19 March 2009

The Photography Kit

1. Haversack Linen Jacket - £419
2. Silas Unfaded Shirt - £115
3. Haversack Knitted Vest - £345
4. Levi's Vintage Golden Ochre 505's - £155
5. Atelier La Durance Plain Belt - £59
6. Carga Large Bag - £195

1. Martin Margiela Beautiful Boot - £439
2. Alexander McQueen Lace Ups - £399
3. Superga Cotu Classic - £39
4. Nom De Guerre & Redwing Trench Protection Boot - £289
5. Superga Cotu Classic - £39
6. TST Suede Chukka Boot - £119

All pieces available via oki-ni.

1. Asos Stripe Blazer - £39.50
2. Asos Overdyed Slim Fit Trouser - £24.50
3. Eastpak Floyd Backpack - £44.50
4. Asos Single Breasted Waistcoat - £24.50
5. French Connection Gingham Shirt - £39.50
6. Asos Contrast Sole Suede Shoes - £39.50

All pieces available via ASOS.

1. Nikon D40 + 18-55mm Lens - £249 (I wish I could afford this camera!)
2. Jessops 360 AFD Flashgun - £99 (A multi directional flash is far more functional, although admittedly not essential.)
3. Hoya 52mm 81C Filter - £26.50 (This provides a beautiful warming effect and slight colour correction. I would definitely use another filter for sky or water.)
4. Nikon 55-200mm Lens - £229
5. Nikon 50mm Lens - £119 (Unfortunately the auto focus on this lens does not work with the D40, but even so, it is so beautifully sharp.)
6. Jessops Flash Diffuser - £5 (Essential for flash photography to avoid harsh contrast. Although I suppose I would probably bounce the flash off the ceiling if indoors. If £5 is too much for you, you could always use a sock...they actually work wonders!)
7. Sandisk 8GB SDHC Card - £22.47

All pieces available via Jessops.

Today I was thinking of my ideal photography outfit. I wanted it to look smart, yet it had to be comfortable and functional as well. I posted both the oki-ni and ASOS outfits, so as to show how the same look can be achieved with two vastly differing budgets. Personally, had I the resources, I would love to mix and match both look pieces and budgets. I would also admittedly rather throw a 35mm Leica M7 or my Zenit EM into the bag, however I suppose it is the digital decade...

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  1. What a beautiful and beautifully composed wishlist.

  2. Ooh, I love the Superga Cotu Classic! Nice shade of pink.

  3. i have a d60 and breezy has a d40! i love all the clothes and shoes, so pretty and lovely and they all remind me of spring so much! i also have the 55-200 lens, but i call it my stalker lens

  4. Ooooh the pieces are amazing!!


  5. Oki-ni def have good products but i'm sick of seeing only one model wearing all the outfits...they got poor presentation in dat area they shld take a cue from asos...if i'm gonna spend dat much on an outfit i want to see it rotate or on the body of a model in motion to se how it fits......

    I'm saving for a good camera too :oD

  6. lovely, lovely choices. very classy :-)

    I'm hoping to get a camera for my birthday as my old one has just died on me *sob*, but that's mostly just in my dreams...

  7. yes, love all your picks! i even want half of them for me! xoxo

  8. This is too cool! I'm sure you'd be the best dressed photographer where ever you go :)


  9. i'd love a leica, a digital one!

  10. even though I know I wouldn't use a SLR and tote it around like my Lumix/Leica point and shoots - it doesn't stop me from DROOOOLING over them.

    My ex got the D40. It's crazy.

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