20 December 2008

Sometimes the smallest gestures...

I remember sitting in the small computer room near the student cafe at University having returned from the Christmas holidays. It was our first day back and our first lecture of 2008, we had sat through an introduction to the concept of the physical history of art. Not overly exciting, but an easy topic, I had been amused at the conviction of the lecturer, as she told us of the drastic dangers of acid rain and pollution to architecture and statues.

It was a little after lunch, and seated in that computer room were LL, N and myself. Computers hugged the walls with a swivel chair at each, and a portruding table in the middle. Facing inwards, N was seated on a chair near the electronic door. He was wearing a wonderfully warm and cosy looking knitted jumper, faded Diesel jeans and his black Puma Clydes. L was sat, holding her plastic Harry Potter glasses, casually on the table in the middle of room. Her Converses barely reached the ground.

I was sat between the two, spinning on my swivel chair, my red backpack squashed between the padding of the chair back and my grey hooded jumper. Along with that grey top, I was wearing a pair of broken in Levis 506 and a pair of Vans trainers. The three of us talked of the summer exams, those scary papers which would determine whether we would see our second year at university. L wondered whether anyone would drop out that year, or whether anyone would fail their exams. She asked both of us whether we would keep in contact with her, were she to drop out. We both replied without hesitation, of course we would.

It seems her curiousity was well placed in a way. I was forced to drop out for this academic year due to my health, and have been told I will start my second year with the current freshers in the year below from next September. Due to my health I have been unable, as of yet, to visit anyone from university, and as such when I received a small parcel in the post from a friend I was taken aback. Upon openeing the parcel, I spotted a pink envelope, within which was a Christmas card signed by most of those friends I unfortunately will not have the chance to graduate with. To say my breath was taken away would be understating the moment.

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  1. great freinds to say the least :)

  2. aw..so bitter sweet. really a moment to remember. all the best this holiday.

  3. This is the sweetest story Ever! And you write so beautifully, DK!

    Physical history of art? Sounds really interesting . . . what are you studying exactly?


    P.S. I was an Art History major in college . . .

  4. I so wish I could give you some snow..its been falling again this morning. An inch or two of ice underneath. You just really want to stay home in this. I have my scratchy gray wool sweater from the gap on and of course, my flannel pink and blue plaid pajamma pants..yeah, and I can't forget my knee high nordic socks. A good time to just refect. Oh, you must jot down some more of those memories.

  5. Its so cool you remember what you wore and what they wore. Amazing. Love it.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Your story was so touching and so heartwarming. I love the way you wrote it out and described it in detail. :)

    THANKS for your comment as well, dapper kid, and friend. xx

  7. Oh, what a sweetly written story. I'm so sorry to hear about your health but so happy to hear about your Christmas parcel!!!

    Happy and amazing holidays!

  8. this is so sweet, honest--you are a wonderful guy (and uber stylish!)


  9. Dapper Kid, you truly have a way with words, and I'm sorry that your uni experience got all whirled up and is turning out differently that you expected, but maybe you will have a completely other, amazing experience when you go back! You do have amazing friends...I think I would so want to be your best friend in real life if we were at uni together!
    And of course, I hope that health-wise you improve 100%! Please!
    <3 (encyclo)lydia

  10. darling what a lovely post and what lovely friends you have. Darling im so sorry about your having to drop out for a while for your health.I just oray your health gets better so when you get back you can fully focus on school.
    what I will say is,take heart as true friends once made can never be lost whatever happens.Think them sending you the card/parcel proves that.
    big hug my dear.

  11. Oh, that is such a sweet story! It's sad that you had to drop-out for a short time, but it's wonderful that your friends still thought of you.

  12. aww that's so sweet!
    You have some great friends there! =)

  13. yes, i'm toally the millionth girl to day "aww thats sweet" and reiterate you have great friends. But you really do. AND btw great choice of music, LOVE something corporate and jack's mannequin.

  14. I'm so pleased to know your friends are thinking of you.

    They're just lovely.

  15. aaaaaww.. hope all is doing well dapperboy! :) you are rocking the plaid and bow tie down there... i wish u were my date for the holidays!!

    ps. i'm loving my indie/rock playlist right now, and it reminds me of u guys, from the london streets!

  16. to say my breath taken away by this lovely written story of yours is well understating the moment too.


  17. this is one of the cutest post I have ever read. How nice to have such true friends.


  18. That's very touching.

    Happy holidays from a blog lurker of yours from Greece.

  19. P.S. Signatures missing- that's nothing sinister, just people who I couldn't get cold of. N doesn't hate you ;)

  20. Great post and amazing friends

  21. Unexpected loving gestures, they are true friends..
    I wish you a very merry xmas and a happy and healty new year.


  22. o wow. its always nice to know that someone is thinking of you :)

    happy holidays! and i hope you're able to go back to school soon :)

  23. We all miss you. There's an empty spot on the sofa in need of a DapperKid and his gingerbread. xxx

  24. that is the most perfect story.

    ******hugs and love*****

  25. This is a great story. It touched me, particularly, because I am in the same situation (year and everything) regarding medical leave from university.