7 July 2008

Summer Sleeps In

Click for larger images.

Ah, London Summer, how I love you...not really, but my Rain Dance seems to have worked. I am currently curled up with the afore mentioned (previous post) blanket and book. Oh, and I have the kettle on the boil for some tea :) It's quite nice sitting inside with the rain pounding outside, plus it's quite dark due to cloud cover, which I always find automatically cosy. I have a little lamp on in my room, which gives a lovely warm, diffusing glow - I hate using the actual room lights, I always find them far too harsh and clinical looking.

Currently playing: No Good - Kate Voegele / Tailor Made - Colbie Caillat



  1. Lovely photos. Is that a fox running in one??? I could not tell. XDD

  2. Hi, love ur blog! great photos!!

  3. FOX FOX FOX!!!!!!

    London summer is great. But it sucks when you try to get a bus home and everyone is on too trying to escape the rain.... but then you the sun and the rainbow comes out :)

  4. Hey, i know what you mean with the whether. I went to an induction day for college today and one minute it was raining heavily, then it completely stopped, it went on like that for the whole day. It's bizarre, i am actually looking forward to winter, i like it when it gets dark earlier and it feels more cosy, and it sounds like you are cosy,
    Great post

  5. Was that a fox..and I thought we had waaaay too many critters around here like deer.

    Very nice.

  6. omg,a fox!!!
    you take some beautfiul photos=]

  7. So beautiful...you know me...I love love photography! Beautiful!!
    And thanks for always leaving me lovely comments :)

  8. u caught the fox! haha :)

    my sister (who lived in london for 6months) told me the weather there is somewhat similar to shanghai.. cold and gloomy and super hot during summer! is it?

  9. Your blog are great. Your style is awesome. Your posts make me rethink what I am wearing and how it was influenced.

    Love it.

  10. Love your photos! And that of the fox is amazing! I could not bear a summer with no sunshine, I would feel sad and depressed. Love your blog.

  11. Oh, I really like the last photo.

  12. Pretty photos, shame about the weather. I noticed a cat/fox/possibly a very tiny dog.
    Though, your lucky you don't live in Queensland, its super sunny 10 months a year.

    Love, Antoinette

  13. Beautiful photos, I don't think I've ever seen the rain look so pretty

  14. great pictures! it's raining here, too. i would love to have some sun, though.

  15. The pictures are absolutely beautiful! What camera did you use? And you are lucky you live in London- we definitely don't get any of that lovely rain in California. Great blog!