4 July 2009

Part Seven: Of Mothers

A selection of my mother's clothing.

You wrote that your mother has given you great words of wisdom, what would you give your mother now that you are all grown up and wiser?

I am not sure that I regard myself as grown up, as I still do not feel like a real adult (whatever that term even means). I believe that we never stop needing our parents, in some form or another, whether we are fortunate enough to have them with us or not. The love I have for both of my parents is greater than I could ever possibly express. My parents have taught me and cared for me more than any other persons, and for that I am ever grateful.

I have never really thought of the sacrifices, care and knowledge that parents bestow upon a child as something that can ever be repaid. I do not believe that I could ever repay my mother for what she has done for me. I obviously do hope that I am able to give my parents everything that they wish for, to the best of my means - I want their lives to be comfortable and happy.

My father always tells me that receiving money from a child could never compare to the joy of seeing their face. So I shall always try to make sure that I am there in person for my parents, whether it be to help them with something, or just to enjoy their company, and let them enjoy mine.

Nobody worries about you like your mother does, so I always try to make sure that I do the little things to make her feel at ease. If I am going out, I make sure to tell her where I am going, and what time I expect to be back. If there is a chance of me running late, I make sure to keep her updated so she does not worry.
It often seems that children to do not realise how much parents do worry for them, even if they may not always be able to express it in the most obvious ways. Indeed I doubt I shall ever be able to understand that worry until I have children of my own. However, if I can put her mind at rest, I make sure to go out of my way to do so.

I think communication in general is important, and it really does make a difference. I make sure to take the time out of my day to talk to my mother, not only to tell her about me and how my day has been, but also ask about her day, and how she feels. I place a huge importance on the relationship I have with my mother, and one of the most important tools within any relationship is communication.

As such, I always make sure to talk to my parents as often as I can. Whether we be talking about our days, the weather, the news, a book, cooking - it really does not matter, as the most important thing is that we cherish the time we have to be within the company of each other. The best things in life pass us by before we have the time to truly appreciate them. We fall into the trap of living for things to come, of working solely for the future, that we forget to live in and enjoy the moment. We worry of what is to come, yet once that has passed, those worries seem trivial.

I believe that even the smallest of gestures makes a difference, so I always try to help my mother in any way that I can. Whether it be helping out around the house, with washing, cleaning, cooking, or just offering my help in a given situation. I believe that the bravest thing a person can do is ask for help, so I try to offer and give my help without anybody having to ask. I try to do everything within my ability to help my parents and make things easier for them. They have helped me, and if I can help them it makes me happy.

I often feel that children choose what to see when they look at their parents. They see the shortcomings and mistakes, and, due to familiarity, take the sacrifices and hard work for granted. My parents are among the most hardworking people that I know, and if I can lift part of that burden in some way, I am grateful of being able to do so.

I suppose that the only thing that I can give my mother is me. I give her my utmost efforts to help her like she helps me. But most importantly, I give her the opportunity to see me, and the opportunity to see my smile. Everything you need to know about the world, about family, about love, can be found within a simple smile.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I have two brothers and one sister, all three of whom are older than me.

Do you have any fragrances that you are currently coveting?

For the ladies...

Alexander McQueen Kingdom - Angelic beauty meets pure lust. It is as shocking as it is beautiful.

Balenciaga Le Dix
- It is a beautifully floral, and oddly smooth, vintage fragrance that still works today.

Bvlgari Omnia
- Spicy, warm and looking romantically towards the East.

Chanel No. 19
(original version) - A testament to the art of perfumery.

Hermès Vanille Galante
- Melon, lily, water and the faintest trace of vanilla. The combination sounds so wrong, but the smell is so right.

Lanvin Scandal
- Warm florals turning to a light spice and leather. The vision of a Parisian women sipping coffee on a late summer's day.

For the gents...

Christian Lacroix Tumulte Homme - Beautifully warm, light and exotic wood.

Dior Homme
- A burst of fresh iris and sweet cocoa, turning into a comforting powdery amber.

Dolce & Gabbana The One
- A sweet and spicy scent, with decidedly masculine undertones.

Hermès Bel Ami (original version) - It is warm, inviting and traditionally masculine. The peppery opening turns quickly to warm woods and leather, and ends with a nicely fragrant tobacco.

