29 August 2008

Fall From Down Under

I only recently came across the wonderful Australian brand, Rittenhouse, and I quite frankly adore it. These are a few particular images from their Fall/Winter '08 collection that stood out for me. I like how the pieces and styling are essentially quite basic, however when put together they look fantastic. Here you can see wonderful examples regarding good garment construction and fit, and I find that although the collection in itself is not exactly remarkable, I could definately see myself buying a few pieces as wardrobe basics. The careful attention to detail that highlight the traditional pieces are very well done.

When looking at a collection such as this I often find myself thinking that if only a few more people would pay attention, they would learn how easy it is to dress that little bit better. The looks in themselves are not hard to put together and similar styles can be quite easily found on the high street. As such these are wonderful introductions to anyone looking to try something slightly new for autumn.

May I also take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words and comments!! I will definately try my hardest to comment back to all of you wonderful people :) Oh, and I have also been slightly lazy, so if you would like to exchange links just let me know!

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  1. Yay your back! oh and i totally agree, lots of people choose to look bad when really it's not that hard or expensive to look your best. I love this collection it is simple but thats whats great about it.
    Bye :)

  2. simple is always best, and these pieces are just that. it's funny that you should post this, as i am taking a month out from buying clothing with a view to investing in some staple, classic pieces afterwards (if i can afford them after all my course books, ugh, my education is even more expensive than my clothing habits!) just like these. i need to expand my 'capsule collection,' and the Rittenhouse silhouettes are lovely. I will certainly be taking a look!

  3. oh i'm really lovin all the looks.. they look so comfy and stylish... great find


  4. Love Rittenhouse. A number of stores in Vancouver are carrying it now.

  5. I liked the mens clothing more than I did the womens. I can even see myself wearing that mens stuff. Of course it has to be a million sizes smaller since I'm a twig lol

  6. ooooh you're back. Hope you feel better.

    Thanks for the comment, I love those shoes, they're so pretty.

    ooh and you changed your title image thing... it looks cool.

  7. Great picks, Dapper!! :)

    And I love the new header, "Super Kid" :) Thanks for your wonderful comments. So glad you are doing better!

  8. 5 & 7 =love.

    Oh and I am glad to see you are back. You were missed!

  9. Hope you're feeling better! That first outfit, with the little pinafore and the grey tights, is delicious...it looks exactly like something I'd wear! I love the silouettes too, kind of slouchy without being scruffy! Char x

  10. Good to hear you are on to some great posts once again. These look like well made clothes..makes me think of what one would wear in the great north east..that is in quebec and upstate NY.

  11. You've been missed.

    I love clothes that I know I could wear everyday..as these. Some of this high fashion doesn't relate to me with anything or anywhere I'd be going.

    Anthony Hope Fan fiction.

  12. those clothes all look super comfy.

  13. hurray that you're back! so, WELCOME BACK! lovin the new banner. :)

    i would like to be added to your links. :) i am addin u RIGHT NOW!

  14. The womens outfit with skirts is something i would love to have.

  15. So glad to see you back! That collection seems really great, especially that I'm going through some weird gray phase (I tried to go on detox, but I got a gray sweater today, so I guess it's not gonna happen just yet). And now I think I'm gonna have to find gray tights - something I haven't thought of before. Thanks ;)

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  17. Great collection! I love the colors.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you again soon!

  18. "When looking at a collection such as this I often find myself thinking that if only a few more people would pay attention, they would learn how easy it is to dress that little bit better."
    Yes Yes Yes!!
    I was thinking the same thing seeing the mens look. It's not ground breaking, but its simple, i wish more american men would just put more thought into what they wear.

    It's especially annoying when an american men, usu in that 35-45 range, think that just because something has a tailored fit it makes it "gay."

  19. I laughed when you put the english version. So silly. I thought it was obvious that I was a real ganster girl. Haha. So happy your back.

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  21. Hello kind sir! You've been tagged to be apart of Project Self. Please check my blog out for details :)


  22. aaaah lovely stuff!
    very inspirational.
    thanks for your sweet comment!
    really appreciate it!
    haha btw, on your profile, you say you taste like iris.
    HAHA my name is iris..
    i know you mean the flower.
    but i think it was kinda funny :')

  23. Nice relaxed looks!

    Love the new layout DK!!


  24. I love how these looks are so simple and chill. I'm so inspired.
    I've missed your posts so much!

  25. I've linked you, bebe! I can just see you in some of those men's looks, especially the sweaters..

  26. I am glad that you are feeling better!! Love the new layout, and those clothes are phenomenal! I can't wait until you possible buy and style the pieces! XDD

  27. You're baaaackk! :D
    Thank you so much for reading my last two posts, & adding me to your long list of links!

    You're right about the basics of this collection being styled into something fantastic. The grey tights have such a comfy-autumn feel, and men's plaid shirts are beauitful!

    Definitely buy some of that collection. Then post pictures :)


  28. love the new look! and i'm with you on the rittenhouse, the white w/blue and grey stockings is perfectly simple.

  29. Ooooh, I love the colors they focused on! So pretty.
    P.S. Welcome back!

  30. Glad you're back! I don't usually like 'simple' looks but these are all put together so well that I want them all!

  31. Cute clothes, but it's not exactly awe-inspiring in my opinion x)

    Digging the song though!
    Would you like to exchange links? xx

  32. I really like the simplicity of hte colleciton. Great designer indeed!

  33. welcome back ^^

    I'd like to exchange links, cauze I really like your blog :)


  34. hi
    how was your day?
    i liked your blog
    you are fantastic!!!

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  35. great pictures.
    I love the black sweater....nice.

    wish you a nice day.

  36. Glad you're feeling better....!

  37. love the outfit, so comfy and relaxing!

  38. im from australia and i didnt even know them.
    ill check them out.


  39. looks 3 & 5 are just perfect! i may have to go check these guys out, i've never even heard of them before... but then i tend to stay away from the shops they're stocked in as they're always quite pretentious & the shopgirls look at your as if to say 'what are YOU doing in here?'

    oh & that picture of chuck in your sidebar was hands-down my favourite outfit of his all last season!

  40. I love this kind of style, sometimes simple is better, it comes across as more thought about even though it's not over complicated...just perfect!!