10 April 2009

100409 & Seven Things

The full view.

The wonderful Lesley of Dear Lord...the Cheese! and lovely Jillian of Nova Style both tagged me with the Seven Things post. So here it goes...

1. I love going for long runs. There is a wonderful sense of freedom in movement. I especially enjoy the fact that coupled with that physical freedom is that calm sense of mental being, which washes over you once you get into your natural flow.
2. I am a huge George Romero fan, and I absolutely love zombie movies. It seems the quality of such movies have declined in years past, however I am definitely looking forward to the arrival of World War Z next year. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Max Brooks, who also wrote the excellently witty yet educative Zombie Survival Guide, the rights for the screenplay were actually recently battled over between the production companies of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.
3. I am still on the hunt for one of the older bottles of Bel Ami by Hermès. Unlike the majority of the standard mens' fragrances of today, which tend to be overworkerd shades of citrus freshness and harsh smelling tenage deodrants, Bel Ami reads more like a fine wine on the nose against a sea of sharp chemicals. The spicey cardamom and cedar wood opening, soon gives way to beautifully deep tones of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and even feather touches of tobacco and leather. Admittedly a fragrance more suited to formalwear and evenings than everyday usage, it is still for me one of the great classic mens' fragrances. Unfortunately it seems the subtlties of these finely crafted scents are mostly lost on my generation.
4. Continuing with the fragrance theme, I am quite excited by the release of candles by A.P.C. The versions, including scents such as tumbac and fig leaf, sound delightful. Additionally the relatively friendly price tag of €20, make these a cheaper alternative to my beloved range of favourites over at Colette.
5. I have a love for documentaries, which I could literally watch all day. Whether it be the historical accounts of a battle, to the exploration of space, to the migration of geese, to the latest theory on how the pyramids were built, I enjoy watching them all.
6. I tend to buy the majorirty of my books in charity stores rather than actual bookstores. The benefit of student friendly prices, including the bonus of giving to charity, means that I am more willing to try new books. I will usually pick books at random, and take in the cover design, read the blurb and note which newspapers and bodies actually reviewed the book. You would be surprised at how many gems of literature I have picked up, which I may have otherwised ignored.
7. I have long been an avid reader of Black Cover, as well as other stationery based sites. As someone who tends to write, sketch and document daily in notebooks, I am always fascinated to learn about new and beautiful notebooks, ink pens and other stationery. Nerdy, but true!

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  1. haha i went for a run this morning and felt nowhere near that invigorated. more cold and sweaty, infact.

    i love documentaries as well.:) but i dont think im quite as open to ALL of them. ive passed ones about the history of door knobs and the importance of the tie in 17th century danish royalty. i honestly dont understand how those people can scrape up 130 minutes of footage soley on that.

    and i did attempt to watch them.

  2. I happy to hear you feel the same way about bookstores as I do. I try not to shop at B&N, etc because then all the little guys will go out of business and they are the character or NY!

  3. thanks for sharing!

    huh! i'll be running soon when mr. freddy starts to walk. i'll be chasing him! lol!

  4. Colette. so close to my heart and plunderer of my wallet.

    it's really weird who you see in there...buying super cheap things. i feel like i stepped into the cavern of cool each time i step inside the place.

  5. I just checked out altamira nyc and its really great, thank you so much for commenting (:

    ps. That stationery website is amazing!

  6. I recently discovered that I love running outside too! However, my ankles start hurting after about 10 minutes, and I need better shoes.
    I love the sense of surprise I get from used book stores. The other day, I was able to randomly find American Psycho sitting on top of a pile. It´s been on my list for a while, so that made me happy.

  7. i know, it's craaazy !
    But yea, I'm tryin to see it as something good- I will eventually get something out of it :P

  8. I've heard really good things about the APC candles.

    Have you seen "My Kid Could Paint That" it's a pretty interesting documentary.

    What do you think of the scent no.4711?

    I love these types of posts, they satisfy my natural nosiness

  9. Running and I don't get a long like that - in P.E. at school the teacher threatened to run behind me in cross country if I didn't hurry up. It was an empty threat though because she wouldn't have wanted to get all muddy. But I love buying new stationary and watching people use it has this wierd calming effect on me - i go really lethargic afterwards - strange I know. :) x

  10. oooh thanks for sharing these photos! :)

  11. Oh DK I adore you even more after reading this! I didn't know that you're a runner!! And APC candles sound divine!

    Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend, and I'll keep my eye out for man j-suits!


  12. well i dnt run anymore, but i'd try and pick it up again once i get to london later in May. I'm also gonna try charity stores for books :oD

  13. Great tag! and nicely written:D I really enjoyed reading it:)

  14. I love long runs too! I'm actually going for one after work today. I like reading your perspective on your favorite things to do and your hobbies because it's so refreshing to read a very well-written piece of journalism in blogsphere. I love documentaries too! xxoxoxoxo

  15. I love the shoes at the picture. Haha, so cute!
    I think you are an interesting person, and I love the way you are writing ^^

  16. Aww thanks for doing the tag! I love going for long runs too...despite my lack of athletic abilities! :-)

  17. Oooh, I'm a runner too:P I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can run in the woods. I love the smell of the ground, and the way streaks of light shines through the treetops.

    Hope you're prima!

  18. Sweetie like you i LOVE scented candles so looking forward to the APC ones. Running does present a sense of pure freedom....
    honey hope your well my sweet.
    loved this post and all the tidbits on you.

  19. Very nice! :) Love Hermès fragrances and notebooks (all of them!) too.
    Just discovered your blog, fellow London blogger, and like it very much. I'm adding your link straight away, feel free to link me back if you like mine too.. :)
    Bisous! x

    Charity bookstores=WIN
    Long runs=WIN
    George Romero=WIN
    Notebooks, ink pens and stationery=WINWINWIN

    The last one is a problem for me. I have a bad urge to buy a new notebook or nice stationery whenever I see beautiful ones. Even though I have plenty. SIGH

  21. Great 7 things. I loved used book stores too. I didn't know you ran. More like just long walks for me.

    Have a great weekend.

  22. Thanks for the link to Black Cover!!
    With so many writers in my family, this was forwarded all over the States thanks to you!

  23. I totally agree with your love for documentaries. I am especially in love with art-related or archaeology-related documentaries. Awesome post as usual!

  24. great picture! =)


  25. I love the smell of new books but sometimes there is nothing better than reading a well worn book...I should check out my charity shops more often I think.

  26. Don't run, but agree with most everything else---love old books and documentaries!

    Also---if you like zombie movies, do you like them as black comedy---i.e. Shaun of the Dead and Fido? I loved those---I guess I see more humor in zombies.

    Good to get to know you better.

  27. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..