28 December 2008

That Feminine Touch

(^My favourite look)

These are a selection of the latest Spring 09 collection from the Berlin based designer, Kilian Kerner. The collection has a very clear feminine aesthetic and identity, however as seems to be the trend as of late, it is the somewhat ambiguous and more conceptual menswear that captures my attention in earnest.

Well crafted and attractive, Kerner's womenswear has a sense of clear cut design. Yet for me, the menswear is far more exciting due to the application of that very same feminine identity. The fabrics, softer silhouettes and methods of construction lend to that wonderful female attribution. The resulting looks however are far from an emasculated set - they manage to retain a clear masculine identity. I feel that whilst being based in androgyny, the pieces create that male identity to each look. Dichotomously, many of the pieces would equally create a clear female identity if worn by a women, albeit the construction of the garments would lend to a slightly more oversized feel. Admittedly this approach to menswear design is not exactly new, however it is this personal interpretation by Kerner that I find so intriguing and appealing.

I always find it slightly amusing, that one could point to Hedi Slimane's decision to use a slimmer silhouette in his suit design, as starting this latest ressurgence in androgyny. From skinny fit to the slouchy silhouette, the freedom within this strand of design aesthetic is truly remarkable.

What are your thoughts of the collection?

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  1. float dress looks elegant and comfy. Now excuse me. I shall try to lift up those trews. They look like falling down. :P

  2. nice post...the 14th outfit is my fav of the lot! xxx LM

  3. Very interesting... never heard about. Thanks for sharing.


  4. such beautiful outfits! thanks for the comment!

  5. Your fashion write -ups are well written. These fashions appear to be: Flirty, sophiscated & casual chic.

    I reallyyyy like the short strapless black gowns...looks that make you look trendy & feel comfortable at the same time.


  6. It seems impossible to disregard Slimane's influence in terms of tailored menswear lately, but that seems wrong to me.

  7. love the new header * * *

    and I love that you always introduce me to something new ♥