17 December 2008

171208 - Awards :)

"I'm a firestarter, Twisted firestarter"

Special thanks to the lovely Johanne of Glitterati for the 'Best of Blogs Award'. I would most definitely recommend all readers to visit her wonderful blog when they get the chance! In the spirit of sharing, I shall bestow the joyful looking award to these super bloggers (...meh, I dislike that term) people.

- The always well dressed May Kasahara of mayk all day every day
- The stylish mother with the ultra cute baby, Mode Junkie
- The ever thought provoking Enc of observationmode
- And last but not least, the super stylist and fashionista Marian of The House of Style

Currently playing: Friends - Whodini (this is that wonderful kind of old school hip hop even your mother could listen to)



  1. oh my thanks. this just made my day. awards make me real happy, im just cool like that. hihi.

    the firestarter is cool. how did you do that?

  2. Love the image you created. That tag image is cute too.


    I hope you're keeping well?

  3. cool effect...errr I mean hot!!!
    Congrats to you dear...

  4. congrats on the award!! love those images!

  5. Oh congratulations! How exciting.

  6. Congrats ♥

    and THANK YOU lovely! I'm so flattered. **hugs**

  7. Love the light effect, The little one in the background of the 'd'looks like the Amnesty International logo to me! Haha.

  8. great going.

    cool font, too.

    thanks much for the comment. gotta keep those lips from getting mixed up with that harsh winter.

  9. aww honey congrats to you dear!! and im super honoured to have you bestow it on me dear.THANK YOU SO MUCH!means so much to me dear.
    big kiss and hug,

  10. Congrats dk :)
    And loving the Prodigy quote.

  11. Congratulations, Dapper Kid! I'm always happy whenever you receive awards and recognition.

    I love those photos you did. You have a really great creative mind.

    Thanks for passing the award on to me, that's very nice indeed.

    Also: I'm glad to learn that you like that Whodini song . . . I really dig that one, from all the way back when it came out on vinyl. I bought that record!

  12. What a cool effect you made in those pictures!!!
    Congrats for the award!


  13. congrats! and yes, I think bloggers is not the best term either!

  14. Congratulations on the awards! well deserved =)


  15. coolness! :) ur still my fave male blogger that i always recommend! :)

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