15 June 2009

Red + Blue + Awards

The sun has gently been smiling upon us for the past few days after a rather sudden onset of rain. Whilst seated on the grass in my garden and watching the birds swirl and dance to their beautiful songs through the air, I decided it only fitting for me to wear a more colourful outfit.

I opted to go with red and blue, a rather classic combination to my mind, and yet not one I often find myself wearing. I bleached my red t-shirt over the weekend simply to give it more of an interesting visual finish. I personally found it rather overpowering against my skin in its original state, especially when there were no other colours or shades to break it gently onto the eye.

The bright blue trousers are actually hand dyed, and given some wear, should hopefully display some interesting fading and tonal variations. Indeed I have always been attracted to the idea of natural fading. The subtle changes in colour and washed out patterns add a unique sense of character to clothing, which I feel that vivid single-coloured clothing can sometimes lack. Of course not all bright clothing needs tonal variation, for on their own they may truly shine, however I find the slightly faded finish more appropriate under sunshine. Perhaps it is simply my version of sun washed colour?

I would like to thank the lovely Lenaa of Bambi Brown for passing the Cute's award my way. As part of the award I have to share ten facts about myself.

1. I love the aroma of coffee. I appreciate the vast array of blends and quality of different crops, and indeed find the smell of a fresh brew wonderfully relaxing. However, I do not actually drink coffee, although I may indulge myself with a small sip on the rare occasion. I am definitely a tea man.

2. I am a candle obsessive. Whenever I am in my bedroom, I like to have a scented candle (or more than one if the aromas do not blend poorly) burning. It is however not simply the olfactory delights that I find so appealing. I find that sitting and watching the tiny flicker of flame gently licking the air is wonderfully relaxing. The flame sways and breaths almost as if it were alive, and I suppose in that instant it is. There is also the beautifully warm and gentle light candles graciously provide to a darkened room. That soft light is far more inviting than the cold and harsh light of the bulb.

3. I frequently write short stories, however I am currently also the only person to actually read them. I will spend my time before writing developing the characters, giving them a life, even if I only intend to mention the briefest of parts in passing. I also make sure to research the relevant topics and historical periods that I wish to cover as best I can. I write for the love of seeing a story come together. Even if I be the only to read it and give the words life, at the moment that is enough for me.

4. I have always wanted a personal army of flying blue monkeys with velvet brocade waistcoats, gold monocles and tiny red fezzes. Not entirely sure what I use them for, but at the very least it would be an interesting conversation starter. Plus the Wicked Witch had flying monkeys, admittedly rather pathetic ones, although she was more busy avoiding any and all water, so I suppose she had to settle with what she had.

5. I am unable to roll my R's all that easily. Sometimes I am able to and other times I find it impossible. I wish I could rrrrrrrroll them.

6. The stars are so difficult to see at night in London, that I make wishes on the few I am able to see. I often wish I could drive out to the deep recesses of the countryside on every dark night and lie in the grass just to look at the stars. The night sky is infinitely more exciting than I have ever had the opportunity to witness.

7. Before I have breakfast in the summer months, I always make sure to put a bowl full of water (sometimes with a little sugar) and some pieces of bread at the back of the garden for the birds or other animals to eat and drink. Although it may not be much, I like to think I am helping in some small way during the summer heat.

8. I love teddy bears. I actually have a shelf full of stuffed animals and toy bears. I am on the hunt to find my own perfect vintage brown bear, preferably something with a silk bow and marbles for eyes. In fact I have always thought that when I hopefully have children one day, I shall buy each a beautiful bear when they are born. It will grow old and wise with them, and when they themselves have children, the bear can be passed down to tell its amazing stories to the next child.

9. I never know what to do with my hair. I am often torn between letting it grow into long smooth curls, or simply cutting it all short, with only a few curls atop my head.

10. I shall be writing my 500th post (...sort of) tomorrow, and my long delayed project shall have its first announcement.

A special thanks also to the wonderful Diana of our.city.lights for passing me this cute You are a great read award.

