29 September 2008

Part One: Beauty is subjective

“The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.” - Havelock Ellis

'Beauty' is a concept central, in my opinion, to the essence of fashion. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it is undeniable that fashion and the way we dress is a form of semiotics. It is, although at times subconscious, a materialistic extension of ourselves for the world to see. At its rawest form fashion is merely a functionality, but look past that inherent first layer and you see the empowering statements and ideas fashion can embody.

At a grass roots level what we wear can project how we wish to be seen. For example, a man working in the city wishes to wear a clean cut and well fitting suit in order to appear professional and dominant, a key factor in business. Equally fashion can express our identity and personality, it can be an insight to our culture, how we see ourselves and even a way of hiding and protecting our true selves.

Equally, one of the most important roles fashion plays in our society today is undeniably that of enhancing our
'beauty'. We all wish to find clothing that enhances the parts of us that we believe to be our most flattering and attractive. Yet the journey through understanding fashion and how it is used starts with understanding our concept of 'beauty' as a whole.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it" - Confucius

I recently read an article, in the September issue of
Elle (UK) Magazine, entitled 'why i love imperfect women - one man explains why he loves the bits you hate' by Walter Kirn. The article stood out to me as it provided a message so dearly needed in our society today, where such great pressures are put on us all from a young age to conform to one ideal of 'beauty'. Indeed this comes before even thinking of how we ought to dress, therefore is our starting point in this discussion.

Although admittedly I did find his article somewhat too broad, with some rather flippant comparisons, the essential idea was of great value. As such I thought it would be easiest to include a few snippets that I particularly found to be of importance:

"In the story, Cinderella goes unnoticed until her appearance is transformed to match little girls' ideal of loveliness, which they grow up believing is little boys' ideal of loveliness, too. This belief is wrong..."

It is a sad fact that the media perpetuate a singular vision of beauty, that we are all told we must achieve in order to be attractive and feel good about how we look. We are constantly bombarded with products and advertisements to nip and tuck, and to make us look far better than we ever could naturally. However this is where the story of Cinderella comes into its own: she always was that beautiful!

She was dirty and unkempt at first, but after being cleaned up and
'at her best' she was worthy of being a princess. What the story means to me is that we all have beauty inside us, whether others recognise it or not. All we need is that chance to sparkle, and that really does not require a Fairy Godmother and a glass slipper. The chance to sparkle for me is simply a state of mind and, similar to Cinderella, a 'clean up'. As long as we are comfortable and confident in who we are, we can look amazing in rags or dressed up for the Ball. Everyone has the chance to shine within their grasp, the hard part is taking it.

"To me, it comes down to Los Angeles versus Paris. In LA, a lot of the women have nothing wrong with them - but nothing particularly right about them, either. [...]

In Paris, which I first visited in my twenties, the situation was opposite. On that trip I sat at a cafe near the Louvre, watching the French women walk by. As they strolled past, what loomed were their protruding noses, conspicuous ears and overly broad shoulders. I noted their formidable posteriors, or their lack of posteriors, or their squat or boyish physiques. What lingered when they vanished, however, was their heartbreaking seductiveness.

They came in all shapes and sizes, but rarely in the standard ones. Until I saw them, I hadn't realised how many ways there are for women to be themselves - their best and most enchanting selves. I'd been living in the one dimension - on the surface of the TV screen, the catalogue page."

Obviously how one is attracted to a person physically is of importance, on par with personality and character. However what I liked about his story here was that for him the Parisian women were far more comfortable with who they were and how they looked. They were evidently not as self conscious and more secure than many of the other women he had seen. We all obviously have body woes, regardless of how attractive others find us, however it is in confidence of ourselves that we truly excel.

"I have never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful" - Unknown

The contemporary
'ideal' of beauty is a constantly changing and evolving concept, and these ideals are influenced by a great number of sources, which I hope to later explore. However what always remains is that regardless of how beautiful a person is, this beauty is not really seen until they see it within themselves. The pressures to look a certain way are highlighted in Kirn's story by the 'LA woman', constantly trying to look 'perfect', that in the end they are almost forgetable. It is indeed our flaws and quirks that make us stand out and that attract people to us. Similarly it is our confidence and character that keeps people attracted to us. The thing to remember is that beauty is subjective, it is a great person that can appreciate beauty in things they themselves find unattractive.