L'Eau D'Issey
- A fresh warm weather fragrance. I am not a fan of aquatic scents, but for this I make an exception.

P.S. A Happy Independence Day to all my American readers. I sincerely hope that Will Smith does not have to save the planet from aliens today. Although if he does, please do make sure to put the footage onto YouTube. Kthxbai.

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  1. i love your mother wardrobe. have a lovely weekend! xx.

  2. I love all the embrodiery (I think I spelled that wrong) and the color of your mother's clothing. It's really inspiring! I hope to goodness Will Smith never has to save us. lol. I'm working today and tomorrow so I will not have no time to celebrate, which so sucks. Anyway, Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I used to have a turquoise dress with gold embroidery, but it was lost in shipment once while moving countries
    urgh. I miss it so.

  4. Adore the colourful clothes and all texture.

    when you said

    "We fall into the trap of living for things to come, of working solely for the future"

    it made me think of this

    "People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didnt believe in that.Tomorrow wasnt getting ready for them. It didnt even know they were there."
    Cormac McCarthy, The Road

    which is my way of saying, great minds think alike, or something.

  5. It sounds like you have been blessed with a wonderful family, as they have with you :)

    Love the intricacy captured in these photos!


  6. Surprisingly, Will Smith is noticeably absent from the 4th of July line-up for this year. Guess we have to leave it up to Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox to save us from transforming aliens/robots. Have a wonderful day!

  7. That was such a sweet post. Love the pics of the fabrics from your mother's things. Amazing.

    What..no axe(a popular body spray for guys here in the states that um..a little overwhelming) in your collection..just kidding. That's all my little brother has around his room. My Mom gave him some really good stuff like burberry for Christmas..but I don't think he's used it.

    thanks so much for the note. The rain has came, but it hasnt' stopped anyone from setting off firecrackers around here.

  8. hahaha!! "kthxbai" made me soo happy. i love saying stuff like that; it's just so ridiculous! haha, anyway, your parents sounds wonderful and lucky to have you (:

    p.s. i didn't know you had so many siblings!! fun fun. anyhoo, my family used to watch independence day very fourth... muhaha, so cheesy.

    p.s. the details of your mother's clothing are just... breathtaking. lovely, lovely pictures.

  9. Such cool stuff in your mother's wardrobe. & the way you took pics of them. Very cool.

    Thanks for the note. Best bet for a tornado is to get to your basement around here. Unfortunately, last year in Iowa some kids were getting in their car to out run a tornado and a big tree fell on their car and killed everyone but a sister in the backseat.

  10. Thanks! I have vacation know! Its so nice weather! Love the clothing! Totally amazing!

  11. Such wisdom. I'm glad you shared it with us. And what gorgeous things your mother has.

  12. Those details of your mother's clothing are gorgeous - thanks for sharing! And what a wonderful description of your relationship with your parents/mother. I do agree that many people (including myself occasionally) tend to take parents and everything they do for their children for granted. Thank you again for reminding everyone the importance of communicating and spending more time with them. Hope you're having a lovely weekend! :)

  13. you're a wonderful beautiful soul DK.
    The beading and embroidery is beautiful.

    i used to love bvlgari omnia, but i guess the scent just doesnt match with me. I'm not really a fragrance person, as most give me headaches or stink.

    LOL! about Will Smith. I went to the movies with my Dad yesterday and he mentioned that WIll Smith wouldnt be saving the world tomorrow. He usu. has one out on the 4th! LOL!!!

  14. i just love your texts, they are so cleaver :)

  15. Your parents sound lovely, and you are a true gem of a son. We both share a deep bond with our mothers, I love that.

    Kingdom is sexy, right? LOVE IT.

    Kthxbai! I laughed outloud. I say that all the time but wasn't expecting it here.
    Happy Weekend darling. Let you know about le date...I don't think he's "the one." Or even the one for today, but we shall see. Grrrr.... :)

  16. haha that was a great way to end such a sweet post. You make me feel a twinge of guilt and now I just want to call up my parents lol! You have a very good point though, too often we are rushing through our lives and cramming it full of activities when the moments you really remember are just the random times when you're doing nothing with the ones you love.

