7 November 2008

The Night The Sky Lit Up

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Remember, remember, the 5th of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and plot ;
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

The night is filled with an electricity. Young children, parents, grandparents, friends, family, all huddled together in the piercing cold of night. There is excitement in the sweeping winds, the rising murmur of voices drown all else as that long anticipated moment draws nearer. Hunderds of glittering eyes scan the heavens awaiting that faintest of signs. A sudden swish renders the voices still all in an instant, a faint trail of fire fired up into the sky. Speeding up into the darkness, it leaves the briefest of trails, etched so brightly into the dark, as if someone had slashed into the canvas of night. Then just as the shooting light reaches a crescendo, it erupts violently, coloured fire bursts out in all direction, the boom echoing for miles. The flash seems to suck the darkness straight out of its place and leave instead its visual magic. The wonderous display of such immense power, however is short lived, it begins to fall slowly, not wanting to leave, and falls unseen back into the night.

(Streatham Common display)

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  1. Those are the most unique fireworks I have ever seen. Love your pics and writing, DK . . . "sudden swish", so poetic!


  2. wonderful pictures of fireworks!

  3. I love fireworks!!!

    New layout, Dapper? I like it. :)

    Glad you liked the return of the shoes<3

    Have a fantastic TGIF day!

    ♥/ fashion chalet

  4. wow these fireworks are amazing! :) you have made fantastic pictures.
    and yeah, i really love the game of love. i wonder what michelle branch is doing now. thanks for reminding me a piece of my teenage life. teehheee..

  5. so beautiful!

    La C

  6. Simply amazing photos.

  7. It took me a while to realize what you were talking about...and then I saw the masks.

    I love that movie; so great.

  8. dang, I never got to celebrate that. Lovely.

  9. nice photos d00d. I'm going to the blackheath display tomorrow.

  10. wow they look like jelly fishys!!!!

  11. incredible pics I love fireworks,
    oh light is so pretty.

  12. Stunning! They are super. I have some fireworks coming up and I hope I could take pictures like that.

  13. ahh radtastic :]!

    i love messing with the bulb setting on my camera when there's fireworks on

    lovely, lovely

  14. what a lovely post! the pics are insane!

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  16. I've always wanted to capture fireworks like these...incredible photos sir!

  17. Yes yes yes, V for Vendetta changed my life.

    Beautiful firework shots!

  18. "Jumpin' jellyfish!" -Sebastian.