12 December 2008

121208 - Award

Street Flow.

An extra special thanks to the wonderful Hot Bot of Hot Robot for giving me the 'I love your blog' award. I always find it difficult in choosing only a select number of blogs to pass awards on to, in truth there are a large number of blogs I would consistently give awards to. However for these purposes, I shall be awarding two blogs, which I have only recently begun to read, and was taken aback by their quality:

- Krystal of What is Reality Anyway : a seriously well dressed wonder, with amazing hair
- Sally of Already Pretty : I am ashamed to say I only recently discovered her beautifully engaging blog, her writing is always insightful

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  1. I'm totally honored! And feel the same way about you, ya handsome hunk ... why on earth wasn't I reading you sooner?

  2. Nice fit, who makes that particular double-breasted cardigan?

  3. Congratulations, DK.

    I love Sal's work, isn't it great? I haven't seen Krystal's blog yet, so I'll go and check it out.