27 August 2009

Part Ten: And I'm Baaaack

Apologies to you all for falling off the map these past few weeks, I am however thankfully back to blogging :) As always I shall endeavour to reply to all of your lovely comments and emails as soon as I can possibly can. I may also have a surprise in store for you all reasonably soon.

A morning snack.

What is your daily routine like?

I am a morning person, which would appear to be a habit more in the minority than I would have initially expected. Regardless of how late I happen to go to sleep on any particular night (or indeed early morning) I can never bring myself to lie in bed past mid-morning. I have always been one to wake up earlier than most and I suppose that it certainly makes life easier in terms of morning appointments and schedules.

Another benefit is that of the experience itself. The beauty of the setting sun is one that is available to the vast majority to view. Yet for whatever reason, it is one most often missed, whether as the result of the busy nature of life, or people simply forgetting how to look at such beauty. However for me the rising of the sun is an experience that is far more intimate and special. In that moment it is as if you are the only person in the world, and you are given the privilege of viewing a beauty so great that the Earth asks for it daily.

What is your favourite food?

I suppose here would be the moment where I express a love for my mother's cooking skills and those usual cliches would ensue. However, it is actually the food made my the hand of my maternal grandmother which I value most. Whether it be a variety of sumptuous dishes for a grand dinner, or simply bread and butter. It is but the simple joy of knowing that you eat something lovingly prepared for you by your grandmother. Unfortunately it is not an experience I have had the opportunity to experience as often as one would like, but they are moments that I hold dear to my heart.

That clock tower all of them tourists love. Big Jack or something?

Do you think that living in a major city is important for a career in any area of the fashion industry?

I would assume that living in a major city may not be a necessity for working in the fashion industry, but it certainly would make it more convenient. When Rick Owens set out to become a well known fashion designer, he made the choice to go to Paris, not because he had to, but because he knew that it would help him achieve what he wanted. Regardless of what it is you want in life, you have to be prepared to go after it lest it pass you by. The inherent opportunities of living in a major city certainly seem to be of benefit, however it really does depend on the individual situation. Besides, even the smallest of villages require a fashion section in their local paper...

In your opinion which three qualities does a fashion designer need to be the best that they can be?

1. A designer should love what they do.

Love makes the impossible look possible, not because it makes you foolhardy, but because it opens your eyes to possibility. If you truly love what you do, you will naturally give it your best, and that really is all you can ask of someone. A designer who truly loves what they do would be willing to overcome any obstacle life may happen to place in their path, in order to achieve their dream.

2. A designer should have self discipline.

I would assume that the hardest part of being a fashion designer is the simple fact that you have to create collections. Whilst it is easy for me to sit here and form an idea and concept for a collection, it is quite another thing to do so repetitively and to a schedule. An artist may allow inspiration and concept to flow and form naturally around them, and by doing so, create at their luxury. However the fashion designer has to be able to strictly channel their expressions to the rigid restraints of the fashion calendar. The demand for something new and fresh every season must be a very difficult burden to carry, and as such I hold the highest respect for those who are able to do so.

3. A designer should have the ability to sit back and realise that it is just fashion.

Perspective is a beautiful thing. Whilst one could easily sit for hours and debate the relative merits of either dark brown or dark tortoiseshell buttons on a certain tweed jacket, sometimes you have to remember that it is only fashion. A designer who is able to appreciate the beauty of life and know what is truly important in their own life, shall always have an advantage. Fashion is everything and nothing, but then again, everything is something at some moment in our lives.

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  1. So glad you're back. Your snack look delicious!

  2. Welcome back, young feller-me-lad. Are you familiar with the DFA remix of 'In A State', by the by?

  3. DK! Omg, so glad you're back! ;)
    Ha, you're a morning person. I'm so not a morning person, can't get out of bed unless it's 3.

  4. Welcome back. I'm a morning person too.

  5. wellllllcome back!

    i feared you had been gobbled up by a dragon or swallowed whole by a boa constrictor

    p.s. freakish coincidence... i blogged about my morning routine just this morning

  6. Welcome back! Great post. Sometimes I forget that the sun sets everyday, which is kind sad, I suppose.

  7. Hello! Glad you're back. And snap, because I am too and ready to give it my all on the Around the World project!

  8. Glad to see you're back...I was wondering about you. The morning snack looks delicious.

  9. good to see you back, i was getting a little worried! :)

  10. Oh wow, that meal just looks awesome. So pretty. yes...the food it pretty!

  11. Thaaaank u !! =) Hihi...
    I know- I was soo happy to find season 2 ! :D
    Glad u're back, and enjoy the end of the week !

  12. So great to have you back! I can't imagine what your inbox looks like! :P

  13. oh, it fills me with joy to know you're back! i was getting worried there!

    i love waking up early and seeing the sunrise. it's such a wonderful feeling.

    thank you!

