16 May 2009

A Heart Of Darkness

The Young Men and the Sea
DVMAN International
Photography by Kalle Gustafsson
via The Fashionisto

"...there is nothing more enticing, disenchanting, and enslaving than the life at sea"
(Lord Jim, Joseph Conrad)

The sea is a being which has inspired writers, poets, artists and indeed humanity since time began. It is said to have no memory, nor has it any loyalties. One may treat it with respect for a lifetime, yet in one moment, it may choose to drag one violently down into its silky darkness, only to return instantly back to its deceiving calm.

It is a place where one can become anyone they seek to be, and indeed it has long attracted those wishing to forget their past. It is both a means of life and fortune, but yet it remains unlucky for even those who have spent their lives enraptured by its mysterious allure. One can seek to understand the ways of the sea, yet after a lifetime it is still as impenetrable as it was the day when one first set eyes upon its glistening surface.

Indeed the sea has always had a certain deep held fascination for me. It is the romantic idea of donning a duffel coat, a copy of Heart Of Darkness in hand, and sailing to wherever the winds took you. Allowing the sea to guide you to lands of which you have only ever half dreamed, to meet people whose lives you could have never imagined and indeed that most important discovery of all, that of truly finding yourself.

Of course in reality, a life at sea is one of the hardest one could imagine, and yet for many, it is in that daily struggle that one finds a sense of peace and inner calm. However, I suppose I shall always have a romantic image of life at sea from ages past, and maybe one day in the future, I will have my adventure.

On a side note, I have been debating whether I ought to sign up to Twitter. I have noticed a number of bloggers using the platform, and just wondered how many of you use it, and would recommend that I sign up? Many thanks.

Currently playing: Luck Be A Lady - Frank Sinatra



  1. It's an amazing editorial! I don't know why but I find the photos really beautiful. Maybe it is what you said about the sea being so inspiring.

    I use Twitter, mostly just for useless babbling! I wouldn't say it's made much of an impact on my blog... but that's just me!

    And finally, kudos on the fantastic music taste! :)

  2. I've never been "out to sea", yet when on a beach, I cannot help but wonder what is waiting in its depths. It seems so mysterious, and almost magical, I know that I must one day experience the feeling of being upon its flowing waters.

    I have a Twitter account. I've had one since the beginning of the year, and I'm still warming up to it :P
    However, a lot of people have it and love it. I would say try it out :)

  3. i love this editorial. i love sea, in general. life aquatic is one of my favorite movies, mostly because it's based on a ship (and wes anderson, of course!)

    i love twitter. i have been using it for over a year now and it's just another way to get personal with your readers. plus, to me, it's almost like the new google reader. people "tweet" when they blog!

  4. I love these images !particulary the second !!

  5. Great mood & photography! I'm thinking of Popeye & his spinach all of sudden...;) Have a great weekend!

  6. some powerful photography..gona listen to that song now =P

  7. When I was in the university I read the heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad and I really like it! I had to write an essay about it too...
    Great editorial!

  8. DK, I completely adore your blog. Many apologies for not stopping by in ages. This editorial reminds me of The Perfect Storm, and the one shot of the man facing the cloudy horizon is incredible.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  9. What an amazing editorial! I love how rugged yet amazingly put together they like. I love the ocean...I'm blessed to live on the beach.

    I was against twitter for a long time, but now I love it!

    I hope youre having a great weekend! xo

  10. Pretty incredible editorial!! I have a Twitter account but have only posted a few things on it. I pretty much signed up so I could claim a username!


  11. Oh, I love the sea (especially pirates). And I really love those pictures. ^^
    I think you should sign up at twitter (I'm not "twittring" myself, but it seems very cool & smart, haha). :)

    Answer: Aw, thank you, you're so cute! :-D

  12. lovely pictures, there is something sexy about those photo!! nice song!xx

  13. Plaid shirt and (what looks like) overalls are lovely!

    Also, Twitter is all right. It works a lot like Facebook status updates. Just another way to pass time, really!