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  1. I think it's so neat that you do write short stories. I mean, I write, but I can never really find it in my to fully finish and develop a story once I begin. But, I'll have to this year :D! If not I'll fail my creative writing class :P
    I just know yours are all marvelous! Whoever does get the privilege to read them are very lucky!

    Hahahah whoo flying monkeys. I knew you must have had Wicked or The Wizard of Oz on the brain yesterday :P
    They would be quite interesting, wouldn't they? Having winged monkeys as your personal body guards, basically :P

    My family and I are moving out to my grandparents' this fall, for they're getting older and need more people around. They live out in the countryside and one thing I absolutely cannot wait for is to see the stars! I was thinking about it the other day and how wondrous nighttime seems when you can see each and every bright light shine and light up an otherwise pitch-black sky.
    You should just take your car and drive somewhere with no city lights one night! It would be worth it :D

    Yay! Can't wait! :D


  2. The tee turned out beautifully!

  3. you ARE a great read

    just seconding that, really

  4. I LOVE your hair =.] And the red and blue together are beautiful [hearts]

  5. you are def. a great read
    i love the faded look of it !
    you wear red white and blue very well i', always wary of that combination but you do it jsutice!

    We Were Damsels

  6. I like the red and blue combination, but can never get it right with the pieces I own right now. I'll be on the hunt for some new red or blue clothes next time I go thrifting!
    I love coffee so much! When I was traveling in Colombia last month, I stayed with my mom's friend for a few days. She would make coffee about 3 times a day. It's an exaggerating amount, but thoroughly enjoyable.

  7. that's so cool to read you write! i seriously believe that is one of your talents.

    how did you get the blue so even? i tried dying fabric before but it looks more uneven and spotty even when i soak it. secrets?
    congrats on the award!!

  8. Congrats DK!!!
    love the bleached red t-shirt...certainly adds interest!

  9. I really like what you've done with the tee. I find red to be a tad overpowering on me as well, so when I do wear it, I need to create a balance by wearing red lipstick (I guess that wouldn't really be an option for you ;-).

    Love the ten facts you shared - what a fascinating read. I hope you'll one day consider publishing your short stories, as it seems you put a lot of thought and effort into developing a story and characters. And I can relate to the flying monkeys. I've always wanted an army of flying squirrels - similar to the ones Tim Burton used in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only they could fly in order to reach the most unreachable nut. I"m not sure what I need nuts for, but you never know.

  10. Love the red and blue combination, I often wear it myself!

    And I also love the smell of coffee, especially espresso, the aroma of it is priceless!<3

  11. i adore red and blue too. i am not awake until first cup of morning coffee.

  12. love the cardigan. I have officially concluded that men's cardigans are the best kind. and I'm totally digging the tie-dye jumper. me likey :)

  13. Always great learning more about you, and happy blog-versary! The 500th post is a huge milestone.

  14. 500th post! Wow!!!! Congrats!
    Reading your posts and looking at your outfits is always a pleasure! Plus I love the "My Mother Said" section! Great quotes..
    Flawless outfit btw!

  15. We have much in common! Since a little girl I wrote short stories and no one has really read them but me ;P

  16. Great Outfit!The Blue Jeans is amazing!

  17. thank you very much! i love that tie-dye shirt. i just bought a tie-dye jeans, I think it's a very nice new trend :).

  18. I love your bleached tee and the combination of red and blue! So beautiful and summerish :D

    I loved reading the ten facts you shared. I hope you will publish some of your stories one day. It would be so interesting to read! I love teddy bears too, aww! You should definitely give a teddy bear to your children when they are born :)

    Wow, 500 posts! Congrats! :-D


  19. red and blue really suits you. and you should share some stories on here one day, that would be pretty neat (: x

  20. nice red and blue, love the bleached tee!! congrats!!!

  21. :D Haha Thanks youuu :D
    Oh cool, red+blue=awesome combo!

