22 September 2008


The memorial bench was older than I was...


On a side note, I have been lucky enough to be tagged by four wonderful bloggers for the 'I Love Your Blog' Award!

Special thanks to:
- The wonderfully stylish Ashleigh, of i am ashleigh. She can go for pretty, pretty or rock and roll and make it look super.
- The delightful Sydney Doll, of Confessions of A Doll. Her blog is definately a worthwhile place to visit, she updates frequently with photographs and questions, creating a sense of conversation and valued opinions.
- The lovely Tara, of Gin in a Teacup. Her outfit posts are always pretty and her posts are interestingly well varied, with inspiration from collections to photographs of delightful home interiors.
- The super Songy, of Style Discovery. Her blog raises wonderful ideas concerning fashion and her insightful perspective is a joy read. Plus she always leaves lovely comments!

I know I am meant to now go on to tag 8 other bloggers, however I have decided not to this time round. The simple reason is, that I find it hard to make that decision, I always feel like I have to leave blogs out. So I would like to tell you all, that I love your blogs, otherwise I would not be visiting them!

Currently playing: Wannabe ft. Lily Allen - Dizzee Rascal



  1. Congratulations on receiving the award! It's the least you deserve!

  2. Congrats you deserve it more than ever, Dapper/Alexander!! ;)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  3. what a beautiful, strangely moving photo.

  4. yay for awards...congrats, hon! and i do love that photo, the words really make a strong impact.

  5. well you definitely deserve it

  6. Congrats! :D
    & nice song, as always~

  7. Congrats! And you deserve it:)

  8. congrats!! your blog is utterly lovable!


  9. I love that picture. I love the simple word. Great stuff.

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, maybe it looks a bit like the original outfit that Molly Ringwald takes apart for her pink dress in pretty in pink. I gotta say, I wasn't all that much crazy how she redid that dress. I liked the way it was when her boss friend gave her her old prom dress. I guess I'm nostalgic that way.

    Thanks again. Hoping you have a week of sunshine and more.

  10. congrats, and beautiful photo, it really stops and makes you think.

  11. You're too fabulous for your own good. Great song, by the way! ;)

  12. beautiful photo and congrats on the awards!!

  13. ahh you got out of that one quite nicely. nope, seriously you deserve all of it. we need more men in the world like you!

  14. hello.. your review of my blog is rather dashing and impressive. Merci.

    in line with blog flattery I do try be kind to everyone but I do prefer blogs with personality. Now yours certainly has that and that's what makes me click!


  15. oh thank you for the lovely compliments :) a very well-deserved award indeed!

  16. Congratulations, dear! You really and truly deserve it :)

  17. Congrats, DK! You are an inspiration, as ever :)


  18. Congratulations on the award, you definitely deserve it :)
    I'm following your blog now too.


  19. Congratulations!
    The amazing CoutureCarrie tagged me, and I was going to tag you. I think I still am. I just need to get around o it....fashion week is pretty hectic. <3

  20. congrats baby
    I added you to my "blogs I follow" on bloglovin, this site that lets you know when your fave blogs are updated
    well deserved! I've been a silent reader for a while, and we share a love for fashion, and Juanes.

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