8 September 2008

Thank You Enc!

The amazing enc of Observationmode tagged me for the the 'I love your blog' award. Here is what she chose to say:

'He is so sharp, nobody can touch his style—it's innate. You can't conjure up that kind of cool' - Thank you so much :)

And in the spirit of spreading the love, here are the blogs I would like to tag:

Click for larger images.

Myriam of My Miji - the photographs speak for themselves, she is delightfully pretty. I can just imagine her staring in her own 1950s movie or just in a coffee shop kickin' it with Betsy Johnson.

Johanne of Glitterati - I love her creative versatility, she would look amazing in just about anything. Her outfits are always super pretty and I love her hair.

Ca of The Cablog - a super fun blog full of photographs of his daily adventures and outfits. His diy projects are top notch and I always wish I could wear a cape like him.


In the spirit of spreading some love...my favourite America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 contestants.

Marjorie is adorably shy and awkward, but oh so pretty. She is the nicest person ever and by far my favourite so far.

With a lot of the other girls, their confidence often comes off as arrogance. However with Sheena it just works, plus she is genuinely nice to all the other girls.

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  1. omg, Marjorie and Sheena are my favorite contestants too :)
    I think Marjorie is kinda awkward but so fabulous <3


  2. wow...thats nice ...a "I <3 your blog" award..cute..=)

  3. i agree what a cute award! aww. good choice with the antm contestants - i haven't seen that cycle yet but they both are really beautiful.

  4. Congrats ... I love your blog too. And I'm ashamed to admit but I stopped watching America's Top Model :(

  5. congratulations on getting the award! you so deserve it (:

  6. i love ANTM but havent seen cycle 11 at all! I didn't even know it was on. I love it when people show their fave blogs because some i haven't discovered yet and it's always great to discover new blogs.
    Oh and just thought i would let you know that i decided to go with English Language, English literature, History and media. I am also taking Key skills in I.T.
    thanks for helping me though.

  7. Well, even if I have been visiting your blog for just a little while now, I completely agree with everything enc has said there!

  8. Congrats on the award!

    I still don't have a fave one, although I do like Marjorie.

    Have a happy new week!

  9. Great award!! :)

    Thanks for the comment. :) And I meant what I said. PS: Great new profile photo of yourself. Definitely dapper, indeed! :)

  10. * speechless *


    WOW! I cannot believe this, haha, thank you so much for tagging me!

    Can't really say how much I like your blog, those style and fashion history entries are my favourites. And I love your photographs! Hmmm... and in terms of personal style you seem very laidback yet oh so stylish. You really understand it.

  11. THANK YOU! you've made my day, dapper<3
    whispers; I hope my confidence won't ever come across as arroganse!

  12. Congrats DK!
    And I totally agree with your ANTM picks :)


  13. You're so easy to love. Love the new pic..but I like that red sweater pic too.

  14. ooh totally deserving... i love your blog too :)

  15. Congrats! You desrve it! Your blog is fantastic.

    I missed the premire of ANTM. :[
    I have no idea whats going on, on the show. I heard that there is a transgendered person on it.

  16. Mighty congratulations on being nominated. You so deserve it with your eclectic but refreshing look on fashion :)

    I havn't had the fortune to stumble across the top two bloggers you mention but your description of Mr Cablog is spot on! You both make me feel like i must adopt the androgeny look on a daily basis lol.

    Apologies again for my flustered seeming nature yeaterday lol. And thankyou for those lovely sentiments. They truly mean a great deal. :)

  17. Great post--now I have two blogs I haven't heard of before to visit.
    I already really want Sheena to win. Her modeling wasn't amazing, but the girl's attitude is so genuine and wonderful.

  18. love to check out some of your favorite bloggers! and i'm behind on the new antm - grrr, need to catch up.

  19. Now I have a few blogs to add to the reading list!

    Thanks for playing along with the blog award thingy, I wasn't sure if you were into it. I'm glad you are, it's kind of fun to see what people do with them.

  20. yey new blogs to read from dapperboy! and congrats to you! :)

  21. ohh more tags, i tagged you. musical tag. have fun :)

  22. sheena has so nice presonality... she is amazing.

    my fav are that girl that looks like denise richards, and i like that boxer chick.

    hannah is nice for mee too, but she is all , well too guffy.

  23. Oh we do love you and your artistics ways.

  24. Those are my two faves as well. I hope Sheena wins because she is so nice and I feel there is something in her that could make a good model. There is another model whose name I forgot who dresses well and has amazing wavey hair that I also liked.

  25. Aww thank you for your nice words!:) You're on of my favourite bloggers!!

  26. Congratulations, definately well deserved! I'm not a big ANTM fan, but both those girls are gorgeous

  27. "ANTM" is certainly addictive! Beware, you'll wind up spending an entire day perched on the couch watching it, thinking only an hour has passed!

  28. i LOVE the cablog & marjorie!

  29. Majorie is stunning seriously so beautiful