5 September 2008


The idea of an object becoming acclimatised to its surroundings is something I have always found fascinating. Whether it be an ornament in your house that you only notice it once it is missing, or on a more personal level, recognising a change within yourself when adapting to new surroundings. I can imagine this chair having changed in the same way a domestic cat possibly would if left in the wild for a number of years. Would it still be aware of its original character, history and purpose?

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  1. nice photo! i love those old chairs. & ooh cool song, thumbs up :)

  2. I love chairs, they decorate so well. Like a piece of art, when it's the perfect chair! :)

  3. It might be reminded of it's original purpose if someone sat down on it, but I doubt that will happen, as it's cosmetic appeal is somewhat diminished at this point.

    I, however, find that appealing. I love this photo.

  4. Such a nice photo!! I love stuff like this, like peeling paint on a house or furniture, I find that stuff fascinating because you can fantasize about what it's been through and even what it's feeling.

  5. is this the first in your shot a day series? i think this is perfect it's such a wonderful photo. the way you've explained it is absolutely beautiful. i'm a sucker for all this kinds of stuff.

    are you studying at school or anything?