8 November 2008

081108 - Taaags

Don't stop.

The lovely Emily of The Vanity Room tagged me for The Happy Tag, which sounds cheerful! So here are six things that make me happy:

1. Traditional style teddy bears
2. Vintage perfume bottles
3. Cosy nights in
4. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands
5. Watching cartoons I used to watch as a child
6. Smiling at strangers

The wonderful Fashion Dreamer of Fashion Daydreams also tagged me for the Four Things Tag, which are:

Four Things I Did Today...
1. Bid on various eBay clothing godies
2. Watched a documentary on the burning of Alexandria in Egypt
3. Discovered a jar of strawberry jam at the back of the fridge
4. Finished writing the second verse to a poem I have been working on for around two weeks

Four Things On My 'To Do' List...
1. Write up my post for Haute Mimi
2. Finish reading the December issue of Elle (UK)
3. Finish re-reading K-PAX
4. Start reading a book on Psychotherapy and Freudian Theory (in particular the later developmental stages)

Four Guilty Pleasures...
1. Eating cereal from the box
2. Savouring the smallest bite of chocolate as it melts in the mouth
3. Cleaning, ironing and sorting out my wardrobe
4. Finger painting as opposed to painting with a brush

Four Random Facts About Me...
1. I love playing SNES (Super Nintendo) games
2. I love reading comics by Marvel and DC (i.e. the superhero ones)
3. When I was younger I wanted to write a book, and I still intend to
4. I keep a red sweater I wore as a baby in my black box. Hopefully I can give it to one of my children some day.

And because I always feel bad selecting only a few bloggers, I shall tag anyone who would like to do these :)

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  1. i smile at strangers to, (unless they're creepy) it's considered a good deed :)

    and strawberry jam! good find!

  2. You're sentimental, DK! I like that.

  3. Aaaw, cute facts, fun as well! Haha!

  4. you always have great answers to these tags, so interesting to read.

    i still have my super nintendo that i got for my 7th birthday, i love it! so much better than playstation/any other game console ;)

  5. 4. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands

    Seriously! Is there anything cuter when you see that? No!

  6. its nice to find a sentimental guy! i think they're more sweet

  7. Elderly couples in general make me feel happy. It's completely amazing, and they're always so adorable! A couple came into the place where I work, and the husband wanted to buy a 75 pillow as opposed to a 30 dollar pillow because his wife was "worth every penny!" And it was completely adorable.