  17. oh the last few images are so bright and cheerful. I don't know why but looking at them makes me smile.

    Lovely post!

  18. Firstly, I would like to say that you have superb taste in fragrance.

    Also, I think for the most part you are correct about your statements concerning family. However, I would like to bring to your attention that not all children have been blessed with wonderful parents. And although I agree that most children choose to see only their parents faults, there are such thing as bad parents.

    I would know. Don't get me wrong, I am very capable of telling people my rent's good attributes, but when it comes to procreation, they should never have ventured there.

    You should realize that maturity is a big part of realizing the difficult task parenting really is. So many people enter into that world without the slightest clue.

    I am ecstatic that you and your parents have such a good relationship(and a little jealous)


  19. Haha. I just couldn't contain my laughter at the Independence Day movie reference.

    There's really nothing like the importance of family. For me that is. I've always been quite close to all of my family memebers, but expecially my mother, brother, and grandmother, it's just part of who I am. It seems rather essential to me to keep family close, and it makes me rather sad when I meet people who aren't close with their family at all.

    It's wonderful that you take such pride and respect in your parents!

    I collect fragrances, mostly the miniatures of the bottles, and some full size (for the ones I like most). I love the pure art of it, both designing the perfect packaging, and putting together that perfect scent.
    I think my mom has some Balenciaga lying around, I should go find it and takw a whiff. Lol. I don't think I've actually smelled it.
    The Heremes Vanille Galante sounds amazing...I don't think the combo sounds wrong lol.

  20. I love each clothes especially the beading and embroidery piece!!
    happy 4th!!!

  21. Beautifully written DK!
    Your mom is so blessed to have you who acknowledged a mother's sacrifice for her child... I agree smile, simple as it is, does wonder to the soul! Lovely weekend dear~

  22. This is a beautiful post, and you have a beautiful blog sir!!

  23. You seem like a perfect son any mother would love to have! I'm so happy to see the list of fragrances you recommended since I have a hard time finding one I like. I'm going to check them out! xoxxoxoxoxo

  24. The beading and metallic work is stunning in those pieces! I love Hermès Bel Ami...it makes me think of my dad for some reason. Very masculine, but still delicate.

  25. What a wonderful and brilliantly organized post. First of all, your words about your mum and photos of her divine clothes are magnificent... I hope she reads your blog! Secondly, the list of fragrances is fantastic ~ can't wait to try some of your faves!

    Thanks for th 4th of July wishes; you are the sweetest, DK! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


  26. Oh la la... I like that gold moment on the photos...
    And, this is perfect post...


  27. I love what you've written about your mother, it's absolutely beautiful. x

  28. How did you guess? I had Blondie on all this week for my part-Yoga / part-Dance class. I love HEART OF GLASS. Hoping your weekend is going extremely well, Dapper. :)

    x, thanks!!

  29. how lovely! and i really enjoyed reading more about you. i love these posts.

    happy fourth of july, even though you're not over here ;)

  30. thanks for adding the scents for ladies! its nice to know what a guys opinion on scents because we like to smell nice for ourselves and for the guys sometimes

    oh and that is sreallysweet you sound like a great son .. its true theyd rather have us around then just a gift .

    love that about parents

  31. I love what you said about not feeling like an adult. I'm going to be 20 soon, and I don't feel like the mature adult I'm expected to become. Nothing beats a parent's love, it's so precious. I'm the youngest of 4 children too, but I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. Nice perfume reviews, I'm on the look-out for some new perfume.

  32. Beautiful pictures!

    I think your mother is blessed with a son like you!

  33. So beautiful...oooooh. U and Ur mother have a fantastic taste...


  34. I love all the embellishments. So intricate.

  35. I love the embroidery, your mother must have the most beautiful wardrobe! You seem like the perfect son Dapper. We definitely share the same respect and love for our families. I simply can't understand why so many people our age "hate" their parents and want to spend as little time with them as possible...

    And, you are so lucky to have family in the Indian countryside, Pakistan AND Iran. Exotic!
    Do you visit your relatives often?


  36. I can't get enough of your posts! So organised and full of beautiful details! Moms are so precious!!!!

    And what a clothing collection!!!!! Fantastic!

