft colours for a new pencil.

9. I have been wondering as of late why I appear to wear my jeans higher than just about every other man my age that I see. On the street I seem to be surrounded by a plethora of men with their underwear on display and jeans quite literally half way down their backsides, often despite the fact that their jeans quite happily sport belts. I find it particularly unsettling seeing skinny jeans worn in this fashion, for it appears to reduce men into performing a quasi penguin waddling action.

"Hai guys, wanna walk like us? Well you gotta saaaag dem jeans!"

I am perfectly at ease if a man wishes to wear spray-on jeans or leggings in public, but if one is unable to walk in them, I find it a touch ridiculous. I probably sound like a grumpy old man saying this at all, but I was honestly perplexed at the fact and wondered whether I am wearing my jeans in a manner they were not designed to be. Either way, my jeans will stay firmly on my hips (not to worry, I do however wear formal trousers at my natural waistline).

10. Upon inspection of my wardrobe it would appear that over a quarter of my clothing comes from a single store - Uniqlo. I happen to prefer Uniqlo far greater than the likes of American Apparel, which also happens to stock basics in multiple sizes and colours. I find that the prices are easier on the wallet, but it also happens to be a far friendlier place to shop - I can do without the holier than thou hipster stares from behind non-prescription glasses when I am shopping thank you very much. (There also happens to be the fact that I have made a conscious decision not to spend my money at American Apparel anyhow.)

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  1. oh do learn to ride a bike it is such a joy to whizz down a hill...

    my mum didn't learn till she was 32but it made her soooo happy to finally do it

    : )

  2. Oh when some one talks about riding a bike ,it makes me like merry go ! I am a great of bikes and ever want to learn it ,i guess its fun......

    Check this :-


  3. icant believe it ! i dont know how to ride a bike either .
    makes me feel a little less weird. although i cant swim i bet you can swim :(

  4. oh geez! i don't get the whole men sagging their jeans bit either! good to know you don't follow that trend!

  5. hahaha..spray on jeans. hmmmm..which makes me think of other day I was in a public place and this girl with not the thinnest figure showed up in her bra and shorts..and I was afraid to look ..in fear I'd laugh.

  6. aw..I don't like riding bike, actually. I was on the side of the road peeled in to gravel and truck almost ran over me. So you know, riding a bike can be wonderful and dangerous in certain places.

  7. These were so cool. I liked your honest 10 answers.

  8. CONGRATS to you awards!!!

    Very well deserved! Loved to read your answers. No 9 made me laugh very hard (and as I'm ill I had a bad cough immediately)!! :-D
    I share No 5 ;)

    Wishing you a wonderful and pleasant weekend! Will add you to my blogroll!
    xoxo sofie

  9. I adore stationary too! And you are welcome to come clean my home any weekend. ah ha. Have a fab weekend!

  10. I think it's adorable that you don't know how to ride a bike. It's a rather useless thing to learn if you ask me. LOL, perhaps I say this because my legs are not the strongest (shocker) so I never got very far in mine. Too funny about the heights, for me the higher I'm up, the worse I fear. Loved all the 10 things you listed, I don't think I missed a word :)

    Happy weekend!

    p.s. Yes, at first glance he noticed all the terms of endearment and thought it was rather lengthy for a typical email from me, so he was a little weary. Apparently he paused at least 3 times to get through it as he couldn't hold himself up from laughing.

  11. Learn how to ride a bike! It's sooo fun. I learnt how to when I was like, 10.

  12. hahah im so glad youre listening to jay-z's new album. everything is so fantastic. and as for your honesty list. i do agree with your cleaning and how you wake up ten minutes before. i am grossed out at the thought of my room being so untidy but my inability to do something about it is my biggest downfall. but i totally understand.

  13. I love to learn more about you...I can't roll my r's either!

    have a great weekend!

  14. american apparel has now contaminated my neck of the woods. i came to realization once, "i work to hard for money to give it to a-holes."

    ive been guys wear their pants literally on their thighs, not even on their butts!! and funny enough the pants had belts!!! what the heck??!!

  15. riding a bike is so lovely! once you learn, you'll never regret the time spent.

    haha, i'm very much the same way about cleaning!

    i definitely recommend inglorious basterds! you won't be disappointed. i didn't like district nine very much, but then again, i am a girl. haha.

  16. I laughed out loud when I read the part about your mental images on riding a bike haha. I also loooove buying stationery as well. The added photo+caption of the penguins was also HILARIOUS! Take care :) x

  17. was interesting reading about you :)
    have never learnt to ride a bicycle<-- i find that quite interesting :P would be really fun for you to learn. the alarm clock thing - too funny, i love it haha xxx

  18. A joy reading more about you ! heeee Yes yes,Ireland would be a great place to live :)

    Ohhhh,and waking up 10mins before your alarm goes off is cool !

    Plus I love Uniqlo too. Their clothing are really comfy

  19. i find it really cute you not knowing how to ride a bike haha ♥
    and I have a certain stationery obsession too (:



  20. "can do without the holier than thou hipster stares from behind non-prescription glasses when I am shopping thank you very much"

    SERIOUSLY. the same case in the US version of their stores. I've also made the same conscious effort to stop dishing out my money to them mainly because of their creepy founder--I used to love that they had natural models and comfortable clothing but I can do without.

    Love #5.

  21. also, sagging skinny jeans-->ARGH. seriously.

  22. congrats my man! Its well deserved!

  23. awesome..


  24. I looove buying stationary too! Something about it makes me feel happy. Oh and thanks for the london weather update hehe. :) Have a lovely weekend!

  25. You HAVE to learn to ride a bike---its like swinging and going upside down---it makes you feel so free and alive! I also hate those baggy droopy pants on guys---and I DETEST those baggy polyester slick shorts that are HUGE and baggy---with the crotch down to their knees---yeeeccchhhh!

    I'm afraid of heights, by the by---oh, so scary.

  26. I can't ride a bike either. My friend (and my dad) have both promised they'll teach me, but we always forget to remind each other. I love stationery so much! My dad has a supply cabinet in his office, and every time I go I feel the urge to raid it. AND I find it hard to roll my r's sometimes, which is especially troubling since spanish is my first language, so I sound weird at times.

  27. the first guy i have come across on blogging. do you know how sad that makes me?
    im scared of heights too. bahah

  28. Wonderful list DK, I love buying stationery as well, the last time I was in Japan, I went a little crazy!
    Lovely weekend dear!!

  29. Congrats on the awards! I'm actually quite surprised that you don't know how to ride a bike--it seems like something you would do. You should definitely learn :)

    Also, I love your denim commentary involving the penguins, haha.

  30. I know a ridiculous amount of people who can't ride a bike, so you're not alone! It baffles me though, when I was small everyone seemed to get a bike for their 5th birthday!
    And thank god you're not one of the 'hey, wanna see my pants while i walk infront of you?' brigade. Sometimes I seriously have to fight the urge to walk up behind guys and pull their jeans up. Surely it's not comfortable?

  31. good answers. i liked the one about jeans halfway down - what is the purpose of this i often wonder. keep em high dk!