13 December 2008

It's all about...

...Grace Kelly in that dress. I was watching Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window last night, and simply had to take a screenshot. (Click for larger images)

Special thanks to the amazing Nina of Femme Rationale for the 'Your Blog is Fabulous!' award. Go and check her wonderful blog when you get the chance. And in line with the award, here are my five addictions:

1. I always have to clean my room on the weekend, every weekend. For some reason I find it hard to relax unless I clean everything and things in order, ready for the upcoming week.
2. Scarves - cosy ones for winter, warm ones for spring and autumn, and light ones for summer.
3. I always seem to accumulate bits and bobs whenever I go out. I keep things like the wrapper of a sweet someone gave me, or a note someone wrote to me in the library. If a certain item carries a good memory, I like either sticking the piece into a notepad and writing down the association, or simply putting it into my black box.
4. I always have music or the radio playing when browsing the internet or working. I find it easier to work when there is a slight background noise, although I never have it too loud as to disturb my concentration.
5. Books from charity shops or second hand sales. Whenever I pass a charity shop, I always go in and pick up a few cheap random books. I end up buying books I otherwise would not, either fiction or factual, simply because they look interesting, and for the most parts it works wonderfully.

I would like to pass this fun tag on to anyone who wishes to complete it!

Currently playing: Intruder Alert ft. Sarah Green - Lupe Fiasco (quite a powerful song)



  1. I cannot stop laughing, yesterday a friend of mine asked me why I always clean my room on the weekends, apparently I am the only person in the world who wastes a good weekend cleaning, just finished cleaning my room ... it seems I am not the only one after all 

  2. anon: glad to see it's not just me then! Thanks for reading.

  3. I've never seen Rear Window but I might just for that dress!

    I always clean my room on the weekend too. It's because of my mom who is a clean freak and Saturday Cleaning (capitalization needed) is a tradition here.

  4. That dress is really gorgeous...

    And I have to clean my whole house on the weekends, and I don't feel comfortable if I don't :(

    Nice to know more about you :)


    and congrats for the award

  5. Love Rear Window, and that dress is so glamorous. Scarlett Johannson wore it well in the All-Star issue of Vanity Fair last January or February i think...

  6. I like to keep my room organized too. It just feels better, doesn't it?

    Congratulations on your award. :D

  7. Grace Kelly is so amazing. she has the most perfect face everrrr, i was only watching a programme about her the other night. xo.

  8. i always have to have the music on when i work, too. and i LOVE old books and buying secondhand books. i absolutely love books.