10 August 2008

Donning The Scarf

Dressing for the fickle British summer can often be rather hard due to the fact that the weather is prone to sudden and dramatic changes. Today I am wearing a rather simple outfit to cater for the weather. I started the day wearing a sweater, however as the temperature rose I decided to remove it and opt only for the shirt. Although it is only noticeable upon closer inspection, I am very fond of the design of this shirt. The subtle directional changes of the threading and the shades of blue carefully combined give a wonderful visual texture to the surface.

I have a large collection of scarves, which for me are the perfect accessory to inject a unique quality, creativity and colour to any outfit. Therefore today I decided to wear a scarf I had handmade for me in Syria, which is actually made from dark blue, silver and grey threads. Wearing a scarf on milder summer days can often be one of the most practical choices, as it provides some warmth when the wind picks up, but also when loosely worn in the heat can even provide a protection from the heat. Indeed it is for this reason that scarves and loose layers are regarded as so essential in desert countries, as not only do they protect the wearer from the intense heat of the day, however also help deal with the cold nights.

*Edit* I just finished making some polvoron...it's yummy!

Currently playing: Sweetest Girl ft. Niia - Wyclef Jean



  1. I like that scarf. When I see guys wearing scarves now I always think of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl.

  2. Love the scarf. Hand made too, Nifty. Swell jacket as well.

    Just muggy here. Wish it was cool enough for a scarf. Good to see you out in the sunshine.

  3. OMG I immediately thought of Chuck too! Ahhh ;) I cannot wait for the new season! More of Blair + Chuck, yippee!!!! & you look great, as usual. I wish I know how to wear my scarves! It is too hot over here anyway :(

  4. You are the coolest, DK! So glad to find a man who appreciates deconstructionism and a good scarf! Those close-up photos are excellent.
    Hey, have you ever tried any of American Apparel's scarves? I am thinking of getting a slate jersey one for autumn . . .


  5. You're gorgeous, and your style is stunning!

  6. Love the close up pics and the mixture of textures. Awesome as usual

  7. Great pictures, but the first one is a favorite! Love men in scarves.

  8. Gosh you wear scarves so well. Living up to your name, as you are looking very dapper indeed!

    You are wonderful!! Thank you for commenting (blog and teen vogue!) By the way, I still think your accent wins hands down. :) How fun to be getting video software. My younger brother is fantastic with things like that but I'm not so much :( at least I figured out how to upload... lol. ;)

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  10. Ahhh, how I adore scarves, I have a whole collection of them :) The one you're wearing from Syria is beautiful. You're exactly right with how versatile they are too. "Sweetest Girl" is a great song.


    p.s. I deleted the comment before, I screwed up haha. :D

  11. wow you had that handmade for you? sweeet

  12. ciaooo - have you read this yet?....


  13. the scarf looks adorable. <3 i love you and your blog so incredibly much. seriously, i don't even know how to possibly express my plethora of love for dapper kid.

  14. I love the way you tie your scarf, that's how I do it too and it really looks great on you!

  15. Great scarf and shirt. The weather was quite fickle here today as well--thunder and rain followed by blinding sunshine and heat!

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  17. ^me making a mess!
    For some reason, i have always thought, that whenever guys wear scarfs, they look really intellectual! Always a good thing, in my books!

  18. Ugh, I am so jealous! Long sleeves, jeans, AND a scarf (that I love). WHY can't I live in Britain?

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  20. I just can't get enough of your photos!!!

  21. We def. have to tell you boy... nothing like your accent. We just love it! That scarf looks fantastique on you, it's a MUST you go to American Apparel, get the pink pants and wear them with a scarf like that, something we can't do in Miami or NY right now.

    Thanx for the video... perfect song for lazy rany sunday..

    sending you some ramone love,

    the ramonas

  22. I love scarves... I just keep buying them and buying them

    love the outfit, as always <3

  23. your close-up pics of your clothes are so cute

  24. the scarf is beautiful, i like the up clost shot.

  25. I especially liked the sweater, its a great brown, for fall and summer, plus it matched well with the deep blue.

  26. Aah, scarves are great. And socks too, the best garments of accessories.

  27. Omg, you look so kawaii <3!
    Loving the style :)



  28. Ha ha - I find it so weird in the UK how you can see someone in shorts and flip flops walking past someone else wearing a winter coat in summer :)

  29. I just found your blog and have to say how wonderful it is!

    Loving the scarf!

  30. Lovely scarf!! XDD It looks fabulous! :)

  31. I feel your "weather pains"- Toronto has been just as unpredictable so somethimes its hard to dress accordingly. :s...

  32. Love the shirt. Fantastic colour plays and texture. Cute scarf. I'm so amped to have found a boy blogger.

  33. Hopefully you can wrench some respectability back for it now that everyone and their father wears one. (Generational gap - Gossip Girls makes me want to gag.)

  34. Lke the scarf, me myself is addicted to wear something in my neck as soon as it gets chilly. In heat I probably woulden't be able to wear one unless the sun was bothering me alot.

  35. i absolutely love scarves... if only the weather permitted..

  36. A handmade scarf from Syria! Thank you for stopping the H&M madness. It is absolutely humid in L.A. I would die if I saw someone wearing a scarf down there.

  37. Hope that scarf is treating you well. Love the scarf and the jacket too. Hope you are having a good start of the week.

  38. So is the scarf knitted? Looks really great for fall..or anytime.

  39. dapper as always. that scarf sounds like such a gem! the perfect item to be handed down to the future dapper generations.

  40. I just want to go sip coffee with you and wear awesome scarfs together! Love it!

  41. ilove scarves!! if only i live in non-90 degree country! :( cos i really enjoy them!!

    u look really good, and i actually have to re-read the word 'hand-made'... really?? :)

  42. the scarf is great.

    scarves always make me think of the UK.

  43. I love scarves. Escially outside of winter. I refuse to wear a scarf in fall lol.

  44. love love love the first outfit, lol its so hot here. like using both your ac & fan hot.

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