16 October 2008

161008 - 11 Things

Compassionately left to stand?

I was lucky enough to be tagged by the lovely ladies over at we wear things for the 11 Things Tag, which I thought would be nice to share with all of you :)

1. Clothes Shop - anywhere really, I always have a specific item and look in mind, and I will literally walk in and out of every store to find it. However I usually get the 'feel' for a men's section by just walking in, so often end up turning around and walking straight back out!

2. Furniture Shop - antique and secondhand shops, I am still on the lookout for the perfectly worn in brown leather sofa. I have a dislike for matching furniture and 3 piece sofa suites, I like my furniture to have a mix of function and character, rather than simply 'fitting in' with a colour scheme or design theme.

3. Sweet - lollipops and anything strawberry!

4. City - 'maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London town'. Otherwise Damascus in Syria, one of the oldest continually lived in cities in the world. It is stunningly beautiful and has a wonderful and illustrious history, which is visible in the 1km long market set up in Roman ruins, lying opposite a medieval Islamic palace and next to a 19th Century French fortress!

5. Drink - tea (two sugars please), of any kind but especially proper South Asian chai.

6. Music

7. TV Series - too many to name, seriously!

8. Film - Chocolat or Spy Game.

9. Workout - running, especially early mornings. I love running when most people are still sleeping, that time of day is magical, the air feels wonderful even in the inner city!

10. Pastries - gingerbread, apple crumble with cream, and breakfast croissants.

11. Coffee - double chocolate latte with a shot of vanilla and extra cream.

And because I enjoyed this tag I shall be tagging every single person to read this post...yes, that includes you dear.

Currently playing: 23 - Jimmy Eat World



  1. now i really want to go to damascus! my yoga teacher would say early morning hours are the best - most fresh oxygen in the air!

  2. yay!! so glad you did our tag! and yay to Jimmy Eat World and gingerbread!


  3. wow...running so early in the morning while I am stil zzzz...
    Good for you dear! ;)

  4. You've got quite a sweet tooth, DK. I love running in the early morning, too.

  5. eh... i'm boring... i like my coffee black :( lol

  6. Just being outside that early in the morning and observing the world then is beautiful. The light is different and your senses seem so much more heightened.

  7. workout - i love running too. that moment of time when no one is up and your doing your body a favour feels great. i should do it more haha!

  8. well well
    now with your (albeit) indirect tag that makes for three people tagging me to do this, I am still hesitant.
    I don't know, exposing my fav coffee on the internet? there's some sickos out there.
    Love that you love furniture stores.

  9. you mention that double chocolate latte I was just so sure it was going to have vodka in it..hehheee...

    That is really an unusual photo by the way. I had think what it was for a bit.

    Have a good weekend.

  10. Woooah scary. How does this tagging thing work? Good night Dapper!:D

  11. I just took a photo similar to that tree one....it's not on my blog yet but look out for it hehe! :)

  12. wow i want to go to syria now.

    and what the heck is that deportee song LOL!!!

  13. I'm diggin' your blog. When you get a chance, check mine out and if you'd like to submit some pics, i'd love to have you on mine. www.swagger360.blogspot.com


  14. Ah, nice to know you that little bit more. What an interesting and very specific coffee choice. My own is: Soy chai latte with a shot of espresso and chocolate ontop. Weird and actually quite scrumptious. Next time i hit the cafe i'll be sure to try out some of yours!

  15. You've got a bit of sweet tooth. :)

  16. aww. jimmy eat world. <3

  17. i've been trying to start running for 3 years now and no result :(
    how do you wake up early and more importantly how can you manage to stay awake after finally getting up :)
    i'm desperately looking for some tips because i seriously have to stop being late to early classes :)

  18. 11. Coffee - double chocolate latte with a shot of vanilla and extra cream


  19. lmao!! i love ur music! hehehe... its my first time hearing it.and im laughing so hard my head might explode...

  20. Haha, very clever. Now I have to do this tag...

  21. I love these posts....I've also tagged u x

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