25 June 2009

250609 + Playlist


The wonderful Pink Bow recently tagged me to share a few songs from my playlist. So here are just a few songs I am listening to this summer...

Shine - Luther Vandross
God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters - Moby & UNKLE
Blonde On Blonde - Nada Surf
In A State ft. Graham Gouldman - UNKLE
One More Time - Machel Montano
Daydreamin' ft. Jill Scott - Lupe Fiasco
Angels - Augustana
Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin
Open Your Eyes - Bobby Caldwell
When I See You - Fantasia

Currently playing: Gibberish - Ryan Leslie



  1. love Jacks Mannequin. Have you heard Swim?

  2. Oh, great picture and thanks for sharing the playlist.
    I need to update my mp3 and I'm not listening to any music, so I'll check if I can get this.


  3. Thats a sweet picture
    I am lovin the playlist
    Daydreamin is seriously my favorite song
    BTW Thanks so much for the add on the Blogroll =]

  4. Dark Blue is such a great summer song, and I've been looking for something good to listen to lately! Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Ha, okay, quick update on Dark Blue. So I just finished listening to it and you know that out of place low note at the very end of the song? My friend pointed it out once and I love its randomness. It always makes me smile. I hope you know what I'm talking about!

  6. i like the picture! do you have your own dark room?
    im listening to your playlist right now.

  7. great list.. that photo is superb..

  8. Oh, nice picture!
    I have to listen to these songs. Thanks for sharing! :-D

  9. i really love the colours in this photograph. excellent playlist - luther vandross & moby i really love, i'm so into moby right now too. thanks for sharing!

  10. oh great, I'm in love with a broken fence.

  11. I love Nada Surf! Especially Blonde on Blonde! great taste hon! xo