10 October 2008

101008 - Spread Some Love

Chocolate with strawberry filling, simply bliss.

I was lucky enough to be tagged thrice for the 'I Love Your Blog' Award from these lovelies:

1. The wonderful Songy of Style Discovery
2. The fantastic J'Adore Fashion
3. The super Marta of With Love...

I always find it hard choosing only a few bloggers to share the love with, so I would like to tag each and every person reading this post, whether you have already been awarded it or not :)

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  1. I love chocolate with strawberry filling! It's my favourite. I actually tried to buy some yesterday and had an argument with my boyfriend who didn't think strawberry filled chocolate existed!

  2. Congratulations, DK!

    What beautiful candy. Now I want some!

  3. Congrats!
    My stomach is growling after seeing that delicious thing.