  14. Welcome back!

    I never used to be a morning person until I moved to San Diego for college. It DOES feel like you're the only person in the world...hopefully I'll start to wake up much earlier next year. : )

  15. you're back !!
    glad you rocked it out
    love it when the barista draws on my foam too... :)

  16. i thoroughly enojoy your writing and photos.
    mornings are glorious, you're forgiven yesterday and have something fresh and new to look forward to.
    i just want to dive into that star capuccino. mmm...
    xo s

  17. Welcome back. We missed you. I hope that all is well. Great post. I enjoyed the q&a. Take care. Cheers!

  18. Welcome backkkk!!!!!
    "A designer should have the ability to sit back and realise that it is just fashion." That's SO true! Once again you've created a wonderful post DK! LLooooove it!

  19. Hey!! So good to see you again!! This is just a perfect post! I'm actually a night person but I wish I were a morning person.

    My favorite part of your post is the last one when you said fashion is everything and nothing and that it's important to know what truly matters in life! xxoxoxo

  20. So glad you're back! Very interesting post! I too am a hopeless morning person no matter how hard I try to sleep in!

  21. YAYAYAAYY!!! sooooo glad you are back!!

  22. Glad to have u back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dnt mind sharing ur snack :o]

  23. I have been worried about you. I'm glad you enjoy your Mom's cooking too.

  24. So very glad to have you back!!!

    That first picture looks yummy!

  25. :D:D!
    So glad to see you back, dear!

    A sunrise is a pleasure I try to indulge in often, for there is nothing like the moment the day begins. Even if I have a stressful day ahead, seeing the elegance of the sky in the earlier hours of the morning makes it a bit more relaxing.

    A grandmother's cooking is always delectable simply because of the feeling it radiates. I remember my paternal grandmother's cooking being odd, Cajun, and lovely. Not because it always tasted that way, but merely because she prepared it.

    I hope you're well and that you're having an awesome week :)


  26. Yay, you've returned! I hope you're feeling well!
    Walking to my weekly 8 am tutorial was one of my favorite parts of the week. Everything just felt so peaceful and beautiful. Especially crossing the student union, which was normally full of people all of the time. My favorite parts of the day are dawn and dusk, because everything looks so blue and dark. It kind of makes me feel sad, but I still love it.

  27. DAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're back!!!!!!! I've been wondering where you've been :) Always beautifully eloquent posts. "everything is something at some moment in our lives." im going to have to steal that. Absolutely beautiful.

    -ps. what is your morning snack? it looks delicious!

  28. my grandmas cooking is way better than my mmoms i think....

    glad you'll be back to regular posting

  29. welcome back mr!!! good to have you back! that morning snack looks great. mwa

  30. What a relief! Welcome back DK!
    Enjoy this interesting reading...

  31. Welcome back ! Love your blog and enjoy reading it :)

    I'm a morning person too and can't sleep in till too late if not, I'll start to have a headache !

    Ohhh and your morning snack looks delicious ! Yummmy

  32. Hurray! When I saw your comment on my blog I just about jumped for joy! The blogosphere has been too quite without the wonderful Dapper Kid!

  33. ooo London. luckky. i really wish i could go there.

    that snack looks amazing. tasty and pretty :)

  34. welcome back!! thanks for the lovely comment :) and you should definitely pick up Delirious New York, I'm still on high from it xx

  35. Welcome back, DK!!! You had us all scared.

    Nothing like grandma's cooking...something about it tastes different, right? It's like all that extra love sinks into it.

    Can't wait for the big surprise :)

  36. you are alive! thank heavens for that, we have missed you so!


  37. welcome back. we all missed you. your morning snake look delicious. i am not awake until that first cup of coffee.

  38. yay!! Welcome back. We missed you!

  39. YAY YAY YAY!!! Three cheers & more to DK being back - missed your lovely stories and visual eye candy.

    You were missed & so happy that you are back.


  40. Oh gosh yuh are back ! lovely to hear from yuh !
    but where had yuh been so long...


  41. It is great to have you back! I have to pass you an email. I have moved from Whathappensinvegas to the Glam District but I still want to participate in the Around the world project! ;)

  42. I Love your blogging ,writing and your fashion shoes.Welcome coming back!

  43. ahhh you're back! and great post as always! thanks for the comment on my pics.

  44. This is going to osund so lame but...your back!!!1 I've missed you, I don't even know how long it's been. I hope your okay, and it's good to hear you sounding like you [all detailed description and sweetness]. I'm trying to think as to whether I'm a morning person or not, it depends how tired I am I guess. I always do manage to wake up around the same time, but I do go back to sleep if I am really really tired ♥

  45. very fun to read.... i can hardly dress myself let alone design (even though im obsessed with project runway) so it was interesting to hear about these things.
    and the gramma thing: how right you are. no matter what she cooks it's always perfect.