11 March 2009

This Is How I Blog

The wonderful Songy of Style Discovery recently tagged me for the fun and revealing Show Me Your Blog Spot.

The rules are as follows:

1. Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog.
2. Feel free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail. Or not.
3. Link back Daddy Likey's original post.
4. Tag five other bloggers to show their blog spots.
5. If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage.

I have never really owned a desk, and as such have always worked best on the floor where I can spread my inspiration and thoughts around me. My reading of other blogs and writing is therefore mainly done on the floor of my bedroom. I type away on my white iBook, one of those elderly Macs outshone specification wise by the new laptops of today, yet perfectly suitable to my needs. You may also note the cheerful vinyl figure in the photograph below, I do indeed collect these small and wonderful (and fun!) art pieces.

I tend to have a cup of tea by my side whilst working or writing. Today I opted for some first flush Assam - lighter than the main crop yet still with a firm body and fruity nature. It is the perfect accompaniment for the start of spring.

I have a love of scented candles and the power they contain to take our olfactory senses on such wonderous journeys. Today the air around me carries an aroma with the top notes of clove, bergamot and wood smoke, accompanied by lovely base notes of vanilla and leather.

I have quite the collection of fragances, each selected by occasion and time of year. Although this sweeter scent is most probably suited by most for Autumn, I find it more approriate for spring or winter. It needs a freshness to carry it well, so I feel it is best suited to early spring and the sunny days of winter. Unfortunately the scent becomes somehwat too sweet on my skin during the summer months, due to my inevitable tan.

The opening scent is wonderfully misleading before becoming sweet and comfortable. One is first hit with a strong and fresh iris blended underneath with hints of bergamot, sage and some lavender. This quickly leads way to a slightly powdery amber, patchouli, leather and finally a deeply sweet and seductive cocoa.

Books seem to surround me constantly, my bedroom is almost submissive to the towering piles of literature. Pages upon pages are witness to the very beauty and creativity of the human mind. I always make sure to buy books whenever I pass a charity store, there is something about giving the written word a second lease of life that I find charming. I am often asked whether I have a favourite style of novel or book. I like being surprised and try not to disregard or second guess my tastes, I will as happily read about the wonders of bird migration as I will the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, provided it is well written.

I have a deep seated love of film making, whether it be contemporary or from the dawn of cinema. I have always been inspired by the early Expressionist cinema of Germany and the Soviet Union, whose techniques and style lead the way long before the era of Hollywood. Unfortunately, these old silent movies, often dismissed as merely 'artsy' by the modern viewer, are not to the tastes of all. The stunning films of Alfred Hitchcock however, can inspire, move and amaze all. I would highly recommend one to watch any of his movies, whether they be the early silent movies he collaborated on or his famous American colour talkies.

I adore the wealth of information and visual inspiration found in magazines and publications. I collect issues of Vogue and Elle, along with the occasional Dazed & Confused, I-D, Fantastic Man and Monocle. Whether it be the articles, styling, clothing, art or indeed the photography technique, these are all indispensible for me.

Although I shoot mainly in digital for this blog out of convenience, I actually own only the one digital camera, a rather cheap and cheerful Fuji S5800. My passion lies in my collection of film (35mm, 120 roll film and instant) cameras, spanning from the turn of the centry to contemporary. The majority were cheap second hand finds, luckily costing the same amount per camera as the average singular magazine issue.

I am a constant student to the beautiful art of photography, and although I am learned on issues of exposure tables, the rule of thirds, the science of perspective and the way the eye sees, I am ever learning more. The best way to learn is inevitably to shoot and shoot, whether it be via the accessibility and ease of digital or the measured approach of film, it is all valuable experience. I also spend time looking, both at the world around me and the photography of others, for it is never the camera that 'makes' the photograph - it is the eye behind it.

Writing and art are expressive outlets that I value more than words could ever describe, although I often try. Whether it be the feel of my fountain pen smoothly writing across silky paper, the flow of words from the colourful maze of my mind into a more tangible form, my brush softly stroking its meaning onto the canvas or my markers gliding across the cold surface of metal, creativity and emotion are the keys.

Art exhibitions are always a wonderful experience for me, there is an inherent fascination for me in being able to look at the beauty created by others and simply feel the pieces. I believe in seeking for beauty anywhere, for even in the most ugly places there is a way of looking to find it, however exhibitions create a more determined character and visual journey, which can be both refreshing and inspiring. I always make sure to buy postcards of pieces I enjoyed at certain galleries.

A sleeping owl guards my coins. I always imagine that the day someone steals from it, I shall know as he will awaken with eyes wide open.

Would you care to join me for a game after? We could challenge our wits over tea and biscuits and talk longingly of summers past.

For this rather enjoyable tag I shall be tagging these lovely people:

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Please feel free to share your blog spot even if I did not manage to tag you this time :)

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  1. It makes me so happy to see Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell among your books! It's a favorite.

    All of the film talk made my head spin!

  2. What a fun glimpse into your world! I've actually done this one already, and it was a blast:


  3. Ooh, I am a floor person, too. My husband always gets very irritated when I'm sprawled out in the living room, though, as he tends to trip over me!

    It makes me so happy to see you have hard-cover/leather-bound books. The smell of old books makes me so happy.

  4. I can't hold it in anymore, i officially have the biggest crush ever on you

  5. how lovely. i find i often use this word when i'm looking through your blog.

