28 November 2008

Pop Classics SS09

These images are from Acne's latest collection for SS09, entitled 'Pop Classics'. A departure from their usual aesthetic with an injection of colour and sportswear inspired pieces. I must admit that I enjoy the use of colour, employed for garments that still adhere to the Acne vision. I think I may need to go find myself some tassle loafers...

Currently playing: Ooh Wee ft. Ghostface & Nate Dogg - Mark Ronson (I shall always remember Mark Ronson as the ghetto boy in this early video)



  1. I admire your ambition and voilition to complete a full-fledged essay on men's tailoring. I skimmed through, but my attention span is a bit short haha ;P.
    Some of the looks remind me of what men would wear to country clubs in the 40s and 50s. (That may be totally off though!)


  2. Dk love this,has a real 1950's feel to it.

  3. i think perhaps that chuck from gossip girl may end up in some of those... i also want the tshirt the guy in the green skinnis has...
    also, i <3 all your cameras
    SOS-er fi xx

  4. As much as I try I still can't embrace colour...I'm happy working into other people's outfits but I'll stick to blk/wht & grey.

  5. Those necklaces are making me excited. This is one of the moments when I say hmmm I could go back to being a tomboy again!

    Look,obviously you're a very good writer. (I know when I see one) I bet you all those who study with you are not as good.. as writing isn't everyone's thing. I'm always amazed to find such talent.

    Life sometimes gets complicated but I hope you can continue with what you love. No matter what... it hasn't been easy for me. Living never is. I hope your health can keep up. That will be my wish.

  6. those are awesome! if only guys i knew dressed up like this. haha!

  7. Though I love all these looks, #4 takes it for me.

    Thanks for sharing, DK!

  8. Very cute! I see late 80's prep but amped up a few notches.