  37. Is that a blue sari? I've got saris on the mind as I've just spent the past four days engrossed in Bollywood movies. Is it wrong that I want to go to places just for the clothes? (Tibet for the Tibetan antelope fur, Mongolia for goat fur, and India for an elaborate red sari like Aishwarya Rai.)

  38. That's a lot of beautiful prints and patterns on those clothes. So lovely!

  39. A mother's love, and the love of a parent in general, is something that cannot be compared. I've seen it work wonders for me throughout the past several years, and I simply do not know how I can repay my mom in any other way than to let her know how much she means to me and that I appreciate every moment spent.
    Parents will literally drop anything for you, and that is something we shouldn't forget. Even if we may resent our parents at times, we must remember that they love us no matter what.

    Mmm the perfumes sound absolutely lovely. I'm in dire need of something. I have something cheap for when I go out, but having an actual perfume a bit more expensive never hurts :P
    Thank you for the suggestions :)

    Hahaha I absolutely love your humor, dear :P
    kthxbai ;D


  40. I love the embroidered piece. You seem to have been blessed with a wonderful family. It is beautiful to see a family be so warm and close and for a son to speak like that of their parents. ^-^


  41. you got tons of style, which is sososo rare! and thx ever so much, my weekend ws lovely and very very sunny. hope london is not too humid..(miss it tho')

  42. It's staggering how much exceptional content you manage to put in one post. Part of me is impressed, but another part of me is going, "How does he do that? And why can't I do that?" lol.

  43. Hey there. Great photos and writeup. I do always enjoy your blog. BTW, I've given you an award over at my Dino Lounge blog.

  44. What a wonderful sentiment. It's really nice to see what a great relationship you have with your parents. It can be kind of rare to see that sometimes, unfortunately. I guess though we all have different ways of loving our parents. It's true--we really do pick what we want to see in them. And sometimes it's fair what we choose to see and sometimes it isn't. The bit about the smile is so true and so eloquent. Anyway, I love those samples of your mom's clothing, the last especially!

  45. Your Mom is so lucky to have you for a son---what a great post about your parents---and I loved the color and textures!

  46. My mother is my world!! And I love the detailed work - so lovely!!

    ps - my current fav perfume - Hermes 'Un Jardin Apres La Mousson' - beautiful!

  47. love the embroidery detail on d clothes, and i like how you Indians preserve your rich culture even when u live abroad.

  48. Those photos are amazing. And I love the Chanel perfume, pure bliss (:

  49. That first part was such a lovely ode to your parents!!

    Oh and thanks for the add to the Round the World notebook list thingy ...it's sounds TOO exciting!!!! :)

  50. you are too sweet. and i totally agree, no one will be like a mother in caring for me. hope you had a super 4th of july.

  51. Dear DapperKid,

    I am travelling to Venice in late August and am at a loss as to what to wear! Any ideas...?


  52. I love heart of glass, and I think it's great that you share such a pleasant relationship with your parents, we often take them for granted, and I was strive against that, giving both of them a kiss and a hug everyday and telling them how much I love them ♥

  53. Love the embroidery and the great tips on the cologne!


  54. Another amazing and relatable post! I share the same sentiments about my parents and sometimes feel guilty that I chose to move out west and now only see them twice a year. But I do try to talk to my parents daily, even if it's just to express that I love them and say hi. Thanks for sharing anoter piece of your wonderful self.

    xo, Becs

  55. the colours and details on your mothers pieces are absolutely stunning

  56. such a sweet, wonderful post.

    I look forward to seeking all of your fragrance suggestions!

  57. I've noticed your blog quite a while ago and I've finally got round to commenting... after 61 other people, but still...!

    Love your creativity and your flair and passion for style and fashion really shows through on here.

    Would love to stay in touch... either way, I've added you to my blogroll :-)

    From one Brit to another...

  58. I always wished I would be rick so I could give my mother everything she wanted and couldn't have. I really like this post it really made me reflect on everything

  59. Awww... I love this post. I've been thinking about the same question about my parents, what can I give them... :) I'm still trying to figure it out, since all I want is to show them how much they mean to me.

  60. nice fabrics...adore the colours...

  61. ah you are the baby of the family! usually they are the ones who help out the most! you are so sweet for helping out your momma!