21 March 2009

Movement & 10 Things

Photography by Giorgio Z Gatti.

Fashion is art with movement. Just like one expressing themselves through the movement of their body in dance, or through the movement of sound in song, or through the movement of their pen on paper in poetry, I have always viewed fashion as an artform based in movement.

Fashion is fluid in its concept and realisation. It is constantly evolving in its place as art; whether this be in the larger sense of historical trends, or simply how one's own creative expression via fashion changes over the years. However, it is not only the inherent fluidity of what fashion is that defines it as based in movement. The very essence of clothing is lost without a sense of movement. A dress is nothing but formless cloth, until that is, a woman puts it on gives it shape, character and meaning. She carries it and gives it a life and a new sense of beauty that would never otherwise be seen, or indeed be seen again. It is in that moment unique to only her, even if a million others carry the exact same dress.


Special thanks to the wonderfully stylish Surimay of the beautifully named, Sugar and Blush, who gave me the Honest Weblog award.

"This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant. When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

Ten Honest Things...

1. As a child, if someone were to ask me what I wanted to be when I was older, I simply used to reply - "Happy". It is the unknown in life that make it worth living, so I have never believed in expecting any certainties in the future or out of life in general. That being said however, two ideas I have always entertained are of writing and teaching. Yet I do not mean that in the traditional sense of being a novel writer or teacher, rather I would love to write and through that teach others. Whether it be in the sense of simply conveying facts, or opening their minds to new ways of thinking.

2. Since a young age I have been able to mend and alter my own clothing, unfortunately the next practical step of actually making clothes has never be realised. Thankfully however, I have recently started slowly teaching myself how to construct and sew simple garments. Not only will this enable me to construct well fitting pieces of my own design in the future, however I also believe that it will garner within me a new appreciation of the technical aspects of fashion.

3. I actually look forward to the idea of getting married and having children. I also oddly look forward to being an elderly grandfather one day and telling my grandchildren of my younger days and showing them relics of times past.

4. Despite the fact that I have never been comfortable in minimalist surroundings, and prefer my bedroom to look lived in and with a slue of interesting objects on display, I am meticulously neat. When one has a neat and orderly environment, the mind and body thrive. As such, I am sure to keep not only my bedroom but also my general persons tidy. The way one presents themselves is a look into their character. Indeed, my parents have always taught me that a well presented man shows respect not only for himself, but also for others.

5. I find housework oddly relaxing, whether it be washing the dishes or ironing clothes. I suppose there is something within the monotonous and well considered routine of it that relaxes my mind.

6. Despite this being primarily a fashion blog, I must confess that I have not actually bought an item of clothing so far in 2009. In all honesty, despite having a rather large wishlist, I simply do not have the resources currently available to bring it into realisation. However, I suppose creativity is the exciting prospect, of making new and interesting looks from what I already have and love. An added bonus is that I have inadvertently joined the swelling ranks of bloggers on a self imposed shopping ban.

7. It sounds rather ridiculous, however I can not bring myself to be near inflated rubber balloons. As a young child I actually only had fifty percent hearing, however once my hearing was fixed, for me it was quite literally a sensory explosion. One of the first things that happened with my improved hearing was the popping of a number of balloons, the sound of which shocked me rather badly. To this day I feel uncomfortable around balloons.

8. I have a habit of counting to myself when doing things such as walking down the stairs or stirring my tea with a spoon. I am not entirely sure why I do it, nor do I ever seek out any specific numerical total. I suppose Freud would no doubt have something interesting to say about it though.

9. I, along with the vast majority, dislike the sound of my own voice. The sound we actually hear with our ears is the reflection of our voice, combined with the sound of it within our own skulls.

10. It still utterly amazes me how many people actually read and comment on this blog. I still feel like a complete amateur, and often I can not being myself to read my own posts of even a few weeks old. Hopefully that is a good sign of improvement however! A most sincere and huge thanks to all of you though, you really do make this blogging experience worthwhile.

Rather than tagging specific bloggers, I shall encourage you all to share ten facts about yourselves. Unfortunately it seems that the award image was lost along the way at any rates.

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  1. thats kind of funny, to think that you want to be a grandpa so soon.

  2. Anon: Well hopefully not for many, many, many years to come. But yes I like the idea of being a grandfather.

  3. First off, the editorial is brilliant. What a wonderful exmable of the beauty of movement!

    Second, your ten facts were excelllent, I really think they conveyed who you are :-) (and yes, I'm with you on the whole being elderly with relics from the past thing...I find myself thinking about it a lot, though I'm sure if I actually voiced these thoughts people would think I'm mad :-) )

  4. i always enjoy to read your insights.

  5. Amazing shots!!
    Boundless beauty!! :]
    Your topics are superb!


  6. Brilliant editorial. haha your grandchildren are going to be completely in love with your blog! And yea... I really don't NEED to shop at all, even for spring break. I'm just giving myself an award for surviving finals week hehe =)

  7. To me, it is so odd that you're shocked by people reading and enjoying your blog! Yours is one of the best written blogs that I've come across and I think that you think and express things more deeply than most of us bloggers! Char x

  8. Ohh thank u, thank uu !! :D
    Sure, that'd be great ! :)

  9. ur english is superb and u're very articulate........i strongly believe u've got a future in writing.

  10. you would make an amazing grandfather in my opinion DK.

    and it's funny that you say that about your voice because i love it! i was going to suggest you do more video posts :)

    and the photos of course are stunning!

