20 October 2008

201008: Six Quirks

Cute banana :)

The lovely Fashion Dreamer of Fashion Daydreams also tagged me for the Six Quirks Tag. So here are my chosen quirks:

1. I am most definately a morning person, I find it next to impossible to lie in. I will wake up early even if I have only had a few hours sleep, which can be quite handy at times.

2. I can eat a bowl of cereal at anytime of the day, including for dessert.

3. I have an irrational fear of rubber balloons, I refuse to stand next to them. I used to have very sensitive hearing when I was younger, and what with having three older siblings, they chose to pop a balloon in my face.

4. I have been learning break dancing for nearly a year now: poppin', gliding, tutting, and power moves, the whole deal. I quickly found out that effortless looking moves such as flares are anything but effortless.

5. I am an avid writer, with notebooks full of short stories and poems, however I have never let anyone read them.

6. I collect limited edition vinyl toys. I love the fact that they have been hand painted by world famous artists and designers.

Again, I have chosen to tag every single blogger reading this post :)

Currently playing: I-R-I-N-A - Ryan Leslie (I love the fact that this song has an actual story behind it. "I've spent the last 2 weekends shooting a crazy photo story for my single "Diamond Girl" starring Russian fashion model Irina Sheik (http://supermodels.nl/irinasheik ). The concept required that we have some chemistry on set and since I speak very little Russian, I started singing this song and melody to break the ice and lighten up the vibe. By the end of the shoot, the boys on my staff suggested I lay it down, so here it is.")



  1. awesome.

    I am with you on the cereal quirk. I can also eat it for multiple meals in the same day.

  2. cereal is the best meal ever, which is why many times i have it for each meal of the day!

  3. I'd like to see some vinly toys from your collection! :)

  4. I used to be like that with cereal, I hardly eat it now...but if I do have coco pops it's gotta be a 2-bowl minimum!!

  5. Wow...you have long hands..do you play the piano?

    Hmmm..I actually love cereal before bed. Crunchier the better while I have a friend who used to let his cereal soak til noon when he'd come home to eat it at lunch. That's just still disgusting to think about. He always liked buttered toast in his hot chocolate too.

    He was so adorable, but that was a real turn off. He always made me think of an astriech (probably didn't spell that right) when he ate.

    Like you wanted to know this. NOT.

    Oh..and he had dark curly hair like yours.

  6. I am not surprised at all you're a writer.
    Also - during my first year living alone I think roughly 80% of my meals consisted of cereal and milk.

  7. You know we share the second quirk! It's great stuff 'round the clock. :) And yes, 90210 is incredibly-amazing! :) Glad you liked the board. Love your comments!

    xo/ fashion chalet

  8. I prefer mornings too. Surf is always better in the morning. And my boyfriend hates it that at no matter what time at night, I can will myself to sleep; and stay asleep all night. I guess that's what happens when a morning person dates a night owl eh?

  9. i love frosties as cereal !! haha what a funny post !! now im hungry

  10. Hope you get a chance sometime for a horseback ride. Nothing else quite like it. And every horse is a character of its own.

  11. so cool that you're learning break dancing! and the vinyl toy collection, so interesting.

  12. afriad of rubber baloons, tahts so funny!!! :)
    break dance, i would never have guessed!

  13. DK, you are so BA :D. Please do a vlog and/or tutorial on breakdancing and show us your sicknasty skillzz one of these days ;)


  14. i can eat frosted flakes anytime of the day...but my all time favorite is waffle crisp, which i rarely ever get to have :-/

  15. Oh I wish I could break dance. Love the post.

  16. congrats on getting tagged on this fun thing. I did this twice I think. Cool stuff.

    Right you're to back Obama. When I saw that robot photo I didn't take it literally and I didn't think my readers would but some of them did obviously. Subsequently I added an update asking not to take the first one literally. oh well.

    If I was eligible to vote I'm definitely going for obama man. At least he can string sentences together without creating stupid new vacabs..

  17. I'm glad you did this one, DK.

    I've got tons of stuff I've written that no one else has read. Sometimes it's nice to have a trove of things just for yourself.

  18. lol thanks for that well wish! I totally need it :(

    AS for your quirks i can completely devour bowls of cereal any time of the day like yourself. Have you tried a coco pops marathon. Because i've had that straight for 8 days before getting sick of it haha.

  19. hey...how are you feeling these days? i love cereal too! what's your fav kind? btw, i'm putting u on my blogroll, love ur writing!

  20. This is a fun tag and I actually did it! It took me some time, I know, but still. It's the effort that counts, or so I've heard. I thought I'd let you know that someone actually did feel tagged, you know? ;)

    If you're a morning person, then I really envy you. I envy all morning people, how do you do that? I can stay up late, but getting up early is physically painful. No matter how many hours of sleep I got, I just CAN'T do it.

  21. im with you on the cereal, i could eat cereal all day

  22. Did the tag!!!

    It's right here: http://itsjustmeinsideyourcomputerscreen.blogspot.com/2008/10/six-quirks.html