Hopefully the message here is that we are all beautiful, we just need to realise it.

"Give me an girl with a beautiful 'flaw', a girl with curves and confidence. I'll take 'real' girl any day" ( - Dapper Kid, if you will)

In the next few posts I wish to continue looking more specfically into fashion, the trends, and comment more on the
'ideal' beauty.

Currently playing: Fallen Angel - Chris Brown



  1. "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it"
    my favourite quote.
    it is intersting. generation of 80' and 90' grove up with the different aesthetic of the word beautiful. thats why supremes models are so much in demand these days.

  2. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, it will show through....I like imperfections...perfect symmetry gets boring..although naturally (according to many studies) thats what people are "generally" drawn to (i.e. some study which documented how babies responded better to people with perfectly symmetrical faces) ....meh, we are ALL beautiful in different ways...GREAT post...and I will do the song tag soon mr! Honestly, I have been listening to hardly any music lately (sad I know)....so just give me some time to get back into the "Groove" :P....xxx

  3. well said, and very true. when designers send the same type of girl down the runway, i find the show very boring. Give me some variety!

  4. wow, great writing, well said, beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder--everyone has to been comfortable in the own skin for others to be able to embrace them!

    lovely read right here! :)

  5. I loved this post because it was so true.

    I look at a lot of females today and it seems like everything on them is just plain fake. Fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake eye color, tattoos. And I wonder what for? It's like some women try to enhance their beauty by doing these things but the reality is, is that they are actually taking away the natural beauty that they have with all the plastic surgery and fakeness.

    I think society does only promote one standard of beauty and we have all these advertisements and product ads that subconsciously messes with people's mind and make them feel that they are inadequate if they don't meet up to society or the advertisements standard of beauty.

    I believe everyone has the potential to be naturally beautiful.

  6. Lovely article... I really don't know what else to say. The comments above pretty much sum it up. Keep up the good work! And beauty is all around, we just need to look a bit closer...

  7. I love this post. I read it and reread it...everyone summed it up but I think we all should love ourselves and our flaws.


  8. Loved this post had to read it twice :)

  9. As always, an exquisite and elegant commentary, DK. Beauty is quite a malleable and subjective concept. Love the quotes you've provided here!
    And Chris Brown is fantastic.
    Btw, thought of you when I did my argyle post today!


  10. Great post. Someone might say that it's all truisms, but still, I think we need to be reminded of simple things from time to time. And it's such a great topic for discussion, you know? :) I'm really looking forward to what's to come.

  11. Beauty is in the confidence with which one chooses to step out with. Very well written. I enjoyed that.

    Thanks for the comment and get well wishes. Just hoping I get better sooner than later..

    xo/ fashion chalet

  12. This is so lovely!

    I am guilty of falling into the whole "whatever the media says goes" kind of thought, which I've actually shaken off a bit recently. It just seems silly to define what's "popular" as what's the most beautiful.

    But I wonder, does confidence really make a person more beautiful? Does acting confident really make a person more appealing? I'd like to think it does, and to some extent I do, but then the inner jerk in me thinks of those people who really are just unfortunate in the physical attractiveness department. Does confidence, then, merely showcase their inner beauty better? Agh!

  13. I think its better to love what you have and be original in the way you present yourself, because aside from Bjorn Again there are no famous fakers.

  14. "Everything/everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it" isn't that so true... no wonder I rarely get compliments... everyone is just too 'blind' these days! hee*

  15. This is my fave post of yours (and as a former lurker who's come out of hiding, I can say I've read a lot!)
    I think you approched this subject with the perfect amount of seriousness but most importantly without schmaltziness
    sometimes the whole "inner beauty is what matters" thing can get a little lip-service-y
    I love that you mentioned confidence, and the inherent difference between a girl's idea of beauty and a boy's
    but really, every person's own idea.
    Anyhow I'll shut up. Inspired. Lovedit.

