6 September 2008


Beauty is an odd concept. I found this flower blooming from between paving stones to be beautiful, a wonderous display of the power and everlasting quality of nature. Yet to a gardener it would be but a weed, something to be purged from their 'beautiful' garden.

Odd when you think you about it, no?

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  1. The other day, I read that lilacs are technically "weeds," but I'd never think that way about them.

    That yellow flower is a thing of beauty when it's found out of context.

  2. gorgeous photo, the colour is so striking.

    (stupid blogger won't let me log in arghh)

  3. So true, that some things that are 'beautiful' can be a nuisance to someone else. Kinda like the saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

  4. mustard yellow... its everywhere!

    Love this photo. Pretty much looks like my mother garden. She loves little suprises!

  5. i'm a sucker for weeds, i tend to see the beauty in them aswell. i see them as the rebellions and the wild childs. mm thats my thoughts anyway.

    what camera are you shooting on? are you changing the settings or photoshopping, this photo has that gorgeous vintage look to it.

  6. beautiful photo! i don't think it's that odd when you think about it, like someone else has mentioned, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" and some people will see beauty in things others can't - in every situatin, not just weeds.

  7. that thing of beauty does get pulled out from time to time in my area. I wondered when I saw whole lot of them in my neighbour's front yard how wonderful it will be if they all sprint up together in one spot instead of all scattered around? It will never work if I want to control them. Is that the beauty in itself?
    uncontrollable beauty.. yeah I know my thoughts are scattered as well.