15 November 2008

VMAN Designer Portraits

“The Belstaff Spring/Summer 2009 collection celebrates the modern-day global traveler. It’s elegant, in the way a person of great culture is elegant, combining traditionalstyles with innovative fabrics, often with a cosmopolitan touch.” - Michelle Malenotti

Paul Smith
“It’s all about English cricket, rock, Mick Jagger, and a new silhouette: narrow shoulders, soft volume, and front-pleated trousers pulled in at the waist.” - Paul Smith

“This Spring collection evokes the beautiful creatures of Saint Tropez and the Mediterranean coast, and images of Alain Delon from La Piscine. While fresh with hints of humor and irony, the collection still has handmade and artisanal elements, which make it very precious to me.” - Angela Missoni

“While designing the Spring 2009 men’s collection, the band MGMT’s music and irreverent style provided a synergy for the tropical, freestyle approach to dressing that I wanted.” - Frida Giannini

Bottega Veneta
“The collection is designed with an individual in mind. We used a different model for each look to underline this point, and to inspire a unique approach to dressing.” - Tomas Maier

Kris Van Assche
“The Spring/Summer 2009 collection revolves around the idea of wearing a suit to the beach; I imagined how surfers would wear a suit. I continue to play with the idea of using classic menswear elements and making them relevant and wearable for today’s sportswear generation.” - Kris Van Assche

Salvatore Ferragamo
“The inspiration for my Spring collection was opulent, sophisticated India: where neutral hues explode in an infinite variety of tones and shades, and color is unexpected, like saris in the desert. The imperceptible detailing is a key and luxurious standout: embroidery, bewitching gold-wire motifs and exquisite ruffles on silk shirt fronts.” - Massimiliano Giornetti

Calvin Klein Collection
“This collection can easily be summed up as graphic, bold, modern, and very American.” - Italo Zucchelli

“Next season, it’s all about putting on your best to show the world that you are doing just fine—formal, but with an informal attitude. Men should interpret formality with an open mind, without boxing themselves in to the dictionary definition.” - Donatella Versace

Giorgio Armani
“My collection was inspired by modern India and its vibrant colors. It features a delicate color palette with brighter oriental tones, interpreted in my signature style.” - Giorgio Armani

Which was your favourite and why?

For me personally, either Paul Smith or Giorgio Armani.

I enjoyed the softer interpretation of classic tailoring provided by Smith. His collection, although not ground breaking, was well constructed, classically inspired pieces, which are no doubt important features in the current financial climate.

The Giorgio Armani collection for me was a wonderful artistic depature, the vibrant colours and Eastern inspired silhouettes were beautifully creative. As to how practical the pieces were, it is debatable, however they certainly did inspire the mind. Indeed that is after all the aim of a fashion show.
No doubt the Salvatore Ferragamo collection provided the more functional execution of these inspirations.

Admittedly, I do find the statement by Tomas Maier for Bottega very true, however for me there was a little something missing from the clothing. I found myself a little detached from the collection, which was a shame.

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  1. I have to say, one of the reasons I love your blog is because of all the fine male models :) Teehee.

  2. Yes a comfy new couch was necessary (for television, movie time!) The frames are from one of my favorite home decor stores, Home Goods! ♥ Your lovely comments are always so very welcome in my blog, thank you!! <3333

    How have things been? I'm so happy you are regularly updating your blog, I find it such a fun read.

  3. I really liked Kris Van Assche. I think it was all the light, white fabric.

  4. Hmm.. the Gucci & Salvator Ferragamo men look pretty fine to me =]! Hahaha.

    The Gucci collection is very young and rebellious, from the photo, it appears rock & roll and some good California lovee.

    Salvator Ferragamo is so elegant, the suits are stunning with the color gradients and silk.

    As always, you post the best things! :)


  5. i love the paul smith collection! it's perfect. i want my man to look that way

  6. kris van assche makes me smile.
    i'll have to take a look into ferragamo, it looks interesting.
    and i love the day donatella is posing on the chair.

