26 June 2009


The moving picture.

Thanks to the wonderful Miss J of Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy for passing the Honest Scrap award/tag my way. As part of the tag, I have to share 10 honest things about myself...

1. Although I am right handed, I have actually slowly taught myself to write and sketch with my left hand. It is not quite up to the standard I would like yet, however it is certainly passable.

2. I still enjoy browsing through, and indeed every so often even purchasing, teddy bears when I go shopping. The way we as children form a bond with stuffed toys is something I have always found to be rather magical.

3. I taught myself to do handstands again recently, and I must say, the world is quite fun to look at when you are upside down.

4. My favourite confectionery flavour has always been strawberry, however my favourite lollipop flavour comes down to either apple or cherry.

5. I am most definitely a morning person. Regardless of how late I may go to sleep, I can never bring myself to have a proper lie in. I also happen to enjoy waking up just before sunrise, it has to be one of the most beautiful times of the day. Indeed, even more so than sunset, as it is the lesser seen of the two.

6. When stirring my tea, I count the number of times I stir. I never really have a specific goal, as far as number of stirs go, however I have discovered I prefer ending on an even number. Not entirely sure as to what that means, but it makes me happier.

7. As a young child I was terrified of dogs. Although now I do not mind them, as a youngster I would cross the road when I saw a dog approaching.

8. I have a strange habit of keeping well designed shopping bags. Whilst I usually use shopping bags to line my bins, I can never bring myself to use a beautifully designed one in that manner. I actually have a box full of pretty shopping bags.

9. My mother always tells me that I had unusually large eyes when I was born, as I did when I was very young. Unfortunately they spend most of their time hidden behind glasses, without which anything further than a few feet slowly becomes blurry around the edges.

10. I am not really a fan of mints or chewing gum, however I always end up carrying some because you would be surprised at the number of people who ask if anyone has them.

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  1. and hey man spectacles are cool

    I used to have to wear a patch as well as my glasses

  2. I have tried to learn to write with my left hand, but it's impossible :') I love number 10, haha! How cute :D

  3. I love your list! I definitely browse stuffed toys and buy some when I go shopping too! I'm glad I'm not the only one! xxoxoxox

  4. My dad was born left-handed, but in school he was forced to write with his right hand, so now he's ambidextrous! I also have a thing about even numbers... like when i'm raising or lowering the volume on the tv. It has to be either even or a multiple of 5, whichever comes first. Human beings are so odd.
    Oh, and yay for being on the list!

  5. I love that you taught yourself to do handstands again! That is so fun.

  6. What neat answers, thanks for doing this! #10 is so thoughtful hehe

  7. What a cool tag!
    I always count me stirss in tea and coffee to!
    And i have about 20 shopping bags, simple like H&M but also some special ones like topshop! I still remember what i bought when i got those bags!

  8. love your honesty and to learn more about you!

  9. That's so sweet, carrying gum for others even though you never eat it ♥

  10. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..