6 December 2008


(I want these!)

Anyone who knows me, will know of my love for sneakers (...trainers if you will). Admittedly, for me it is more an indulgence from afar, keeping abreast of the latest developments and limited edition collaborations. This is most likely down to certain economical factors, and the simply extortionate prices that these select yet beautifully designed pieces fetch. However one hybrid from Nike has had my attention above all other sneaker news as of late, that of the Nike Dunk High Vandal.

The Nike Dunk was originally released in 1985 as a University and College basketball shoe. Certain schools signed up to the Nike 'College Colors' program, which gave each team their choice of Dunk colourways according to their specific team kits. The original eight universities that took part in the program were: Maryland, St John's, Syracuse, Villanova, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan and Nevada. The shoe would then go on to disappear into the archives of Nike, available only through deadstock retailers. However the design plans would be dusted off in 1998 and the Dunk was reintroduced in a number of colourways as well as original college colours.

What distinguished the Dunk and its fraternal model the Terminator, was that both used thinner soles than previous Nike basketball models. The Nike Air Force One, now the widest selling sneaker in history, was famous for its thick air sprung soles, for example. As such these new slimmer profile basketball shoes were revolutionary in their field.

The Dunk, specifically the low-top version, quickly became popular with skateboarders due to the structural padding and low profile sole. Nike decided to tap into this market and worked on releasing new SB (SkateBoard) versions of the shoe, which employed the use of a thicker tongue and extra padding.

The Nike Dunk has since go on to gain fame amongst sneaker collectors for the vast number of collaborations in design. Over the years Nike have worked closely with leading skateboarders, basketballers, artists, fashion designers and even underground sneaker companies to create new and exciting models, whilst all still remaining true to the Dunk aesthetic. As such, when Nike announced that they would be doing a new collaboration, not with a designer, however a hybrid design with another of their models, my interest was piqued to say the least. Unexpectedly, rather than crossing the designs over with its fraternal twin, the Terminator, Nike decided to use the Vandal model.

The Vandal, a similarly retro model, was famous for their use of canvas rather than leather, and wrap-around ankle support strap. For the hybrid, Nike have released the model in a full padded nylon version. The overall structure and look is therefore changed, however far from being loud, the change has been quite subtle. I am particularly keen on the multiple-colour versions, although the monotone models do look to make quite the statement.

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  1. Guess what! I used to have those in florescent colours when I was at my high school. ho ho ho I feel sooooooooo old.

  2. i love the history behind the dunks! i recently purchases gray and pink (well more like fuschia) ones...they light up my life!

  3. How long 'til you cave and buy a pair, DK?

    I loved this history. I have a pair of high tops (for women), and I don't know their history. I wonder . . . I bet you'd know.

  4. freakin rad sneakers!
    buy buy buy

  5. I found a web site sold Nike Dunk SB shoes, only $35 ...
    The url seems to be www.kk-zone.com

    Very very want to buy one

  6. Oh , I got id.

  7. Oh My! You have no idea, but Nike Dunks are a secret obsession of mine. I refuse to wear any other type of sneaker. Lindsay Lohan was spotted in a gold and black pair <3

  8. Nice post..! Well, I have 2 pairs of Nike dunk.