  14. twitter is taking over. im resisting the twitter and the facebook, i already have enough online crap! i use my flickr pg more of a twitter!

    i really like this editorial, and the way the colors look. and it reminds me of jaws for some reason...

    i remember i used to work near a cruise ship port and i would see and talk to a lot of people that worked on the cruise ships. they would tell me: it seems fun at 1st, until you realize how miserable & lonely it is. you spend the majority of your time away from home, and you're stuck on this boat, so you cant go anywhere and you just end up being drunk all the time.

  15. Such inspirational shots. The first man reminds me of Tom Selleck. *little crush* lol :)


  16. Love the rugged editorial. Yes, I use twitter. Just another way to get the word out.

  17. You know, whenever I read your posts, I feel like there's a actually a voice in the background. So mysterious and enchanting as the sea I must say. Stay away from Twitter!! I know everyone is doing it but I don't see the point of it?? I mean, it's just another way to waste your time to be honest. xxoxoxo

  18. Oh..I so love these photos..such classics, too..the menswear.

    Hmm..I'm still on the fence with twitter. I'm not sure I see the point..exactly. Posting is enough for me..and I love the comment page with blogspot.

  19. i like these pics...anything nautical makes me happy and makes me think of another world for some strange reason.

  20. Love the inspiration! Wasn't a huge fan of Heart of Darkness though, it was a rather morbid book.
    And with regards to Twitter, I don't use it because I feel enslaved to my laptop as it is already, and I'd rather not be on it 24/7!

  21. Love that editorial too. Makes me happy I still rock a beard. I'm guilty of romanticizing the hard, simple life as well.

    ps. I joined Twitter a few weeks ago and like it alright. I like it because I can post things I wouldn't put on my blog, and it's easy to post from my phone.

  22. I love the photographs! the strong contrast gives them an almost ominous look, but the pictures themselves epitomize freedom (or maybe one goes with the other, in a weird way?).
    Twitter can be fun, but it can also be a burden. You don´t want to end up writing such inane things as "having breakfast" and "done with breakfast, now hopping into the shower" so there's this pressure to somehow entertain the people you communicate with. But with that said, it is a way to just bond with others over small ocurrences throughout your day. Even though they might be inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, I think they give insight into your approach to life in general.

  23. Gr8 editorila nice to see sth nautical for a change :o]

    I'm also on Twitter but to tell the truth its bunkum! i dnt see any logic in it, i just joined the bandwagon :o]

  24. My dad had a sailboat whilst I was a teen, and I loved it! So amazing riding with the wind in your hair and your body going up and down with the waves...

    As for Twitter---I don't do it---been tempted---but I barely have enough time to read your amazing blog---so there!

  25. Anyone who knows, reads, admires Joseph Conrad goes down well in my books..

    I am repelled by the mass who use twitter.. but then again it seems to be a popularity contest? Dont you think?

  26. Thanks! You welcome! The photos you put up that's really manly=)

  27. I just wanted to know what you do for a living=) You have a lot of backstage photos and that maybe not be yours! So I was wondering what you do, if you go to school or work=)

  28. Beautiful pictures! The look is amazingly depicted

  29. That's beautiful, it reminds me of the editorial 'please let me come into the storm' by Marcus Palmqvist. I think you'd reaally like it.

  30. What a fabulously authentic-feeling shoot! My brother spent a year at sea on a sailboat; will have to show him this!


  31. The first two pictures are so good, and I love Frank Sinatra!

  32. loads of cia people are on twitter. xxxx

  33. Love these pics.. they scream strong and rugged. I signed up for Twitter a long time ago, but haven't been on it recently. I just don't have the time to stay on Twitter and constantly do status updates, but I may create one for my blog as another way to let people know that I added a new post. Still not sure how valuable that will be. If you do end up joining, let us know your name so I can follow! :)

    xo, Becs

  34. J'adore...these photos are remind me of my Norwegian man :-)

  35. It reminds me a little bit of a special issue of BIG dedicated to the great Hemingway. Wonderful photography, inspiring.

  36. I'd definitely follow you on Twitter, but it's useful more as a way of keeping up to date with people.

    DVMan needs to redesign its cover to reflect the quality of its editorials.

  37. amazing shoot, great inspiration. I really like Kalle Gustafssons eye catching style, stands out.

    Just recently took a peep at his theme photos with Uniforms for the dedicated SS10. Great capture for a strong male look...


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