5 April 2009

Sunday Viewing: Why Style Matters

Take some time to sit back and relax, perhaps with a hot cup of tea, or a few candles burning nearby. This documentary first aired in January of this year on the BBC, and to say I was excited to see it would be an understatement. As one of the designers I admire the most, Ozwald Boateng's take on mens' fashion is simply inspirational.

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  1. interesting, i will watch thanks so much

  2. LUV BBC! ...& Thanks for the LINK-ing*

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  4. I love that song =.D And that man is an inspiration


  6. Wow this is a really great documentary =) So rarely see a focus on men's fashion but this definitely points parts of it out. It's so different!

  7. yessssss, haha I love the sound of Giorgio Armani's voice... I think I might watch these tonight :)
    thank you x

  8. Fabulous variety here, DK! Will have to take a cup of green tea and enjoy!


  9. that was great! thank you for posting it up.

  10. i've never watched this before!!

  11. Very interesting to see someone articulate what style means to them so intelligently. It really showcases the deeper meaning of fashion and that it's not just about silly trends.

  12. can never get sick of these types of vids can you??! good one, thanks for sharing!
    hope you had a good weekend DK! xx bel

  13. Must watch these when I'm at a computer with sound.
    P.S. That notebook project you mentioned sounds AMAZING! I don't know if every blogger I read likes to doodle, but I still would love to see how they would fill up a page.

  14. love ozwald, great post, am watching!!!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this! :)

  16. wow! thanks for posting these. i'm halfway through. ozwald boateng is amazing.

  17. I will definitely check all the videos tomorrow! Thank you for sharing them, I'm excited to hear what they said! xx

  18. oh god. i really really reallllllly want to watch this but i have a million things due this week. so i guess i should stop procrastinating now and finish them all. ill have to wait until the weekend. and this week has only just started :(

    thanks for posting, ill be sure to watch it later :)

  19. thank you for posting! great links! :)

  20. Oh..I think I know someone who needs to hear this..but..oh well, he's got his own style too.

    Great stuff.

    Thanks so much for the note, too.

  21. Brilliant!!! Thanks for posting these I really wouldn't have had the time (or remembered) to search them out.

  22. Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to watch it. I'm so psyched. I really like Ozwald Boateng a lot myself. I hope you're doing well. Take care. Cheers!

  23. Oh this seems very interesting! tr I must find a time to view it all. I watched the first video, and I really like his point of view!

  24. ive finally got the chance to sit and watch this. his kids are so adorable. and beautiful AM. In the 2nd video, I really like how he mixes the color in his suit, that blue color with the green shirt. i enjoyed watching this. whenever i watch something like this i reminded so much of why menswear is my 1st love. what really stands out to me is when he says fashion is temporary, and tailoring is permanent. but i doubt what suzy says "of the designer doing it themselves" after watching signe chanel, karl sat in his office, drew a sketch and then handed it off. maybe in the earlier days they got on the form...
    thank you for sharing this.

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