18 April 2009

The New Youth

Anthem Magazine
#38 Spring 2009
'Ash & Eliza'
Photographer: Jeffrey Graetsch
Models: Ash Stymest and Eliza Pressly

May I have these jeans - pretty please?I was not actually a fan of these trainers when they came out, but I may just have changed my mind, based on this shot.
Currently playing: Summer (Four Seasons) - Vivaldi



  1. very cool sneakers with the wings. & thats interesting about the "war" picture too..you know..making it fashionable...but the 80's punk seems to be wearing through just the same..perhaps not that much has changed in our world since then..other than technolgy. We still have a terrible time distinguishing our wants and needs.

  2. Wow, these are beautifully photographed. I absolutely adore the flowered dress with those pink boots. I'm seriously lusting after that dress and wishing I had someplace to wear it :)

    I hope you're feeling better, dear. Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Very neat. I agree with Cait, '80s punk is definitely showing through here. But in a very contemporary way.



  4. Oh I used to subscribe to Anthem magazine! They were so expensive and came about 4 times a year!

    Yes, 120 film is so expensive here as well. Just to ship it, the price is $4 per roll!! Lomography is an expensive hobby but thankfully the only one I really have :P

  5. I'm so glad that you're fine & back in business :-D
    I love the wings on the shoes. Lovely! The poses are so cool :D

  6. Those Victorian's boots are fab! :)



  7. Vivaldi - nice!
    Love these angst-y photos... And that sculptural rose-print dress is so fantastic!
    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, DK, and thanks for your sweet comment on my outfit (I am always hesitant to post pics of myself, partly because all I have is the camera on my iPhone so the pics always come out blurry and sucky!).


  8. wow those pics are amazing!so well captured
    thansk for the link ill add you back right away!

  9. A bit on the wild side..untamed..just the way we like it!

    Thanks so much for your note.

  10. Neat. I like the photos. Very Rock 'N Roll. :]

    Ahhh. Vivaldi.

    (Note: I'd be glad to make you a Stuffy if you'd like. I made one and sent it to another blogger a few months ago, it's no trouble at all :])

  11. I saw those trainers in person a couple of days ago! But I believe they were in white... I wanted them.
    I'm finally done with all of my finals and stuff! I only have to write a paper, which I will work on this weekend, and the summer is mine!

  12. I love an editorial that uses/allows tattoos...

  13. is it wrong that i htink he's prettier than she is? haha great photos!


  14. Ah that rose dress, those winged shoes. So cool.

    If you could rest your elbows on those who are 5'6" then I think we would look funny standing next to each other. My friend's old housemate was super tall at almost 7ft and I looked ridiculous. I avoided standing next to him because I looked postively dwarf like and was literally waist high!

  15. jeremy scott for adidas? i need it in my life! x

  16. Lovely pictures and i pretty much love me those trainers.

  17. Anthem in a fave of mine.
    I'm a subscriber, and adore these photos!

  18. Those sneakers are pretty amazing (at least in the photo-I probably couldn't pull them off even though I'd feel like Mercury).

    ps. sometimes I wish I was a girl just so I could shop and nasty gal vintage.

  19. I love these 2 ppl after conquering Dazed & Confused they're on here again...cool!!!!

  20. hey i love this pics are soo cool , amigooo es que tanta tendencia!!!

  21. i love this gender stuff....really excites me.

  22. aww hot. and thos jeremy scott for adidas winged sneakers i NEED one pair okay two (white and golden) would be great too...

  23. awesome styling here. i love the shape of that floral dress she's got there :D

  24. Looking at these shots make me want to be a bit more rebellious with my outfits :-P. Very cool models too! xxoxoxo

  25. no you may not have those jeans! theyre too expensive! :)

    so nicely photographed!!

  26. Great pictures, they have an amazing chemistry!

  27. Those winged shoes are the coolest!

    Very mercurial, or is it hermetic?

    I would love to meet a small defenseless person wearing these in my size.

  28. Thanks so much for the note.

    Love the fashion..very gutsy..as if I could do it. Ha.

  29. everyone, male or female should sport pic 6's hair.

    great blog btw :)

    - frouu

  30. Beautiful. Those gold winged sneakers especially.. Wow, lots of inspiration to be getting on with.

    (By the way your taste in classical music is smashingly tops.)

  31. I really enjoy neo-youth, punk-inspired photoshoots. The details of the styling are what makes these so fantastic.. the hair, the cigarettes, I love it!


  32. I really love these pictures. I love the whole androgenous look in some of them and the outfits are so badass.

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  34. Wow these are beautiful. I might DIY those lipstick jeans.

  35. Wow, I love this (I might be biased because of my love for boys with tattoos though ;D)