20 November 2008

Wearing Doll Clothing

Introduced in 1959, by business woman Ruth Handler, the Barbara Millicent Roberts doll would go on to become one of the most iconic fashion dolls in history. Based on the German doll Bild Lilli, she was to be a working girl who knew what she wanted. Although originally marketed as a teenage fashion model, Handler was insistent on a more adult look for Barbara. The first dolls were sold in a black and white zebra print swimsuit and with a top knot ponytail, available in either blonde or brunette. Her clothing was to be subsequently designed by Mattel fashion designer Charlotte Johnson, after which they were constructed and sewn by hand. In 1961 her on and off again romantic interest, Ken, was introduced, and the two would go on to have a number of adventures and settings.

To celebrate her 50th Birthday, next year will see a Barbie clothing and cosmetic collection for humans at New York Fashion Week. The label is to be developed with designers Jeremy Scott and Vera Wang. Each piece is to be inspired by an original costume from Barbie's historic collection. Wang is also to create a wedding gown both for humans and a special edition Barbie doll.

What are your thoughts?

Unfortunately, it seems I can no longer talk about Barbie without picturing...



  1. barbie collection for humans! oo la la haha

  2. I liked Barbie for my playacting with my brother..although, we were Barbara Jean and Axel Rod..the bank robbers. It was lots of fun. He put stubble on Ken's face with a sharpie.

  3. nice one, DK. I used to dance with that tune.

  4. i was crazy for barbie while growing up as i am for models now.what shocks me that barbie today are so ugly, or they have this huge head with jocker mouth, or they are just strange... good luck is that i saved my barbies so my niece is carzy for them and use my vintage ones. what happened to barbie after she split with ken?
    but vinatge vinatge barbies, as u shown are the best. so trendy. im not sure do i agree with the things they say. :). xoxo

  5. Haha I played a lot with Barbies when I was a little girl and gosh..That Aqua song! Haha!

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent heard that song in ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used to be a huge barbie fan. i always wanted the bob mackie ones.

  7. i feel like such a geek saying this.. but i can't wait to see that barbie collection. haha omg.. growing up i was a barbie maniac... and i even made my dad build me a huge jumbo barbie house that I could decorate myself.. haha.. love this post..

  8. I've got mixed feelings about Barbie, so I'll be interested to see what comes of all of this. I like that designers are involved.

  9. awesome post
    I love Barbies, I'll surely look into this when it comes out
    but really, I think by now they've imposed so much political correctness on the poor doll, that if it isn't 10% muslim, 10% jewish, 10% christian, 10% black, 10% hindu, 10% buddhist, 10% bahai, 10% vegetarian, 10% black, 10% blonde, 10% brunette, 10% old, 10% young, 10% responsible, 10% enjoys life, 10% astronaut, etc etc
    that it kinda sucks the fun out of just being... a little 'better' than normal
    look what young girls have to accomplish NOW to be like perfect Barbie; before all they needed was anrexia and some silicone.

  10. I collect the old Barbies....still love 'em ..the quality was so great...

  11. I loved how the original barbies had individual molded fingers ♥

  12. Oh goodness, too funny, too funny! XD my friends and I still rock out to that song at dances hahaha.. personally, I find these Barbies very menacing, but 50 years is quite impressive.