  11. On the photos: WOW! I absolutely love the dresses, and love the way you described fashion. You say you like to teach through your writing? Well, I consider this another job well done :)

    On the answers/questions: It's always lovely to learn more about your fellow bloggers :) You seem like such an interesting guy, DK! I absolutely love the first one! Such a simple, and yet wise, answer for a little boy to say :D

    I'll totally try to do this post :D


  12. I completely agree with your parent's ideals on being neat and tidy.
    I have never heard of a fear of balloons! it would be interesting to find an explanation.

    Congrats on the award!

  13. Be still my beating heart! Those photographs are stunning!

    And of course people read and comment on your blog. You do a fabulous job!

  14. What a great post. I actually find housework relaxing too, I just hate being told to do it! Well done on the shopping ban so far!

  15. Gorgeous photos, giving the idea of movement.

    As for your writing is so amazing!!! Oh great, and it's nice to know those things, thanks for sharing


  16. I love how in the photographs, even when the model isn't showing her face, her body just exudes the fact that she is a supermodel :)

    I loved the ten honest facts about yourself - and any time you want to come to my apartment and do dishes that would be great :) I also think its great that you are thinking about things you would show to your children and grandchildren about your past - my nana left me a ton of her jewelery and clothing when she died and they are some of my most prized possessions!

    And I know what you mean about Recuenco's work - it is similar to Tim Walker's while still having it's own shape and style!

    Have a great weekend, dear.

  17. these models are actually giving life to the clothes instead of just wearing them like hangers.

  18. Great post, love the movement images. And your 10 facts, love getting to know fellow bloggers better

  19. I agree on fashion being a movement art. Clothes are made for a user that uses movement to do everything, so without it, the purpose would be lost.

    I'm not much of a reader, and i don't even know if it has to do with what i am about to say, but somehow i felt the need to read your 10 honest things. You seem like a such interesting person!

  20. I love the photograps and the dresses! ^^
    That was fun to read ^^ I think you are an interesting person :-D Have a nice day!

  21. Your 10 things were a lot more interesting to read than most. I hate hearing my own voice, and reading my own journal and essays. I think the two seem related.
    The movement photos are excellent too, they remind me of underwater shots. x

    P.S. I know it would annoy you if you knew but you've written 'I can not being myself' in number 7, I assume it should be 'bring'?

  22. Thanks so much for your thoughts..never thought so much how much work a house is until I moved into one. Thank goodness for Service 1 here. They are a lot of help. But not always. Yet, its kind of fun to paint and that kind of thing. I'm looking forward to that.

  23. Oh I love the movement in these photos so much! And lovely tag, it was very interesting.

  24. DK, I gasped seeing those photos. They are so beautiful, and I am so envious of the way you write. Your style radiates through whatever you blog, it's so identifiable.

    #6 is great! I told myself I didn't want to buy anything because it just isn't necessary... but temptation (and mother's credit card) gets the best of me :\ I admire your resilience.

    #9, I absolutely despise recordings of my voice. I cringe, or leave the room.

    have a lovely weekend! peace&love,

  25. Congratulations on the award! I did a self-imposed shopping ban for 5 months last year and I'm on a quick 6-week one at the moment after having paid my income taxes. And I count to myself when I pour sugar into my coffee; if I count to 12 really quickly without breathing it's usually the perfect amount.

  26. Oh..thanks so much for the note. I loved what you said about writing & teaching.

  27. mr. freddy's happy to hear your comments in my previous post. he says thank you.

    i love those photos. just wondering how many times the photographer took pictures to capture the perfect movement of these models.


  28. i find your balloon story quite cute and at the same time, hard to comprehend. i guess its like trying to imagine being born blind and then suddenly being able to see.

    its nice that the clothes you wear reflect your personality :)

  29. love the movement photos

    totally with you on #5

    & btw that drew movie is a silly doc about a guy trying to get a date with her; I just really like it :)

    & I dont know if you are into printing (seems like you have an interest in photography), but Wayne told me he made the effect on that Haunted shoot by dripping the developer/chemicals unevenly. brilliant, I cant wait to try that myself!

  30. I loveeee when fashion magazines have movement editorials. It gives clothes a sense of life. US Vogue tends to do this a lot, I've noticed, but it's always on a plain background which has driven me to conclude that Anna Wintour has no imagination. (God, can she leave PLEASE???? PLEASE????)

    I used to count to myself all the time in high school - except I would do it in multiples of 3 or 7. As a result, I can multiply in 3 or 7 with rapidity but am rather stupid at any other multiplication. Fail.

  31. Great photos and great facts about you =) I feel like i know you now haha! And you are no amateur, you have a great blog!

  32. Ppl read & comment you because you are one of the best bloggers around :)

  33. Did you change your header? It's great! I love reading your long, well-written posts. You definitely have a very charming personality! xxoxoxo

  34. Did you change your header? It's great! I love reading your long, well-written posts. You definitely have a very charming personality! xxoxoxo

  35. I adore this post, especially #6 (I am in a similar boat). And the pictures are divine! Thanks for sharing with us, DK :)


  36. Thank you for sharing this Dapper, I really enjoyed reading the ten things(: It sounds so exiting to construct and sew your own garments! You never cease to amaze me... About fashion being movement, I think that's such a brilliant way to see it. The photos to this post are beautiful as well, I LOVE the blue dress.


  37. so i love the session!!! amazing!

  38. It's always interesting to learn more about the people behind the blogs and you put out some very interesting facts! Those photos are amazing, I can't imagine the work involved in capturing those perfect moments.

  39. you write everything so beautifully :)

    no. 1. to be 'happy'. haha i never even thought that deeply when i was little. if someone ever asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up i'd just say 'a teacher' because that was the only profession i was in regular contact with!

    p.s. thank you for doing the tag!

    p.p.s. that is an awesome editorial all there. i love all the movement!

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