  22. Thanks so much for the note. I love them.

    Oh, now don't be the poet from Vicki Christina Barcelona now..just teasing. I'm sure when that short story finds its way out there it'll be perfect..me..well, I'm probably the last to know where the story is even going. Its fun to me as hopefully, to the reader, I never know for sure though.

    Love your out fit. So bold and such great summer colors. As in the states..its that time of year of red, white and blue.

    I have a friend who's mother's house is all in red, white and blue..she even still has her tree up in the livingroom red white and blue...and she has the best scented candles in the world.

    Sid and Violet

  23. number 4! hahaha... very funny.

    the nighttime is sky is just the best! well, the sky in general really. oh, also, i totally agree with you as far as natural fading. something being worn out means it was loved, and that is just great. fading also tells stories! (:

  24. Nice use of the red and blue colors. I love how your bleach died shirt came out. Congratulations on 500 posts.

  25. You did a perfect bleach job on that shirt! I usually shy away from bright red shirts, but now I'm eager to try something like that.

    Congrats on the awards and your 500th post! Keep it up!

  26. Hey there. Great post. It was so neat to learn more about you. I enjoy your blog. I always love reading your posts. You are definitely a great read.

  27. i LOVE this look!

    oh, i'm also addicted to the smell of coffee. and i don't drink it either =)

  28. An army of blue monkeys? Whoah!! haha, yeah that would be great. I would use them simply for the intimidation factor :)

  29. Hi there-a great outfit, the colours work really well together!

  30. I love your outfit, as always DK! Seriously, you never cease to look impeccably put together.
    I love that you put a bowl of water and bread outside on hot summer days! Seriously, that is the sweetest thing ever - besides the fact that you are on the hunt for the perfect teddy bear and dream of giving your children a bear when they're born. So sweet!
    Congrats on the 500th post - such an accomplishment, my dear. I just adore your blog and can't wait for the next 500 ;)

  31. first off, congrats on tomorrow being your 500th post(:
    you're blog is sensational!

    the red t turned out killer! i love the distressed look.
    & i could def. see you with a fohawk...curls and all(:

    hope you're enjoying your week so far and i can't wait for your post tomorrow!


  32. "The sun has gently been smiling upon us for the past few days after a rather sudden onset of rain. Whilst seated on the grass in my garden and watching the birds swirl and dance to their beautiful songs through the air, I decided it only fitting for me to wear a more colourful outfit."

    haha. i can just imagine you thinking all of a sudden "hmmm, good idea, let's change clothes"

    interesting dying yourself. good idea. i might try that. merci beaucoup, comme d'habitude.

    ps. what's a link exchange yo.

  33. i really like the point of view pic! do you place your photographs on flickr?

  34. Lovely outfit(: It was a great idea to dye it, I really like the faded look.
    I'm a candle obsessive too. Have you tried the "True Grace" candles from Arco? They smell fantastic!


  35. Yay for this DK outfit post! Love the colors and close-up photos ~ you look fab!

    Congrats on your awards, darling ~ well-deserved!


  36. the pants are hand dyed! wow!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  37. Red and blue is one of my favorite combinations. I love the bleached look!

    Congrats on the awards! The 2nd one is so cute.

  38. Loved reading these things! I always wanted a monkey when I was a teen---a spider one, and I wanted to dress it up and take it with me everywhere!
    I also love candles and I have two teddy bears on my bed---I know, crazy, but one was given to me by my children when I lost a child (miscarriage) and the other one is from my miracle boy that came the year after!!

    Great list.

  39. Hah hah, the monkey do catch your attentioN!

    Also, I'm not so good with rolling my R's either, although I wish I could because for some reason I think it's funny.

    And #8 sounds like an AMAZING idea!

  40. I really enjoy your writing and you got a good fashion sense too. Hopefully one day we all get to read those short stories of yours, but I also love the fact that you get so much satisfaction from watching a story come together that that's already enough for you. I love how honest and sincere you are in your writing. It's nice to know there are people out there like you who aren't afraid to put some of their deepest feelings and thoughts out here for all the world to see.