  7. love this blog i have a question to ask :) what is your ethnicity? you have FAB hair !!!

  8. Paul Smith!! If I saw a guy walking down the street dressed like that I would be drooling

  9. The Paul Smith & Salvatore Ferragamo are my favourites! Thanks for posting these :)

  10. There is just something so Miami Vice about Armani. And Missoni is so Maxxie from Skins (even though, I never thought Skins spent much on wardrobe).

    Thank you so much for the comments.

  11. I suddenly have a crush on Jackson Rathbone ..who's Jasper in Twilight. I just really wish he could have played Edward..he does truly have that Henry Cavill look which Steph Myer's had in mind for Edward...but I guess Cavill was a little old for the part by the time they made the movie. Darn. Henery's still better than ever..& Jackson Rathbone had to go blond for the movie..so I decided I'd just see what I could come up with with my own vampire story.

    Thanks for reading.

    I think all the models are Haut!

  12. Just by skimming through the pics and not looking at names, Kris Van Assche is my favorite! Love the silhouette and light looking fabrics.

  13. i kind of like a few looks from each collection, but i don't love all the looks from one collection.

  14. paul smith.
    classic. I love all the colours I see.

  15. I love the Gucci picture. Also why is Donatella the only one who felt the need to sit down?

  16. Paul Smith, Gucci and a bit Bottega Veneta! Lovely colours at Armani though, summer!

  17. Paul Smith, Gucci and a bit Bottega Veneta! Lovely colours at Armani though, summer!

  18. Great coverage. I really like your top picks, but the prints at Missoni are quite alluring to me.

  19. loved the salvatore collection; the pastels & nudes were wonderful!

    La C

  20. Paul Smith, must get front-pleated trousers.

    Salvatore Ferragamo, soft and delicate shades in my wardrobe this Spring, oh yes!

    Thank for such a good and informative entry. I would be completely lost in this fashion madness otherwise, haha.

  21. Bonne idèe de prendre en photo les manequins et le createur!

  22. So great to learn that Frida Giannini was inspired MGMT's music while designing the spring 09 men's collection. It makes me love it even more!


  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE(ok im sure you get the pic now ;o) the Paul smith collection. wasnt the tailoring and proportions fantastic?!!!! love those trousers,i would wear them.the fabrics are terrific too! thanks for the birthday love,i had a terrific day,check my blog for details.

  24. Bottega Veneta FTW.

    I love the relaxed silhouettes.

  25. I love this post.... I think my fav. is the Bottega Veneta one... I just love the classic look and cuts, but it also has a really casual feel to it. I love it

  26. Oh I really love this post!

    My favorites are: Paul Smith (I've always had a soft spot for that classic english style), Gucci (the pink pants won me over) and Armani (the colors are beautiful!)

    I also must agree with the first comment, thank you for the oh-so-fine male models ;D

  27. Salvator Ferragamo really is my favorite :)

    and thanks for the comment ^^


  28. I love the paul smith ones! It was def very mick jagger-ish! I lvoe the pants!

  29. Designers could not be any less coherent. They should all take communications courses.

  30. I totally saw this in VMAN. While Missoni is not my favorite one, I like how the clothes look natural on the model. You can see they're ironically serious with the loud colors that they're wearing. It's almost tongue-in-cheek.

  31. i'm with you on Paul Smith - the front pleated trousers won me over. and i'd dress my man in bottega every day if i could. granted, nothing mind-blowing about this collection, but his cut and quality make me a fan.

  32. what a great collection of photos! it's nice to see specific "looks" so cohesively put together. i agree, the Paul Smith collection is fantastic!

    adding you, if you don't mind. =)

  33. hmm.. i'd have to agree with most and say Paul Smith! i do adore classic tailoring.


  34. always liked the worm missoni feeling. and sexy belstaf.