  6. Thanks for the tagg!! Gosh my desk is really really i mean really cluttered with cables and wires, tweezers, piles of mags, memory sticks etc everywhere :( I will post once I have cleared my desk and looking presentable :)

  7. you have the best blog spot ever.
    I agree with you about hitchcock. psycho is one of the movies that i can watch over and over, even though Vertigo is my favorite.
    ps. the picture of the camera lense that you took is phenomenal.

  8. Thank you for commenting on my blog when i was just starting out, it meant alot to me. I feel like I have upped my game, we should exchange links now. Check me out.
    with love,
    rachel lynne

  9. I've just fallen in love with your blogspot! I love Alfred Hitchcock, herbal teas, scented candles and fountain pens too - the small things in life that make it so good


  10. love dat coin purse its awesome :oD love the fotos too and the entire write up very articulate :oD typical Dapper Kid

  11. You rock my world!
    Your photographs... love it ;)

  12. Exquisite photos! Very DK indeed! I especially love the colorful ones in the middle that are very abstract - gorgeous!


  13. Zazaza! I really enjoyed reading about your blogspot! So inspiring pics, and lovely words as always. About the art and writing, that's exactly how I feel as well. I have a deep love for words...
    Thanx for the t-t-tag dear! I'm looking forward to do it(:


  14. As much as you post stuff about fashion, I love the way you write!
    I'm going to totally try that tea- never heard of it!
    My Moleskine journal is so old but gets better with age. I love that you use one.

    I know my blog isn't a fashion blog, but I would love to exchange links. I totally understand if you want to stick to your aesthetic format of your blog. No worries :)

  15. I'm in love with this post. Finally we get to learn more about dk. As if that weren't enough, you included amazingly fabulous photos. :)

  16. your photos and your blog are AMAZING!:)

  17. aw..what a sweet post. Amazing art. Love those sharpies too.

  18. how neat.
    it's always wonderful to get insight into other blogger's worlds.

    i love that you included "alice" in that collection of books.

    also i love hitchcock films <3

  19. perfect!
    I love this peek into your world ♥

  20. You are so flexible and artistic. Thanks so much for the note. Yeah, maybe Emily is growing up.

  21. I liked this peek into Dapper's Daily Life. =] I too, have fluids by my side all times at the computer (coffee and chocolate in the AM) and water all the rest of the day. =]

    Thanks for the blogger "birthday" wishes and so happy to hear you say that I'm one of your favorites. Thank you so much. You are definitely at the top of my blogger friends list... xx

  22. This post was such a great look into your world...I loved it. The pictures are great and the writing is wonderful. I wish english was my first language so I could be as good a wirter as you are.
    I share your love for cinema...I'm a major movie freak. Let's just say I used to work in a video store so my collection is pretty big.

    Thanks for the sweet comment.

  23. Oh to be creative and free :)

  24. Oh this is such a lovely tag :) I am obsessed with scrabble, candles, and the smell of dior homme.

  25. This was a well written and beautifully documented post, my dear. We have a lot in common - not too surprising :)
    I never sit at my desk...at school and home, my desk is covered in everything but my computer and schoolbooks - I find it much more enjoyable sitting on the floor. And Alfred Hitchcock is just brilliant. I love all his movies and his fantastic tv show! I love that his work spans back so far and is still so loved by people of all ages and generations.

    This was a lovely post, thanks for tagging me :)

    Oh, and there is a new Make Me a Supermodel on tonight - hopefully they'll have them up on YouTube soon after!

  26. Have you seen the Weird Beauty exhibit at the ICP yet? that was great- most of all I love the "This is not a fashion photograph" exhibit on view there now too. If for nothing else, if you havent checked it out yet, that is definitely worth it.

  27. Actually-- just realized you are in UK and here I am going about a NYC exhibit. sorry about that :)

  28. What a delightful post :) I especially love the sleeping owl!

  29. i really admire your sense of intellect and passion for art. you said that "it is never the camera that makes the photograph-it is the eye behind it." i so wish that young photographers today would accept that.

  30. this post was beautiful, and i know exactly what you mean about working on the floor :)

  31. What an amazing post you have here :D Hehe
    I love it!

    I find myself spread across the floor many a time while writing. There's nothing like spreading out your thoughts, writings, and books and just going for it.

    Gah, DK, I absolutely love how your pictures turn out! The camera I have is complete crap. Hahah. I'm totally saving up for a new one that's actually my own and that I can use whenever.

    You're totally right, nothing can beat the feeling of a pen/pencil sliding over paper, creating a world all its own.

    I'll totally do this post tomorrow :D


  32. awesome awesome post! i always love your use of color in photographs; it's beautiful and inspiring. My favorite part, though, was about different films. I am definitely a lover of all films (right now I'm trying to get through Wild Strawberries, Fanny & Alexander, and the Seventh Seal) and I appreciate someone who understands the beauty that is in those films.

    If I may, here are some of my recommendations (if you haven't already seen them):

    *The 400 Blows
    *The Philadelphia Story (love love!)

    Hope you enjoy them!

  33. these photos are just spectacular.

  34. I truly love this post. Reminds me of the Selby in the best way. Your setting suits you so well.

  35. great post. i like when i can learn more about fellow bloggers. i read vernon god little randomly quite some time ago. did you like it?

  36. There are so many things that you have mentioned that remind me of myself.
    My love for cinema and books, for cameras (collecting both old and new) and scented candles. For mac's and vinyl figures and writing and collecting.
    Fantastic post.

  37. This is the nicest post I've seen about "blog spot".
    And thank you so much for thinking of me, dear.


  38. Great post, you're such a sweet person! And I challenge you for a round of Scrabble, haha.

  39. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tag!!

  40. i just read this post twice.
    i think it's awesome.
    i relate a lot to it all.