  16. Such a great quote. I don't think many in the fashion industry are actually dressing real women, however. Not the short waisted ones. Not the short people. Very few of us look like the Olsen Twins and frankly, when I look at them, its hard to see their fashion because of the lack of curves...& lack of ingenuity in taking a piece and really making it their own.

    Recently, I found Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 2 at the library. Its been fasinating. Along with that & the subversive seamstress has really given me a notion of being more creative in my own wardrobe. Especially, in these delicate times of finacial woes. There is definitely a beauty within us that money can't buy.

  17. i must agree with you..i believe we should not judge the beauty!

  18. No one is quite that amazing until you get to look at them up close and see their very own landscape.

  19. this makes me think of that song Jesse McCartney sings about wanting to see the girl without her makeup on. Very catchy, but its has a sweet truth about it, too.

  20. Love this post--I was nodding my head through most of it.
    The thing is...boys do make passes at the girls who fit the modern ideal. I'm in a large group and so many girls look alike to me (I get them confused), especially when they dress up to go out, but they're still the ones getting free drinks...

  21. Well done. You one the print ID! It is noted in my latest post.

  22. great post! i adore your quote at the end...


  23. Darling,
    this post is phenomenal.

    Everyone has their own insecurities and feel uncomfortable in their own skin on certain days.. and that is only normal, but having to constantly read,listen,observe others ideals of beauty is simply wrong. But then again, how can we really say anything if we are the ones who permit it... we still read fashion magazines, and worship the fashion industry and hollywood.... it's their job to create ideals but in the end we are the ones who accept it... but how can you not if it is everywhere you go.

  24. Love your blog, you are one of the people who inspired me to create my own :) check it out at http://frankiskye.blogspot.com/. Hope you'll enjoy it!

  25. fantastic post! beauty is so relative and subjective. There is no such thing as perfect. Flaws sometimes make something much more interesting and in turn, more beautiful.

  26. Absolutely perfect.

    Your analysis on the ideals and archetypes of perfection in society today was impeccable.

    You rocked it.

    :) peace&♥.

  27. that's completely true.
    how men & women find different women pretty.
    what women find hot on other women is not according to men.
    the only person men & women seem to agree on is jessica alba being hot.

  28. Great post, and the best part is it's only Part One!

  29. Bravo, DK.
    this beauty is not really seen until they see it within themselves. -- a line to remember forever for me.

    You should be a columnist. Have you thought of that?

  30. Great text. I think everyone is beautyfull, it just depends a bit on how you look at them. If you look at anybody in an abstract way you can pick their features to pieces and then try to evaluate what beauty is. (I just started act drawing)

    For the Disney prinsesses I'm also trying to look at the castles, and how the royal family dress. In Cinderella I belive the prince wear this uniform, that makes me think about the Habsburgs. Have any ideas there? While the castle also got some 19th century inspiration. I hope you don't mind, this is the kind of things I find interesting.

  31. Flaw is where the character is.

  32. Sorry for being late to the party, DK. This was a beautiful post, and incredibly meaningful coming from a male.

    As a female, I feel the need to conform to a beauty ideal, even though I know my body won't go that way. It's not in my DNA to be "perfect" according to LA standards, the ones in closest proximity to me, the ones by which I am judged, and the ones that are by far the most stringent.

    Daily I battle with myself, chiding "me" for not being perfect, then re-chiding myself for caring about being a brand of perfect that I, personally, find plasticized and vacuous.

    I love the idea of imperfection being what people remember.

  33. wow this is such a great post. you write extremely well!

    beauty can be so harsh to those who have a hard time accepting the world as it is and vice versa. well all want to be beautiful but get caught up in non sense...i think beauty has got a great correlation to being a positive person and spreading positive energy

    i missed reading your blog a lot, so glad i stopped by :)


  34. I remember that article and thought he made some terrible generalisations too which sort of contradicted what he was saying but I liked what you took from it

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